The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 16

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 15

Images: 40, author: asernesesealsasesos, published: 2017-02-07, edited: 1970-01-01

August, 1924. President Olav, and his wife Martha, visiting the provinces, this time the province of Uppsala. Olav always loved to see his people face to face. It reminded him of what he was: a man, a lucky man with great ambition, but a man none the less. But a man can easely be replaced. And in this free world of democracy and equality, if Olav does not play his cards right, he will suffer for it. in the last election, there was barely enough votes his way to make him the leader of the nation the 4th consecutive election. One thay, the vote will be against him.
Before that time, He shall change the world. A plan, once deemed impossible, foolhardy, and simply ridiculous, now seems more possible than ever. If it works, it could change the balance of power forever.
If it does not, then hell will be upon us.
England has seen her glory days. It is time to retire this relic of the past. Indeed, they represent the true meaning of thew word "backwards".
Aristroctratic, wastefull and proud. a true disgrace on the world, equality does not belong in their vocabulary! the world shall be freed from their cold embrace.

Hail Olav, the eternal president of Norway, the one who shall smite down the fatcats, and shape the world in his image! Forever is the glory!
Germany, in line with theri sickening logic, has declared us their foremost enemy, and a disgrace agaisnt humanity. It takes one to know one, as htey say, and the gesture is repayd in full. Germany shall have their fill soon.
The sad news arrive, that our beloved Arbeiderformann Einar Gerhardsen, has died on his desk, surrounded by his work.
Olavs most trusted advisor, and friend, has died. Olav, Now alone in this world, exept from his Wife, and father. Who knows what advice they will give him?
Einar was also the head of the Chinese clique Guandong. with his passing, a large rebellion broke out, leading to the sepparation from the union. Olav decide to bide his time.
For Norway has bigger fish to fry. It is time for the inhuman practises of the English to stop, once and for all.
Total war is decklared, The Great liberation war is a fact. Norway shall not rest until the sickly colonial state of England is put down!
Olav does not waste any time. To win a decicive victory, a naval invation of the english homefront is demanded. It is to be the biggest invation in history.
The entire Norwegian fleet, and half the European force is sent to deal with the English, and to establish a foothold on the island.
The forces spread out, securing even more of the surrounding countryside. The last invation of england ended almost in total anniliation. Olav shall not make the same mistakes.
Although most of the English forces are spread across their wast colonial empire, some highly trained forces remain. and now with the english mobilizing, it is realised that this will be no short war...
Russia, who foolheartedly joined the English side, is being pushed back on all fronts. The backwardness and unwillingness to learn from previous wars astound even the most experienced battleplaner.
In the far east, Japan, a new contender for world power, sees a great chance to end Russian supremacy in the region, and joins the Norwegian war for world liberation.
Fierce couter attacks are carried out by the English, with Norwegian general electing to force them back with supreme numbers and firepower.
we have the advantage of the defence. The Brits will do whatever it takes to liberate their homeland. The love for their country will be their downfall, as every push only makes them weaker.
British soldiers leaving for the front. Most of these men where dead within a weak, in the meatgrinders of Brigton and Cambrigde.
The aggressive push from the English did wear down the Norwegians after a while, and more soldiers from the russian front where brought inn. Inn a couple of major battles, most of the English forces where pushed back into the countryside.
A destroyed british tank. Many unfortunate young men met their ends on the battlefield. Little could hold back the might of the Royal artillery.
In russia, the war had turned into a wild-goose chase, as the russians simply vanished into the russian steppes and forrests, leaving the Union no choise but to venture deeper and deper into Asia.
Even with the focus of the war plantet firmly on the Shores of England, one would be suprised by the Norwegian efficency in the colonies. English resources are seemingly wasted away on some unkown location in the East.
As the Norwegian forces multiply, so does the English. It was expected, however, that the english should run out of men soon enough.
Patrols in a occupied city, England. The locasl where mostly content with quiet protests about the occupation, as civil disobedience was a major crime in Norway. The Welfare of the Norwegian people was seen as duty, even for occupied territories.
In november, 1925, it is revelad where the English forces have been spent. A naval invation of Ethiopia is undetaken, and large forces are seen in the caucasus.
But the aggression in Ethiopia comes with a price. No English reinforcements have been seen for several weeks, and is taken as a sign that there simply are no more able bodied men in England. It is time to strike.
In Russia, the end is surely closing in. japan is invading in the East, And all major cities in the West is taken. Even the guerrillas must realise the war is lost.
Norwegian servicemen in Russia, holding a unkown hill in Eastern Russia. Capturing the wast Russian landscapes where a sombering task, tiering and exhausting. At least little resistance was made.
A great battle is held in Chelmford, where it all began, and is a resounding defeat for the tired English.
And the Russians, perhaps alarmed by the events unfolding in England, decide that enough is enough. Unconditional peace is demanded, as always.
Proud members of the Former Kings Guard, now the Presidential Guard, posing for the camrea in Russia. Only the best Norwegian youth served in the Guard, and it was widely regarded as a highly trained force.
A carpet siege is begun, and slowly the outskirts of London are taken.
The only enemy force of any notable size is soon to be crushed.
The British holdings in africa is about to be overrun.
And the Northern offensives have been stopped, and are now being pushed back.
But still, for every foot of English soil, the forces have to struggle against dug in defences and unruly civilians.
Norwegian light cavalery patroling the English countryside. Spirits where high when the news about the deplition of English forces reached the soldiers.
And, in the midst of it all, the Germans decide that Lithuania has been free long enough.
But, all things must come to a end. And so does this war. On november 4th, 1226, the English concede defeat. The first successfull Invation of Britain since 1066 is a fact. Yet again, by the decendants of proud norsemen.
The war of colonial liberation is ended.
A celebrational call of the horn, victory day. A era of British dominance was soundly crushed by Norways finest.
Norway, yet again, and forever, victorious.
Olav decides to be harsh on the colonial matter. Sound Norwegian rule is prefered.
India is freed, and is turned to their original holders. Although free from British rule, some say that this could only lead to blodshed, when the Indian rulers fight for the right to rule them all.
the East Indians are also put under Norwegian controll...
As well as parts of Western China, and India.
Russia is also forced to release large tracts of territory, effectively cutting the country in two.
And as the war ends, so does the puny German war against the defenceless Lithuanians. It is clear that when they cannot even let their smallest neighbour be, then they cannot be trusted as our neighbours either.
And, in the east, the Chinese Empire implodes in a violent outburst of waring states and conflicting ideas. The winds of Westernization was too much for the Chinese people. No doubt, years of blodshed are about to begin.
Europe is perhaps not so different in that regard. Many changes has been pushed on their people, many have been united, perhaps not to their liking. Can we, the leader of the European Union, be sure in our cause?
Of course. For strenght comes only from unity. And we, the most united people on earth, with the bigges Union ever governed, should know a thing or two about just cause, and divine guidance. Europe has not seen her final changes. and we will make sure to be the ones who create them. For it is only right. Bechause we deserve to lead the world to greatness, and the world itself deserves US. In arms, we will find true meaning and equality, mark my words.

Norway, your time is now!

(thank you for reading, tune in next time for the final episode!)

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