Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part X

Author: Vanadius
Published: 2019-01-27, edited: 2019-01-27

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX

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Civ Hybrid Games Mk. IX - Part 9

Images: 86, author: Vanadius, published: 2019-01-20

Evening, morning, and other times of day, CHG! I’m /u/Andy0132, your narrator for this part, and we see off the bat the formation of the Celts, as well as the Taqnese Puppet State. Alright, take us to the real action, Vanne.
Wrong real action, Vanne. Anyway, Soup’s jumped on the Visigoths, surrounding Augustoritum, and puppeting northern Burgundy.
Alright, now we’re seeing the action. Press F for the WRE, as it collapses into chaos as #LynchLego lynches half the Western Roman Government. Rusellae, Massilia, and Carales break free, while the Mauro-Romans take Corsica.
Goodbye, Western Rome. It was nice knowing you.
Aside from Soissons gaining Argentorate, we also see the Rugii reduced to Noricum.
Have the irrelevant rando dudes at Qana finally been wiped out?
The Persians bring forth a massive army of cardboard cutouts. Fortunately for the ERE, they didn’t declare war, seeing as how an army of cardboard could take that undefended border.
Augustoritum falls, and the Visigoths advance on Massilia.
Qana has fallen. Press F for the Himyarites.
The Eastern Roman invasion has already begun to scatter, with troops jumping into the sea, retreating, or otherwise being bad. #LynchLego
The Visigoths advance forward, retaking Augustoritum and taking Massilia. Press F for the Mooniestate.
We get a nice look at Northern Italy, with the Mooniestate having retaken Massilia.
Taqnese Puppet State down to half health, will it fall?

Note: Taqn denies any link between this Britannia and himself
Fucking hell ERE. This is remarkable. Absolutely magnificent display of utter incompetence.
F for Lego’s dreams of ruling Egypt again.
F for Taqn’s dreams of ruling Britain again.
Looks like the ERE’s still focused somewhere, retaking Massilia from the Mooniestate.
We see here the unharmed Egyptian coast, Alexandria having survived without even taking population damage. Tef’s forces have advanced to the outskirts of Jerusalem, known here as Aelia Capitolina.
We see here some Gothic migrant caravans making their way through the Middle East. Is the Union going to build a wall?
The Burgundian rebels have taken Massilia. Certainly an unexpected outcome. We also see the Exarchate of Ravenna almost taking Rusellae.
We see here the amazing naval carpets of Eastern Rome… Completely inactive and useless. Did Caesar Lego appoint Caesar as the commander of the navy?
Over the next four turns, not only does Alexandria gain more and more health, but the Egyptian army also advances further towards Aelia Capitolina.
Vandals stronk, but also unhappy. Will they be facing a civil war?
Barbarians get the cross. #VandalizeVandals
Inb4 Egypt takes Jerusalem in the ERE’s surprise war.
Count the melee units. I count one, and it’ll take a while to reach Mediolanum knowing the AI.
Briusky going all in with the citadel spam on the Rugii.
Chaos - Italia and Southern Gaul are engulfed in war, as the Visigoths advance onwards, and Suparia pushes back. Moving onto the overview screens, this is the one true Pope, /u/Andy0132 signing out.

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