Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 7

Author: Blorktronics
Published: 2017-02-01

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR

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Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR Part 6

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Enemies? In MY Chavchuveny?
Welcome back to Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR! In the last episode ( we fought off the dreaded Manchu before promptly allying them in a devil's pact of convenience.

Now we're in a war with Manchu against the Oirat. I plan to be more of a passive spectator because I hate both sides in this war, but we won't tolerate any incursions onto Chavchuveny soil! We've had enough foreign aggression to last a lifetime, thank you very much.
Chavchuveny has progressed up the tech ladder from a ruddy-orange looking colour to a sickly-yellow looking colour! More progress! Hopefully we will have more-or-less caught up in tech by about 1700, although we can already stand toe-to-toe against Russia on military tech.
Business is booming in our holiday resort!
After a few decades of brutally subjugating the natives and putting them to work on plantations, we make 30 ducats a year from Makasaar. I plan to build the engine of my economy in Siberia, but a small contribution from colonial holdings certainly won't go amiss.
Speaking of the economy...
More manufacturies! We put down a trade company in Penzhina to better extract furs from the local area. The map says we'll get an extra 12 ducats a year, but it's more like 18 because of the extra trade value added into the Girin node. Of course, that will increase over time as our production and trade efficiency increase.
Filthy hordes, who do they think they are? 50,000 Manchurians may pose a problem, but 10,000 Mongolians certainly do not. Our glorious army finally sees some action against a non-rebel army.
Speaking of rebel armies...
Our newly subjugated Japanese provinces don't appreciate our benevolent patronage. We send 15,000 expert negotiators to explain to them the virtues of Chavchuveny civil society and convince them to give up their arms.
Hey Russia...what are you doing with those troops?
Uh oh! Russia has spent the past few months with 20,000 troops chilling on our border. This is...unsettling to say the least. However their attitude is still neutral. But nevertheless we have no substantial allies to protect us against Russian aggression. We upgrade the border forts to level 5 and quietly panic.
Trade hegemon!
Chavchuveny builds its first max-level trade building in the capital. In hindsight, this was a colossal waste of money, costing me 350 ducats to increase my share of the Girin trade node by 4%. Still, lesson learnt! I stick to building production buildings and manufacturies from here on.
Rest in peace dearest Aiaan
Aiaan Vankho's unfortunate death leaves the seat of leadership vacant once more. He was never going to thrive under the shadow of his great predecessor, but he nevertheless did a stand-up job considering the circumstances. 'The people' elect a military candidate to bolster our technology. My next idea group is going to be a military one and I don't want to fall behind.
Speaking of ideas...
We hit admin tech 17! Chavchuveny holds a national holiday for surviving for this long, and celebrates by founding a university in the capital. I hold off on my next idea group because I want to catch up in military tech first.
Force limits! At last!
Chavchuveny finally pools together enough shekels to build an Arsenal and increase her force-limits by a massive 2. It doesn't sound like much in isolation, but we're going to build a lot more of these!
Money money money!
The other option gives us trade efficiency (which will earn us about 200 ducats) and 50 diplo power. Gold or monarch points? Why, I'll take the gold! Greedy Chavchuveny is best Chavchuveny.
Japan, you don't look so good...
Japan appears to have gone through a bit of soul-searching following their humiliating defeat at the hands of Chavchuveny.

protip: you lost because your navy sucks. Nevertheless the Japanese people decide to blame God instead of themselves and instigate a religious uprising.

I was tempted to capitalise on their weakness and invade, but I don't want to spend monarch points pacifying high-autonomy Japanese territory. It will earn us very little and the risks are too great, Japan is allied with Manchu.
Back to what matters most...
We turn our backs on our brief dalliance with war and get back to making money. A mint in Karavelyan pushes the production income to over 34 ducats a year. Not bad for a 2-base tax province! (and it used to be 1 base tax, we got a lucky event).
More Arsenals!
More manpower! More forcelimits! Chavchuveny will taste greatness once more! I mean...Chavchuveny will taste greatness for the first time!
Japan is a mess!
Yamana takes advantage and declares war. This extends Japan's pain; rebels can't break their country when at war, so they'll just have to stew for a few more years.

It feels good knowing our hated foes have been reduced to such a state.
We go one building further and put a conscription centre down in Kolyma. When this building is completed, it will boost the yearly manpower of the province to 300. This will add 3,000 (10 years worth) of manpower to our total manpower pool. Considering the un-upgraded province had a base manpower of 30, I think it's a prudent investment! But we're also doing this for the force-limits. We will literally double our force-limits through our building program.
This is how you repay us? Traitors!
Despite fighting in their war, Manchu turns hostile! How dare you betray us before we got around to betraying you! Well, I'm not afraid of you! I beat you once and I'll beat you again!
Peace in our time!
Considering the mutual emnity between Manchu and Chavchuveny, I see no further point in propogating their war and I peace out. Let them both grow weak fighting each other, I'll be there waiting to sift through the ashes...
Chavchuveny can into artillery!
Despite being a major weapons exporter through our manufacturies, Chavchuveny has never had artillery in its standing armies before. Some will wax lyrically to you about preserving the old ways and dismissing this new technology, but to tell the truth we were just too damn cheap to use them. Times have changed however! I decide Chavchuveny is wealthy enough to have its very own artillery corps. I recruit exclusively from Karavelyem, which has a -20% regiment cost buildling. This directly translates into cheaper maintenance too.
Funding our new army...
I finally get around to selling my Californian posessions to New Chavchuveny. They didn't automatically join because they're in a different colonial region, but I have no interest in personally holding American posessions. My vital interests lie in Siberia, not the New World.
Times are changing! It's 1674 and Chavchuveny can finally afford to outfit its government with a full set of level-one advisors. First cannons, now advisors. Chavchuveny is starting to look like a proper nation state and not some ragtag tribe masquerading as a regional power.
Distracted Russia is best Russia
Russia runs to the aid of one of its allies and gets embroiled in yet another European war. Good! Leave us alone!
More mercantilism!
This event actually fires twice in the same year, glorious! Republican tradition can take a hike, I want mercantilism!
Advanced Chavchuveny!
Our fair republic is turning into a bastion of scientific learning and innovation. Knowledge is flowing out of our newly constructed university and we reap the benefits.
Stock exchanges!
Using our new technological findings, we build a stock exchange! Probably the first one in the world outside of Europe. The 2 base-tax province of Karavelyem is our richest province by far, generating over 40 ducats a year from production alone.
Manchu agression looms...
The emnity between Chavchuveny and Manchu got out of hand when we sent an 'embassy' to Manchu composed entirely of reindeer. They did not appreciate the gesture and broke the alliance. Is war looming?
Preparing for the worst...
I finally take up our next idea tree, Quantity ideas! If we're going to field an army large enough to face down Manchu and, later, Russia, we *NEED* this idea group. 50% extra manpower and force-limits is crucial. Combined with our investment into military buildings, we're going to see an exponential rise in Chavchuveny's military strength! To arms!

Can Chavchuveny survive long enough to build up its military? Are reindeer-drawn artillery weapons of the future? Find out next time in Chavchuveny! A Siberian AAR!

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