Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Four: Fallen Woman & Her Scarlet Beast

Published: 2018-02-10, edited: 2018-02-10
Civ Hybrid Games are Civ 5 AI Games with a unique twist: YOU can alter the course of the game! You can join a civ, and once every part (20 turns), you can change things like implementing diplomacy, adding in units, spending gold, changing technology courses and social policy decisions, plotting to interfere with other civs, and so much more! Check out for more details.

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Three: Border Gore

Images: 63, author: Canadian_Christian, published: 2018-02-03

Welcome to the fourth part of the Seventh Hybrid Games, narrated by /u/Supe! Coalition choices for Part 3 will be due on FRIDAY @ 0200 GMT and should be sent to /u/Aimerais, who is the Plotrunner for this Mark! There will be events released for everyone to consider in their submissions for Part 5.

If you're looking for rules or regulations to guide your choices and actions, or just some general info, please refer to the sidebar on, where you can find the wiki and the very important format template for coalition submissions.
Slide 1. Hello my friends and welcome to another part of CHG madness and fuckery. I’m your boy Supe and today we’ll be looking at what can only be considered by future historians as a gangbang. Here we see the fair maiden of Babylon affronted on all sides by the aggressive, and war mongering civilisations of Georgia, Persia and Oman.
Slide 2. Moving swiftly on to the glory of Rome, we see our glorious civilisation has settled the brand new city of Philippopolis, which means “City of Phillip” whoever the fuck he happens to be.
Slide 3. Looking at the Georgian core, we don’t see much of note that isn’t that big mob of units on the Roman border. Quite a questionable place to be putting those units, considering Georgia is at war with Babylon, but I’m just going to blame poor AI logistics instead of Georgian malice toward Rome.
Slide 4. Oman looks good, clinging to every patch of fertile land on the coast of Arabia. If their terraforming plots are to be believed, they’re likely going to try and transform that disgusting sand into something of actual use.
Slide 5. The Egyptians are off doing classic Egyptian things, casually moving south and nomming on every fucking bit of wheat they can find, jesus. Y’all need to find something else to grow.
Slide 6. Oh hey, it’s Caesar’s insignificant rebel civ, Assyria. Fortunately for him, the people he’s rebelled from are a bit occupied. Unfortunately, his cities are built on disgusting sand.
Slide 7. Oh hey, our glorious faith has given us new beliefs. Which ones are they tho. CC gib religion slides pls.
Slide 8. Oman occupy the southern Babylonian cities, only to prepare to burn them down, the absolute madlads.
Slide 9. While the Omanis attack the south, the Georgians sweep in from the north, knocking at Babylonian cities. Things do not look good for the fair maiden of Babylon.
Slide 10: Rome finishes Stonehenge. At least the faith might come in handy for religious things.
Slide 11. Dur-Kurigalzu falls to the Georgian advance as Babylon, jewel of Mesopotamia, is slowly encircled.
Slide 12. The armies continue the encirclement. Things are beginning to grow dire.
Slide 13. In what are perhaps the final hours of many babylonians, the people of Babylon turn to their faith, forming a new religion in the besieged city.
Slide 14. The last few stoic defenders of Borsippa cling dearly to their beloved city as the ruthless Georgians continue their attack.
Slide 15. But alas, to no avail. The city falls, soon to be sacked. Babylon will soon fall quickly afterward.
Slide 16. O7 You glorious Babylonian defenders. You will be remembered as heroes.
Slide 17. Babylon falls to the Persian attack, over 50% of the population murdered.
Slide 18. As Akkad is being prepared to burn, all that remains of the Babylonian core are two cities. However, the Persians show no sign of stopping.
Slide 19. I stand corrected, there’s a third city. It’s a little out of the way and has like 2 pop though.
Slide 20. Oman pushes into the Red Sea with a pretty ballsy forward settle.
Slide 21. Rome continues to settle, because the AI is a madman. Note the Georgian city we paid good money for too.
Slide 22. Persia finishes the pyramids, of all things. That’s probably got some sort of niche use.
Slide 23. Not to be outdone, the Omanis finish the Great Lighthouse, which has more apparent uses for the maritime civ.
Slide 24. The two Babylonian holdouts fall quickly to the Persian advance.
Slide 25. Oman continues to settle dirt. Thankfully, this dirt has actual resources.
Slide 26. More Babylonian clay getting roasted. You know the deal by now.
Slide 27. Of note here is the cities that have magically disappeared into the void that is being razed out of unhappiness.
Slide 28. Phoenicia notices the newly unoccupied clay and swoops in for that sweet sweet Wheat.
Slide 29. Oman continues their adventures of real questionable settles.
Slide 30. The last Babylonian city is being encroached upon by the new Persian city. It’s safe to say that by now Babylon is dead.
Slide 31.Rome has elephants now. F E A R U S
Slide 32. An ballsy Phoenician settler wanders into what is ostensibly Egyptian clay.
Slide 33. The glorious Roman core again. Not sure what that Phoenician warrior is doing. He should fuck off.
Slide 34. Georgia has an interesting number of Great Generals. All that burning of Babylonian cities sure does wonders for military theory.
Slide 35. I quite like this slide of Bumfuck Nowhere. I should really abandon my faction and go live out there.
Slide 36. Persian clay. Looks nice, not as good as Rome tbh.
Slide 37. Here’s Mesopotamia et all. -1 Babylon +1 Assyria. There’s been no net loss or gain of civs this part, which is interesting.
Slide 38. Egypt’s doing Egyptian things. Nothing particularly new.
Slide 39. As above, but down the Nile.
Slide 40. Oman is slowly cruising around the peninsula. I wonder how that’ll go in the future.
Slide 41. And with that, I leave you with the stats slides. (Some of which are missing, but CC will figure it out. I believe in him) I’ve been your resident slimeball Supe, and this has been Radio Free CHG.

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