The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR. The End.

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 16

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Norway, 1928. Much has changed these past years. A restlessnes can be felt. A longing for change. A feeling of a new age dawning. Time seemes to have moved fast these past years, as if nearing a climaxe. A world on the age of something great, or terrible. A world Where Norway has to make a final stand, for their belives and ideas. For their people and their lives.

Much has changed, and much is yet to change. But all change must start with something small. For instance, a election.
A vote of confidence is yet again made in favour of the communist regime, spearheaded as always by Olav. At the same time, the Chinese protectorate of Guandong fall to rebels. Yet again the goverment is unable to properly handle the situation, and Guandung is set free.
Germany, like the vile dogs they are, have begun enforcing their anti-communist agenda, Encouraging mobs to attack jews, democrats, communists and even Norwegians. Stories about atrocities against Norwegians citizens have reached the Storting, and a demand for vengeance is made.
All reserves are mobilized, no thoughts are spared for the international backlash. When Norwegian lives are at stake, nothing else matters.
But Germany is a large state, With untapped potential. Maybe Norway should guide her to greatness?
Indeed we shall. We are the liberators of Europe, and we shall not rest until we all are united! Workers, a holy crusade for righteousness has begun! Olav wills it!
Germany wastes no time, and blitzes Czech kingdom. Their forces are splitt, and is crushed soon after. Clearly Germany is a different beast than we are used to handle.
Fortunately, they cannot stand against our crack-units from the North. it seems the Czech push was a high stake gamble, intended to scare of any Union nations from attacking.
Meanwhile, Facist symphatizers in Eastern Europe rises up in revolt, as they see their promised lands turned to rubbles. They are crushed without remorse.
But even with international symphathy, the Germans cannot mount any reasonable defence. And as the Norwegians close in on Berlin, they can do little but accept their fate.
The government is disbanded, and a new, friendlier democracy is put in its place.
A new Germany steps out of the ashes. May they thread easier than the last.
And, with great victory comes great glory. The sun never sets on the Norwegian Empire, For its splendor reaches every corner of the Earth! We shall let the world know this.
And we will show them, in the way we do best. By crushing those who oppress other. The Ottomans have for too long ruled in their barbaric ways. Their people shall be free.
The Union, with the Union Leaders Norway, Poland and Germany, march on Istanbul. With the entirety of Europe upon them, they do not stand a chance.
Turkish riders getting moved down by precise Norwegian fire. Outdated tactics and equipment where yet again the downfall of a great empire.
After barely a year, almost the entirety of the Empire is held by Unionist forces. A harsh peace is signed, and although deserved, is still frowned upon by the world. Norway does not longer hold the sway they used to have, and ruthless aggression is deemed a arcane way of settling differences.
Speaking of arcane and ruthless, the Italians show both qualities when they slaughter the citizens of Venice. The Italians seems bent on reuniting the provinces, no matter the cost.
The Italians shall pay another time. More imortant decitions are to be made about the Ottomans. Norway has allready seiced the Middle-Eastern holdings as puppet states, But other colonies remain. It is decided that some colonies shall be taken into our own domain, enraging the world even further.
Now the Colonial empire streches not only from East to west, it also streches from North to the South! Truly a day to be alive for the Norwegian citizen. Poland also gains parts of Libya, and Canada gains a protectorate in the middle of Scandinavian controlled Libya
But bitterness and fear spread throughout Europe. Norway has gone to far this time. In a act of deficance, Germany and Poland resigns from the Union. Allies are now few and far between.
And Allies are not the only things Norway stand to lose. The Internatonal standing is in steady decline, and Norway is yet again seen as nothing but a threat to the world. As Norway lose both friends and standing, the chances of retaliation grow stronger. Olav has to face a difficult decition...
Concetions have to be made, to apease the world. One cannot justify a humongus empire and aggression at the same time. something has to give.
the First thing that is sacfificed is the Chinese holdings, along with the entire army stationed there. Hopefully it manages to fend of the soon to be unified China.
Secondly, the newly aquired nation of Libya is released, as it serves no practical use other than a buffer state.
And lastly, Botswana,with its meager populatio and recourcesm that was recently aquired from the former British colonies.
This is enough to appease the world community, for now. The people however, is enraged. The Scandinavian peoples sees this as a cowardly and weakening act, while the Colonies wonder why the rest of them where not freed. On homw terf, it proved to be a lose/lose situation.
The Communists does however get elected, yet again. The Norwegians democracy has known no other party, and it is not likely to be changed anytime soon.
Russian poster, exlaiming the socialist world order. Norway has for long been seen as a beackon of Great communist leadership, but focus was starting to shift towards other nations. was Norway doing something wrong?
But, the price of aggression proved to be different than expected. With Germany and Poland out of the Union, the only thing that sepparated the countries from total war has been lifted. A bold new Germany with cores to take, sees nothing to lose from a war of aggressiontowards their great neightbour. Norway can do nothing but watch helplessly.
German blitzkrieg in action. Polish armor had nothing to show for itself against the rumblings of German might. A new age of warfare had begun.
With the political tentions at a all time high, the Icelanders sees their opportunity to cast their masters aside once and for all. Not able to afford yet another diplomatic inccident, Olav sees himself forced to surrender the Island.
The Icelanders, realizing imediately they have no way to sustain their island alone, ask for re-entry into the Union as Norwegian fylke. Baffled and confused, Olav accepts.
Germany, now possesing one of the greatest armies in the world, make short procces of the unofrtunate Poles.
Prussia is yet again connected to the German mainland, and Poland is chrushed beyond repair. They may never regian their former glory.
Not satisfied with the conquest of Poland, Germany provokes the worlds attention when they yet again clash with their age old enemy France. Their Blitz tactics are put to good use in the war, and The French lose on all fronts. A black day for Europe.
Rebellion! The people have had enough of the weakened state and their scheming and plots, ever appeasing the world at the cost of the nation. All true workers are called upon in the great National awakening, with Olav himself at the lead.
Norwegian rebels in the capital. No real attempt at stopping the rebels where made in Oslo, as both the police and military was at Olavs side.
Scandinavia is all but emptied of Soldiers, as most troops are stationed near the Russian Border and In the colonies.
Oslo quickly falls, and Olav works to bring the entire country under his influence for good.
In Africa, spurred on by promises of equality and freedom, rebell in unprecedented numbers in support for the "the Peoples king". No army can stand against the will of the people.
Sensing Norwegian weakness, Germany masses at the Union Border. War is most certianly ahead.
France is now under the complete controll of the German democracy. They could be ready for Invation at any time.
And as the Germans get ready for world conflict, the Norwegian people have spoken, for the last time.
Olav was now the sole leader of a mighty, communist state. Here, greating the people at the revolutionary celebrations, now held each year on september 21.
The People, spearheaded by the great Olav, is now a Nation not only for the people, but made by the people. The NPR is now a reality.
Firstly, a new secret service, the Statspoliti, is created as a way to protect the nation from foreign influence and danger.
secondly, the State takes the means of production into its own hands. Out with the moneylenders and scammers, inn with the quotas and mass economy!
Norway has arisen. Like a phoenix, corrupted by old age and ideas, it has risen from the ashes as a new, bold nation, ready to take on the world. Dark times is most likely ahead. Germany the giant is ready to push us back into our mountains. False states and leaders lurk at every corner, ready to strike. No matter.
For Norway will endure, and prosper, as we always have, and always will. Yes, the world is truly a different place.
Olav was to be the last great leader of Importance for Norway. Noone could compete with his family legacy and pure political skill. But Norwegian history did not end. History has a tendency to keep going, no matter the outcome. This time, as we all know, is no different.
It is known that the Germans sperheaded the conquest of France, and later made a ultimatum to the Union; seice to exixst, and return all German cores, or face ruin.
Europe stod tall against the aggressors, for the last time. The Union fought side by side as brothers. Never before had Europe fought with so much at stake. The largest war in European history was a fact.
Yes, it was the largest. And the bloodiest. Human loss without equal, as untrainded Norwegian and Union militia fought against onslaughts of German commandos. War is hell, and the Great War of German aggression was the worst of them all. Norway was never the same. Germany lost in the end, but did not Norway truly lose as well?
Poverty and debt followed, as Germany became divided by the victors. Norway, for the first time affected by a great war, was ravaged as far North as Tr√łndelag. Much was destroyed, and much needed to be rebuilt.
But the spirit of our people never faulted. We where to rise again, in our newfound strenght in a bold new world.
Even when our Great Leader Olav died in 1967, we did not faulter. The Age of great rulers had ended, but Norway carried on.
Norway saw much trouble and strife, most notably the African rebellion of 1972. Many colonial nations where set free as a response, and many lives where lost. But the colonies where by now a aged idea, troubled with lack of conciusness and meaning.
When the ideas of the new state was deemed hostile and ruthless by our people, in the Workertroubles of 1979, we made great concessions and sacrifices for the best of our nation. Never should we be accused of holding our people back.
And even when the nation itself seemed to fall appart, in the Union Sepparation of 1986, we remained just and pure. Estonia, Finland and Latvia where set free, and we remain friends to this day. Yes. Much has changed.
A age lost. A time almost forgotten. A simple time, with simple goals. Could these people ever dream of the future we reached?
could they ever dream of the great Norwegian Empire, with all hear flaws and greatness? of the workers revolution and the peoples paradise? Of the great battles and the tragic death of millions? It is all in our history now, the annals of our country, that we teach our children to this day.
A long time ago, a Kingdom was asleep. It dreamt of simple things, like freedom and safety. When it awoke, it realized it could dream, and be, much more. The small nation would change the course of history forever. For the glory belongs to Norway, forever and ever.

It is now all a part of History. The collective minds of the populace. The annals of the world.

It is all a part of the Norwegian Saga.

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