Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 3

Author: Blorktronics
Published: 2017-02-01

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 2

Images: 32, author: Blorktronics, published: 2017-02-01

Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR, Part 3
Welcome back to Chavchuveny! In the last episode (, we Westernized, Reformed our government into a Merchant Republic and adopted the Reformed faith. However! Russia turned hostile and warned us! What's going to happen to our poor freezing nation?

Well, 12 years have passed and literally *nothing* has happened, hence the lack of screenshots. Russia decided to pull a Peter the Great and Westernize, which was a temporary godsend because AI nations almost never declare war when westernizing!

In the intervening years, I've been teching up, squeezing every spare ducat into infrastructure and glaring at the eyesore that is Ainu. I've been hovering at -3 stability because I'm too cheap to pay 200ADM to raise it. A fortuitous event raised my stab and I immediately declare war to reclaim my ancestral territories.
Uh oh, claims abound!
Eventually my colonization of Siberia gave me a border with the hordes, and now Oirat's vassal is claiming my land. If they press their claim we'll have a difficult war on our hands, but with good forts and severe winters, it's not the kind of game-over bloodbath that a war with Russia would be.

I sent Oirat an insult to show them just what I think of their pathetic vassal having the cheek to claim my lands. Hey, Oirat! Your men are all ugly and your women sexually unfulfilled. There, that should do it.
News from the peanut gallery
You're not fooling anyone Russia, you're still stinking land-thieving savages in the eyes of upstanding Chavchuvenians! I continue building forts and infrastructure, I can't fight Russia on the field, but hopefully I can freeze them to death!
The economy is booming!
It's 1632 and I'm making 17 ducats a month! With my minimal expenditure, I can put 10 ducats a month into the Chavchuvenian Building Fund. I have the Guilds in charge of my merchant republic, which combined with economic ideas gives a -30% build cost reduction. Tier 1 buildings only cost 3.5 months of income for me, and I've been taking advantage. The Guilds also add +0.1 goods produced to every province, which makes us more money than the Traders.
Death to Ainu!
It's not like you're even a real country, unlike Chavchuveny. Yes, I can't imagine a timeline where Chavchuveny dies an ignominious death in the wastelands of Siberia, dashed against the rocks of Russian ambitions. We've always been destined for greatness!
Cometh the man, cometh the hour
A foreign military 'expert' has decided to travel all the way to SIBERIA to offer his services to our nation! Fantastic news! Although one does wonder why he had to travel to the ends of the earth to seek employment...
God damn it Ergin...
Yeah, there's a reason you sought us out, everybody else told you to fuck off with your shitty 2 fire/ 3 shock stats. Still, he's better than the conquistador, so we give 'ol Erchim the boot. Can't afford to drain military points maintaining extra generals.
Unexpected bedfellows
I guaranteed Russia decades ago to try and curry favour with them. I didn't expect them to actually ask us to honour our obligations! Still, none of these people are near Chavchuveny, so I honor to call to suck up to Russia. Later historians will whitewash this episode as a great strategic move to make Russia complacent and unsuspecting. That's exactly what we're going for here, no boot-licking whatsoever!
Russia? Alliance? Please?
We offer Russia a more formal alliance and Russia promptly tells us to get lost. Ungrateful bastards...

In other news, Ainu got annexed by yours truly. Unfortunately their land is useless to us because of high autonomy, and merchant republics don't have any passive autonomy reduction. Boooooo.
Flush with cash, I build temples across the entirety of my holdings. I don't really invest in government buildings beyond temples, because the production buildings and even trade buildings give a better return.

The third trade building in particular, gives +25% trade value. This actually effects production income also. The quantity of goods produced, combined with the value of the good, gets converted into trade value. Trade value modifiers are then applied. This value is then modified by production efficiency and turned into production income. Because goods produced, trade value and production efficiency modifiers are all multiplicative, increasing trade value is very lucrative. But increasing goods produced is even more profitable, so I invest heavily into workshops.
Dammit Britain
Wait, we're at war with you? There must be some misunderstanding, I barely know who you are!
Powering up our leader
Erkin Gudeikon 'volunteers' his services for another term. He was planning to step down, of course, to preserve the values of the republic, but the people simply *begged* him to stay. What choice did he have?
I finish building workshops in my Iron and Fur producing provinces. This one building alone increases production income by 50% and adds a chunk of trade income too. More of the finest Spanish Doubloons are flowing into our treasury with every passing day.
Sneaky Japanese Shenanigans
I'm not happy about Japan taking land from Ainu, that's my clay! Ok I might not have a core on it anymore, but its MINE! I also envy the centre of trade they have in the Nippon node.

I can't beat them on land, but I can prevent them from moving troops across their islands with my navy. They're winning a war against Korea but I can't let them take any territory on the mainland! Now is the time to strike! Aggressive Chavchuveny is best Chavchuveny!
I know exactly what I'm doing...
Trust me, this couldn't possibly go wrong! It's not like they outnumber my army 15:1 or anything like that...
My pre-emptive strike against Japan's navy isn't looking like such a great move, they have war galleys! I only have standard galleys so this is going to be an incredibly close battle...
You'll run out of ships before I run out of courage!
Japan, with their superior ships, is winning on morale, but I'm killing off their ships faster than they're destroying mine. Chavchuvenian morale has never been good; you're either fodder in our military or press-ganged into our mining and fur-trapping industry, not a great life...
Our hegemony over the seas is secured! We block off the Japanese straights and plan our conquest.
More strategic blunders by our foe
Japan moves 9k men from their southern provinces, I swoop in with my fleet and block the island from reinforcements.
Look familiar?
Hue hue hue.
The Conquest of Japan Begins!
Never before in the history of mankind has so much been achieved by such a pathetic army. With this war, our ramshackle nation takes a further lurch towards greatness!
Sieging up Japan
Well, sieging up the parts I can protect with my navy. Also, Manchu is hostile! This concerns me, their tech is inferior but there are a lot of them! My income can support a large-ish army in a pinch (20k is large, right? right?), if it weren't for my pathetic force limit. so Manchu is a considerable threat. I build up the forts on my southern frontier.
Making it rain...
We're making 20 ducats a month! We're a far cry from when we couldn't afford to run a single colony at full maintenance. I mean, we *still* don't run our colonies at full maintenance, but that's because we're cheapskates and prefer to spend on buildings.

Production and trade are booming thanks to our buildings and navy, whilst our single gold province provides a hearty sum of shekels. The workshop I built in it increased it's income by over 50%.
Production efficiency? Yes please!
Let the people moan, I'll salt the earth with the bones of a million peasants before hurting my profit margins!

Not that we have a million peasants in Chavchuveny. EU4 doesn't have a population system but I reckon our nation could barely rub together five men and a reindeer if we held a census.
Erkin Gudeikon, man of the people...
After a few rounds of threats and bribery, Erkin wins a completely transparent, legitimate and free election to secure another term as our glorious leader. We're really behind in tech and need to catch up by hook or by crook.
Long live the republic!
This event is why I can keep re-electing my rulers. Stability is just a number, republican tradition is so much more than that.

Also, we have a lot of ducats stored in our treasury, we're up to something!
New ideas!
Chavchuveny cobbles together enough admin tech to get another idea. I choose defensive for very obvious reasons. I'm absolutely terrified of Russia, and the only way to ensure our survival is by ramping up fort defence and attrition.

I'm still technologically behind in military, but I pour all my points into filling out this idea tree. My 9,000 man army will be pathetic with or without the latest guns and tactics, it's the winter which is my true weapon...
Russia slumbers...
Russia peaces out of their succession war, luckily their attitude is still neutral. Let's be friends, please? Pretty please?

Hopefully the Russian bear will find a shinier bauble to play with than Chavchuveny. Now that there's nothing left of Siberia to colonize, we're not impeding Russian ambitions so they'll leave us be, maybe? Don't mind us plotting our dastardly plans to crush you under our boot, we're poooor poooor harmless Siberians, nothing to see here...
Glorious Victory!
Speaking of peace, the Japanese bend their knee towards Chavchuvenian might! That's what you get for messing Chavchuveny! We seize our old territory, demand reparations and let them lick their wounds. We were never going to get the warscore needed for all of the three provinces on their southern isle, so I take this peace deal in my stride and plan my next conquest.

This is the second time we've beaten Japan in a war, this is starting to appear normal! I bet we're the stuff of nightmares in Japanese folklore, the boogy monster parents invoke to make their children behave. "Go to bed or the Chavchuvenians will come and get you!".
Shekel Master 9000
Japan earns 17 ducats a month, even without reparations we earn 23 ducats. We're richer than Japan! This truly is the age of Chavchuveny!

The only way we're going to overcome our awful force-limits is to get rich. Max-rank military buildings add a total force limit of 4, but they cost a ridiculous sum of money (about 1000 gold from scratch). We're slowly inching our way towards some semblance of real wealth.
Chavchuveny Arsenal!
I finally scrimp together enough dosh to build a manufactory. The province of Karavelyan will become the regional hub for arms production. If it can kill a man, we'll sell you one!

This manufactory more than *doubles* the production income of this already heavily upgraded province. I actually earn closer to 14-15 gold per year from the manufactory, because of the extra trade value added into the Girin node. I get my investment back after only 20 years, these things are hugely profitable!

Chavchuveny is moving from strength to strength! We've won our first offensive war against a regional power, we're building infrastructure like crazy and we're starting to make some serious dosh. Tune in next time to watch the rise of Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR!

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