A Sun Rising in the east [Part 2] : The Restoration.

Published: 2017-02-28

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A Sun Rising in the east

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A Sun Rising in the east AAR: Part 1

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Hello and welcome back to a Sun Rising in the east, last we left off, the emperor's reforms had been a massive success, bringing us into the modern age, and now we shall cover Boshin War, its buildup and the events that follow.

Sorry for the long time in between images (Again), I didn't think a lot of the popups were interesting, and as for the Boshin War in-game, I didn't take screenshots due to the first time the event fired, only one of the states bordering me joined on my side, so I decided to save-scum this one time, crucify me if you wish.

Beyond that, most of the battles in game were uneventful/uninteresting, so there will be some other stuff added to make up for it.
Westernization has spread across japan due to the work of Emperor Kōmei, with new books being imported every month on a larger scale than ever before.

(Pictured above: Samurai dressed in imported western clothes.)
While japan itself is on the brink of war, word reaches the emperor of a conflict in the Qing dynasty, a man claiming to be the younger brother of Jesus has replied much of southern china to his cause.

The emperor makes no (Public) comment.
Within a short amount of time, the so-called "Heavenly Kingdom" has taken most of china under its control.

The emperor worries slightly.
As tension rises, it becomes clear that the coming war will truly be a battle of new and old.

We must ready ourselves if we want to survive.
And soon, the emperor hears that all of china is under the new "Heavenly Kingdom"

The emperor is a bit worried.
Emperor Kōmei, in his wisdom, begins to import foreign medicine as well as encouraging the use of "Combat doctors", soldiers carrying light medical supplies into battle, in the hopes to increase the effectiveness of the army.
(Authors Note: A quick look at Europe)
Satsuma and its leaders, following in the emperor's footsteps, finish their last great stride towards modernization and enter into the new age.
In Kobe, a disaster occurs, a samurai kills a foreign merchant, causing not only our relationship to be damaged, but our people to begin rioting and destroying foreign property, while the riots are crushed, the problem remains.
(Authors Note: Russia has Korea in its sphere, that's gonna be a problem.)
On March 11th 1862, Emperor Kōmei tragically passes away, leaving the throne to his son, Meiji, who is much less compromise-minded then his father when it comes to the shogun.

Meiji takes the crown, with the future of japan in his grasp, will he succeed? Only time shall tell.
Shortly after Meiji is crowned, the time comes, and the war begins. With the people on his side, Meiji and his armies March triumphantly into Edo, ending the shogunate once and for all.
Victory is ours!
In order to represent the emperors new found control over all of japan, the capital is moved to Edo, the former de facto capital under the shogun.
(Authors Note: Decisions Decisions....)
(Authors Note: More Decisions)
news reaches the capital about a deranged captain that has founded a new republic on Ezo, ranting about "Oh how oppressed us samurai are!"

Meiji wants to invade, but his advisers tell him he shouldn't give the samurai more reason to revolt so soon after victory.
In February, fantastic news reaches japan, the westerners have begun to recognize us as a great world power.

Using the clout that comes with the title, Japanese diplomats get to work right away.
First on their list is Vietnam, located on the border with china, and in a position to be used to blockade southern china, they will be very useful.
Next up (Authors note: I'm just gonna call them siam.) Siam, while under the sphere of the Americans, their population and position as one of the great powers of the region will make them useful in any war against the British.
Thank you for reading, see you next time!

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Thank you for reading, see you next time!

If you want, Heres a quick poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/12434673

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