Civ Hybrid Game Mk.X.V Part Two: It's a Wonder They're Alive

Published: 2019-08-06, edited: 2019-08-06

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.X.V Part One: Walls of Wood and Stone

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Good evening you fine people! Or afternoon, morning or night, depending on your respective timezones. We start this lovely 2nd part of the super sonic interim mark with a shot of the Hotly contested Irish Island, shared by the frenemies Spain And Ireland (love you leris). Glorious spain only has 3 cities here, a low number compared to irish’s massive 7, who have 1 more settler to boot! (2 vs spains 1).
A big troop build up around Sligo & barcelona respectively will sure be an interesting but bloody battlefield.
The backstabbing & wonderwhoring scots (jk, love you guys) are poised to invade the slumbering vikings with a massive army of mercenary boats and other military units. Ribe is already low on hp and is poised to fall soon™. Little stands in their way, aside from their shitty AI that is, will luck prevail? Or are they doomed to charge into their deaths? Time will tell.
Another heavy contested area filled with the hunger and ambitions of the Aztec & Roman brits. Rome had a solid first part, getting on the offensive early, but some barbarians do roam their surprisingly empty hinterlands. However the Aztecs are depressingly empty as well, aside from some mutual troop buildup around the aztec capital. A bloody battle awaits that will likely determine the outcome of this conflict. Rome or the Aztecs, who will win. My bet is on the spanish.
And we are off! Barbarians make an aggressive first strike by pillaging farmland. Take that peasants.
The roman turtle navy is shelling the aztec city into the red. They will likely flip the city. The aztecs might flip it once, but no more than that.

Around the aztec capital however the battle is in favor of the sunset defensive, time will tell whether this is a long or short term gain however.
FREEEEDOOOM! This is probably the last the riban vikings heard when a bloodthirsty gang of scots invaded the city. It fell swiftly and already their navy is moving south to Kaupang.
A military contingency split ways and moved to Cordoba, hearing about a beach that actually had sunshine instead of rain.
Maybe they should kiss already. The battle has fizzled out into a grinding stalemate once again, with no progress being made on either side. On any normal occasion I would have given the spanish troops marching into Sligo a good chance, but with the Hiawatha units of Ireland, I doubt it.
And tlaxcala flips! Only a lone swordsman remains as sole melee unit nearby to flip it, looking at the burning city from his rowboat.
A small amount of swimming cougars is trying to reclaim their long lost city of Tlatelolco, but i doubt a wet cat has any chance at the local samurai.

The scottish wonderwhores finally learned how to read! They build a great library to commemorate the creation of an alphabet.
Big Oof as cordoba is losing some health. With a little bit of luck the scottish reinforcements are stuck at Roskilde before they can make the invasion an actually succesfull one.
The swordsman died, so the island will stay roman. The invasion of the aztec capital however is gone. Praise the setting sun!
Viking forces are on a holiday in Ancyra. Thats all folks. You might wanna go north to retake your lost city though maybe.
And another wonder! This time the parthenon does a thing for the scots!
Cordoba is pretty safe now, but yikes thats a big army in vikinglands. Both viking cities are looking heavily threatened. Danelaw looks like a gonner at this rate.

The little samurai that could. He tried to banzai his way to the aztec capital and aided by a lone turtleship, they might even succeed to flip it once. More than that, probably not. But hey, better to try than having to commit sudoku out of shame.
Banzaaai! The aztec capital falls by a sweeping shell from the turtle navy, with a friend already on his way to reinforce it. Several aztec units remain in the area, but only 1 weak speardude remains as melee unit, so chances are that I will have to eat my words.
Scottish invasion 2: a cordoban bungalow
They are back, with slightly bigger numbers, relieving Roskilde from their threat for a little bit. Go lone catapult! Make me proud.
A spanish turtle ship tries to copy the succes of its cousin in aztecia, but so far he mostly is killing himself on a now yellow edinbrah. Perhaps the reinforcement could aid enough but it isnt likely.
Inb4 Scotland won MK.X.V. as the scottish navy takes Kaupang! The navy is in very good shape still so its likely to push forth to Tunsberg.
Yeah that could have gone better. The impi are pretty dead and a lot of the hiawatha’s are still at full health.
The irish are celebrating their accursed victory by building the Oracle.
Also a religion has been founded. Tune in next slides to find out more!
Ah its the aztecs! In a desperate attempt to cling onto their cornwallian holdings, they create a hard to pronounce religon of Tlateomatiliztli in their new capital city. They hope by tricking the invaders by saying it fast 3 times, they will hurt themselves in confusion. An interesting strat, it might just succeed!
Cordoba is heavily surrounded on all sides, and the turtleship attacking edinbrah died. So far a little bit disappointing for the spanish lads, not gonna sugarcoat it.
So far their tactic works as the aztecs look poised to retake Texcoco! If only their religion also had spawned a melee unit, Tlateomatiliztli be damned!
Tunsberg apparently isnt worth it as the scottish navy only was bothered to send in a trireme into the area.
Slightly south however the romans are invading Copenhagen with 2 samurai and 1 catapult. I gotta say lads, Rome is looking at a successful part.
Not much happening here aside some minor skirmishes in Irish nomans land.
The irish army is looking better than the spanish one however.
Roskilde and Cordoba are now properly surrounded, but with full health in both cities, one can wonder what the scots are drinking. My bet is on some fine highland whiskey. Its to hope for the staunch defenders that they have a lot in stock of whatever it is.
Close and yet so far as the romans keep hammering at the walls of Copenhagen. If anyone is looking for a good city to visit, I can definitely recommend Copenhagen. Lovely city, great shops, restaurants and amazing culture & history to visit. 10/10 would visit again.
I dont know what was in their drinks, but I want some of that! The army around cordoba is pretty much gone, but around roskilde some remain. If they keep flipflopping like that, the scots will soon kill their army from exhaustion after all that running.
Apparently the romans were not convinced by my review of Copenhagen and they left before entering the city. Oh well, their loss.
Rome is looking surprisingly empty however. It would be a shame if anyone would spawn a mercenary army there next part!
The few remaining roman troops have been taking logopedic lessons, and now can finally pronounce the aztec religion! I however did not so I shall not try. The aztecs are likely to lose their new capital, and are currently shopping to find a third one. Only 2 cities to choose from however, so it will come down to the flip of a coin.
The irish nomansland is painted green by the irish troops after a decisive victory. They haven’t gone on the offensive however, so we shall see in how much danger the spanish cities are.

With that being the last slide, I think we can safely say that the scotts and the romans are the big winners here, at the cost of the vikings and aztecs.
Thats all folks, this was ya old boi Stefan, signing out.

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