Naval Supremacy Mk 1 - Part 1: The First 50 Turns

Author: Ballor_I
Published: 2018-03-07, edited: 2018-03-07
Hello hello everybody, I am /u/Ballor_I and I will be your host for my first attempt at an AI Game!
There are 15 contenders battling for glory on the seas of this world, which is a randomly generated Archipelago map, and everybody is starting in the Classical era to avoid the boredom of no expansion being possible during the Ancient times.
Game speed is set to Historic, so expect this to drag out for a while as these 15 battle to take every other capital on the map.

In addition to the Civs I am about to introduce you to, there is a small shortlist of mods I am running for your enjoyment:
-Future Worlds
-Historical Religions Complete
-More Luxuries
-Aggressive & Expansive AI
-Bigger Empires

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Naval Supremacy

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Naval Supremacy AI Battle Mk1 - Part 0: The Contenders

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Six years in and we have our first object of interest - Minoa forward settles Japan. This won't cause tensions at all...
So do Iceland! They begin to grow their core quickly.
Two Sicilies also have settled a new city, the first in their region to do so.
Orry settles his 2nd city, which considering his isolation probably isn't a bad idea.
Japan settle Kyoto aggressively, entirely unwilling to give up ground to Minos.
And Mann are the first to a Pantheon! They're feeling wonderous today.
Champa take their time and settle their second city a way away from their Capital.
Tahiti have also joined the city settlement game.
Minoa and Japan match each other with three cities a piece.
Faroe Isles and Indonesia have now settled, leaving Two Sicilies to settle their third.
Cyprus on the other hand still hasn't settled, though they are finally trying.
And it looks like the Maori have also added a new entry to their repertoire.
Champa finishes the Great Lighthouse, which considering the map is probably *very* important.
Mann found a religion!
Let's take a look at the beliefs...
And yes, as you probably noticed, the first Japanese-Minoan conflict has broken out. Tojo has massed an impressive force to assault Minos with.
And he wastes no time invading Minoan land with it.
Phaistos takes damage and Minos finds himself firmly on the back foot.
The city is becoming surrounded, and the rest of Minos' territory is undefended!
One turn later, however, Tojo's army has been slain or retreated, leaving Minos to breathe a sigh of relief.
Champa complete the Terracotta Army, Corsica finishes the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and peace comes to Japan and Minoa.
Two Sicilies, Indonesia and Faroe Isles have 3 cities a pice coming into turn 50.
And before we get the Infoaddict slides, a quick look at Happiness across the board shows us Cuba leading the way.
Japan leads on population.
Faroe Isles already have a huge lead in production.
However Hawaii and Two Sicilies lead on Manpower.
And Japan, Minoa and Champa lead the way in Tech!

This is the end of Part 1, I have been your host /u/Ballor_I and I will see you tomorrow for Part 2!

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Naval Supremacy Mk 1 - Part 2: "Conflict and Consequences"

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