Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Five: On Rebellious Provinces

Published: 2018-02-18, edited: 2018-02-18
Welcome to the Civ Hybrid Games: a Civ V AI game with a unique feature: YOU can alter the game's events!

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Four: Fallen Woman & Her Scarlet Beast

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1. Welcome to the fifth part of the Seventh Hybrid Games, narrated by your boi Klo! Coalition choices for Part 4 will be due on FRIDAY @ 0200 GMT and should be sent to /u/Aimerais, who is the Plotrunner for this Mark! There will be events released for everyone to consider in their submissions for Part 5.

If you're looking for rules or regulations to guide your choices and actions, or just some general info, please refer to the sidebar on, where you can find the wiki and the very important format template for coalition submissions.
2. Ah and so on the first slide of the game we open up to the OP nation of Greece as they declare war on one of the desert plebs in the rest of the map. Meanwhile we see Georgia DOW Iran in what should turn out to be an interesting war for the north of the map.
3. Here we see a great and successful naval invasion on their own land by the Egyptians as they crossed the river Nile to get to the Greek conquests in the North of Egypt; what luck they could plot so successfully.
4. Caesaria and Phoenicia are looking pretty nice as their colour scheme complements each other nicely; We see a smaller Georgian army to the north compared to the larger Irann army of NB.
. You know I heard Babylon is nice this time of year for any would be conquerers so when Iran loses their army Thy you should take care of it *wink wink*
6. Oh man its Oman. Turns out if you plant enough farms in the desert even shitty settlements can flourish! Also I think that salt by Barka is going to be in high demand in Greece soon.
7. Looks like with the Irann army on the opposite side of the map Babylon is safe for this part to continue being terrible at keeping their cities and selling mercenaries.
8. You know looking over my new found home of Georgia I see that their army is actually pretty nice; if the AI can actually move it south it might spell good tidings for the Georgians.
9. Speaking of good tidings we see the Iranian city of Babylon soon to fall here as Georgia makes gains.
10. Meanwhile in Egypt, turns out the Greeks still can't hold Africa after the failure of their Roman "ancestors" to keep it.
11. You know Caesaria may only have two cities but Phoenicia only has archers and spearmen where as Caesaria has Comp Bows and catapults.

12. I blame you CC for this.

((Gamerunner's note: all that remains of the barbarian mercs))
13. What a surprise! In the face of a large army the city is retaken. Colour me deadpan.
14. Back down to the Iran-Georgia war or as I like to call it: NB is sad war; we now see Bactra and Babylon under attack as the Georgians continue to make progress towards Babylon.
15. What a surprise! The Caesarians are holding their ground with better technology! Who would of seen this coming?
16. That UU of the Georgians you see is a stronger and faster Swordsmen; so in a strength match atm the Georgians have the advantage.
17. Oh man Oman just made an Omani wonder in the capital of Muscat. Praise be to Oman.
18. And back in Egypt we see the forgone conclusion round out its story as the Egyptians lose no cities this part.
19. That's a bunch of galleys for the Greeks but its a shame they can't take cities or attack land units.
20. You know this whole war could of gone better but tbh I think so far the AI for both the nations has been handling it pretty OK.
21. And the wonderful city of Kutaisi now has the Parthenon! That means that it'll be forgotten next part.
22. And finally after knocking on the door of Iran for the entire part Bactra has finally fallen to the Georgians!
23. You know this is good target practice for Comp Bows who can just get promotions of attacking those Galleys. (yes I do know they're triremes)
24. Seen to the north is an Iranian settler moving towards Oman just as the Omani settle another city of their own around a bountiful supply of incense.
25. With Bactra now safe from conquest as the Iranians are stuck on using ranged units to attack Bactra, now the Georgian army can move back to attacking Babylon with both armies looking fairly even.
26. With Caesaria settling another city will Phoenicia actually be able to conquer an Caesarian city this part? Only time will tell. (the answer is yes)
27. You know I think CC thinks this is supposed to be threatening but even if Greece had the tech to upgrade them they would have to move back to Greece first then come back and attack all over again.
28. Say what you want about Oman but their AI is making good ground as they continue to settle the coast of Arabia.
29. And not just Arabia it seems as they move onto the Iranian lands and towards the last vestige of Babylon.
30. You know if Caesaria takes back this city I think this will be the most successful rebellion ever.
31. Bactra is still safe as one Swordsmen which looks like it'll be soon destroyed sidles up to Bactra in a mediocre show of power.
32. And here we have an actually useful wonder being built in the city of Susa with the Great Wall being built around one city which let's be honest is a waste of the Great Wall.
33. It seems the Egyptians have a Great Admiral and a Great Prophet! Great days ahead for the Egyptians.
34. Oh and it seems Iran has finally split their army into two with some more going after Bactra! This might actually be a successful reprisal now.
35. The real kicker will be if Caesaria also takes out a Phoenician city this part as well.v
36. Here we see the split in the Iranian army paying off but will they be able to hold out from the Georgians for long?
37. Oh I just remembered. Triremes can attack cites. Why do I always remember this stuff halfway through narration? This is Algiers all over again.
38. With the only adjacent units to Ninevah being ranged units it seems like the city might just hold out yet.
39. Greece is prosperous etc etc.
40. Trebizond is missing the last letter of its name etc etc.
41. The Georgians seem to settling further to the east now as well.
42. Looking good Iran. Nice moves keep it up.
43. You know you may think that Caesaria has been doing horribly but they managed to beat out a much larger opponent, with help they may become a decent nation in this game.
44. We see the glorious nation of Egypt repel a Greek attack as they gallantly remembered even if Triremes can damage a city they are ranged so they can't conquer it. GG.
45. It seems like the Egyptian AI is finally settling more cities with two settled and a third settler seen to the left.
46. This looks the same as a previous slide tbh.

((Gamerunner's Note: It's the 20th turn))
47. Yet again I ask myself the question of how do people narrate nothing?
48. Babylon is settling more cities as Oman begins to encroach upon them in earnest; I think at this rate Oman v Greece might be the final conflict.
49. And with this the first stat slide I will leave you with this proverb:
50. If your name is Caesar find some help from a larger civ and conquer Thy for a good time.

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