The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 2

Published: 2017-02-07, edited: 2017-02-07

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

Images: 15, author: asernesesealsasesos, published: 2017-02-07

It is the year 1836, and the Kingdom of Norway is asleep. For it is a kingdom only in name. Held hostage by foreign rulers fof centuries, it now serves solely as a playground for the swedish king. A Broken state. But Broken things can be mended. And this is the Saga of how the Kingdom of norway came to change the world.
But despite it's recent liberation, not all was pure bliss in the capital.
In the Storting, trouble was brewing. The National congress,having the all powerfull swedish king in mind, was weary of giving the new king, Olav Fredrickson, the right to govern. A King is a figure head, nothing more. the people shall speak for the people. A struggle for power had begun.
And so, in August 3rd, the same year, the people (the rich people, of course) made itself clear to the King; We rule, you watch. a conservative coalition on the right wing took power, promising good tidings, and work for all.
The Storting also sought closer ties with its former overlord, Denmark. altough years had passed since the glory days of Denmark, it still had twice the number of troops. Old ties are not easily tossed aside. Unite against the oppressive Swedes!
And with the noose removed from the neck our industry, the cargoships and frigates of Norway was rebuild. "The Norwegian sea for Norwegians! Let us reclaim it!" and who knows where our ships could lead us....
Although in theory powerless, the great monarch Fredrickson was no less inspiring. A figurehead for colonisation, he looked his eyes towards Africa. Even going so far as stating his lust for land to the great powers of Europe. Why not, they said. A compentsation for its enslavement is in order, some said. And so, the road to Africa was open.

( I chose the Warri tribe for this, as it had a large population, and decent goods. No infamy was gained. It seems it was ment to be!)
A growing country, not only in power, but also in number. Freedom has its lusts.

Denmark, after long negotiations, agreed to form a defencive coalition against the swedes and, more importantly, the warmongering germans.
Drinking became a common sight in Norway after the war. The wounded veterans and those left behind hat little else of comfort. Several committees devoted to supress the drinking problem arose.
In a brainstorming session in the Storting, it was decided to send disguised soldiers into enemy territory. Sadly, not many Norwegians knew much about Africa, and was quickly spotted, when they chaught in enemy tribal wear. turns out there are not that many white men in africa after all.
But such a small country can easily forget it is not alone in the world. A minor border disagreement almost resulted in total war across the whole of Europe. The incident was smoothed out before it was too late. However, many Norwegians was left deeply frightened. If a global war can start so suddenly, who is then stopping foreign power to rule us once again? Never again 1814, they chanted. Strong leadership shall save us!
And a Leader they found. King Olav, wiser with age, saw a oppurtinity arise.
Reactionary forces were brewing, Konge partiet was gaining ground. Soon the balance of power may change drastically.

(i have a great opportunity to finally get rid of the pesky "voters" once and for all. A Kingdom for a King, right?)
The powderkeg finally exploded early 1847, when a all out war in central europe commenced. A time for nations to crumble, and rise.

It was once again prooved to the Norwegian people that the mainlanders where nothing but warmongering scum, lusting for nothing more than the complete destruction of peace and freedom.
And to preserve freedom, some of it must be taken away.
in a darring coup-d'etat, the King marched into the Storting, followed the newly created Kings Guard. A short speech was made, denoucning the constitution as nothing but a swedish concoction, made to weaken the country. From now on. the King answers to no one.
Long live the King!
And on the very same evening, cannons where fired in a strange land, far from home.
The newly formed Kings Guard. Formed from grizzled veterans of the Norwegian liberation war, they are known for their dazzling uniforms and reckless agression. the latter shall be prooved once again, in the jungles of Africa.
The world, shocked by the turn of events in Norway, condemn the Royal family and all its endeavours, including the African campaign. No more Norwegian holdings!

(still not bad infamy, though. with this luck, i could conquer the entire west coast!)
A heavy bombardment is all that is needed. before the ill prepared defenders of Warra scatter like flies. BlÄmannland is formed. A foot inside the door of africa has been reached.
But trouble was in the horizon. The king of Denmark, inspired by the great king Olav, performed a similar overthrow of the Danish congress. The people, enraged, took to the streets. Newspapers report of several million protesters, but such numbers are dismissed as propaganda.
The royal army is soundly routed, deep into sweden, where it finds the hospitality of the swedes. A nation is crumbling.
And thus the events unfolded that made a King rise to power, and another fall to the earth. only time will tell if the people, or the king, will retain the right to govern. But for now, the Kingdom of Norway marches soundly forward.

Long Live the King!

(thank you very much for reading, stay tuned for part 3!)

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