Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Eleven: Ideologically Driven

Published: 2018-04-15, edited: 2018-04-15
A Civ AI game with a twist: YOU decide what happens to the civs! If you're looking for rules or regulations to guide your choices and actions, or just some general info, please refer to the sidebar on, where you can find the wiki and the very important format template for coalition submissions.

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Ten: A New Part Has Risen

Images: 64, author: Canadian_Christian, published: 2018-04-01, edited: 2018-04-02

Welcome all to the Eleventh part of the Seventh Hybrid Games! Your narrator this part is /u/EmeraldRange. Coalition choices for Part 12 will be due on THURSDAY @ 0200 GMT and should be sent to /u/Aimerais, who is the Plotrunner for this Mark! There will be events released for everyone to consider in their submissions for Part 12.
1: As our part opens up, we can see Byzantium adopts the Autocracy Ideology, as well as a largish naval force sieging Constantinople.
2: The rebel force is quickly being crushed around Thessalonica, but an opening for the trireme in the fleet has been found. Will the city fall?
3: A naval battle rages for supremacy of the sea. The Byzantines will quite clearly win this battle, especially considering the Egyptians nerfed all of their ports.
4: Battle rages for control of the Levant, as Omani troops clash with Byzantine troops in the mountain passes.
5: The mountain fortress of Poti is under siege by Persians! Will they take it?
6: The east Georgian city of Senaki is interestingly under siege by the Central Georgians, and it looks to fall.
7: Constantinople has fallen! The city will very likely quickly flip back, but this is a blow to the mighty empire.
8: As expected, the Byzantine fleet mops up the remnants of the Egyptian fleet.
9: The leaning tower of Pisa is completed in Persia.
10: The rebels have been wiped out, but with great loss of life.
11: The Central Georgians retake Senaki!
12: More stalemate.
13: Some Byzantines approach an Egyptian colony.
14: More rebel scum being cleaned up.
15: A new city founded in the middle of the war. Interesting. More stalemate.
16: Looks like Poti may fall. Surprise. What I want to know is where my army is.
17: Poti falls.
18: Egyptian navy is completely gone. RIP
19: The last rebel.
20: A concentrated Omani attack on New Ancyra. Will it succeed?
21: Looks like the East Georgians are pushing back! Will they retake their lost city?
22: Djanet has taken some negligable damage. Where is the byzantine army?
23: Minor clashing between Georgia and Persia.
24: The Persians choose Autocracy! Two autocracies clashing for supremacy. Hm.
25: A bunch of embarked Persians. That’s probably a bad idea.
26: Will Ancyra fall? Who knows?
27: Nope. The Omanis all retreated for some reason.
28: The Central Georgians have secured their holdings on the coast. I doubt the East Georgians will make any headway.
29: The embarked Persians were killed. Stalemate everywhere.
30: The Byzantines launch an attack on Oman. Interesting.
31: A fleet. Standing around. Doing nothing.
32: Baalbek is being sieged. I doubt anything will happen.
33: More stalemate. As usual.
34: The Persians attack again. I hope they realize if they keep embarking they will never take the city.
35: The East Georgians and Central Georgians sit around still. No progress.
36: Ancyra is attacked again. I think this is the fifth time? Byzantines also have rifles now.
37: More failed Persian attacks. At least they aren’t embarked this time.
38: Ancyra is killing tons of Omanis. I wonder how much blood was spilled here?
39: As expected, the Persians were pushed back. Probably a lot of dead Persians here as well.
40: With two turns left in the part, Byz attacks the Egyptian colony Djanet again. I doubt they will take it in time. They should have done this far earlier with that many cannons though tbh.
41: Red Fort is built in byz. It gonna be literally impossible to push into byz territory now.
42: No Persians or Byzantines. The Persians are all distracted at Georgia, while idk where the Byzantines are.
43: Looks like the Central Georgians have secured their holdings.
44: If the part went on any longer, I would say the Byzantines have won this city. I don’t think they have enough time to take it though.
45: And that’s the end of this part! I was your narrator, /u/legobloxcraft2, and see yall around!

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Twelve: Trench Warfare

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