A Sun Rising in the east AAR: Part 1

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A Sun Rising in the east

Hello and welcome to A Sun Rising in the east.

This is my first attempt at an AAR, so any criticism is welcome, sorry for the short part and length between images, not much happened except for me waiting for new reforms to be available.
Here we see Imperial Japan at the start of 1836, Lead, at least in theory, by Emperor Kōmei of Japan.
However, Japan is still ruled by the tyrannical shogunate that continues to oppress the people with the aid of his allies. The emperor almost powerless to stop him.

This of course will not do, the tides of history shall wipe away the shogun and his ideals and shall bring forth prosperity for all!
in order to defeat both the westerners and the shogun, we must adapt to this new world, and as such Emperor Kōmei begins to work on encouraging the study of books bought from the Europeans as well as increasing the amount of intellectuals.
The practice of reading European books to gain knowledge of their of technology is commonly referred to as "Rangaku" Meaning "Dutch learning" and has been done and encouraged by leaders before, but not on such a massive scale.

While some say that these actions will lead to nothing but corruption and moral degradation, but they are necessary to survive the future.
While balancing the budget, a messenger bursts into the meeting between the Emperor and his advisers Claiming that precious metals had been discovered in Kobe, the messenger is scolded for the interruption and leaves.

The budget is promptly balanced.
Emperor Kōmei orders many of his more "Reactionary" advisers out, replacing them with loyalist intellectuals and pro-reform advisers.
The shogun, likely fearful of a revolt, begins to warm up to the Americans, hoping that they will save him.

It matters little, his fate is sealed, the emperor will rise!
News reaches Kyoto about the crowning of a new Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyoshi.

As he takes the position from Tokugawa Ienari, the fate of the Shogunate remains the same.
News reaches Kyoto of a new monarch in one of the western powers, "Queen Victoria"

Kōmei doesn't know what to think.
A group of foreign sailors are shipwrecked on our shores, they are allowed to stay in exchange for helping our modernization efforts.
With the new Shogun in power, new training methods, modeled after the westerners, enter into effect for the training of the imperial guard.

While some resist, the reforms are passed anyway. Coincidentally, many of the Officers who spoke out against the new methods were later found dead of "Natural" causes.
(Authors note: Nothing was happening so here's some filler.)
(Authors note: More filler.)
(Authors note: [Insert intellectual review of the ideals of a group that amount to a bunch of libertarians shouting "GOVERNMENT GET OUT REEEEEE"])
In early august, in response to the Shogun becoming more and more friendly with the United States, a movement across japan grows around the idea "Revere the emperor and expel the barbarians!"
Kyoto, to the dismay of the emperor, has become a host to japans largest opium dens. While action is immediately taken to shut the smugglers down, the problem remains.
In late 1849, new reforms are passed to grant the emperor greater power and to centralize the government around him, with much success.
(Authors note: If the anarcho-liberals are successful this game, you know who to blame.
At the end of 1855, the final steps towards westernization are made, truly japan has entered a new age, and now we must prepare for our finally battle with the Shogun!
Thank you for joining me, and i'll see you again next part, which will probably be like tomorrow because i'm just a bit exited for this.

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