Death to the West - A Persian HPM AAR - Finale

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Death to the West - A Persian HPM AAR

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Death to the West - A Persian HPM AAR - Part 11

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For the glory of the fatherland
The Persians, for the first time in several decades, take their destiny into their own hands. No longer will they abide by the restrictions set about by Europeans! No longer shall they fear the wrath of the Germans so much that they delay the inevitable Ottoman conquest.

Ahmad Shah had a dream: of a dream of a world where the Persian man reigns supreme over the Turks, who lay dying in the streets, as Allah intended.

And has he struggles to hold on to life, his generals and military commanders lead the way for the Great Reconquest of Mesopotamia.

Millions of men will die for the feverish dreams of a man on his deathbed. And it will be good.

All hail the Shah! His will be done!
We are on equal terms
The war is divided between the Central Powers, led by Germany and including Czechoslovakia, Sweden, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria, and the Allies.

Both sides stand on relatively equal terms, although the Germans have far greater manpower than the French. Victory in Europe will rely on the effectiveness of the early advance of the French in the west, and the knocking out of Czechoslovakia by the Ukrainian armies.
A World At War
The war is divided into three fronts: the Western Front, which sees French and Spanish troops against Germany, the Eastern Front with Ukraine fighting against Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Germany, and finally the Mesopotamian Front which sees the Persians and the Ottomans duke it out.

There is also fighting in North Africa, largely led by Spain against Germany and Sweden, and some fighting in Central Africa, but this is Victoria 2, Africa doesn't matter.
Attack on Sudan
The first Swedish troops cross into Persian Egypt. Persian high command adopts a policy of abandoning Egypt, focusing exclusively on the war with the Ottomans.
Success of the First Wave
The only major Ottoman Army ready at the border to resist the Persian wave is defeated handily. High Command is slightly confused as to why the Ottomans surrendered their entrenched position so easily.
Northern push
A seperate Ottoman army bypasses the Persian frontline and moves into Persian Armenia. High Command chooses not to engage, given the terrain. Instead, an army is dispatched to attempt to bait the Ottoman forces into an ill-advised battle, and liberate any cities captured by their forces.
More guns, is the solution
In order to avoid the horrors of trench warfare (which... never actually happened in this world because the AI doesn't understand war), the Persian High Command adopts a policy of "bigger guns".
What a waste of troops
The German Egyptian Army marches into Persian Egypt. This is a good thing for Persia - we do not rely at all on goods from Egypt and it keeps them away from the Mesopotamian Front.
France pushes forth
French Generals, either understanding the urgency of taking Berlin quickly or just making good decisions by accident, overwhelm the initial German forces and pour into Germany.
The Ottomans cometh
The first major battle of the Second Great War, as it is now been called, sets itself up as a large Ottoman Army moves to defeat the Persians in Cizre. That Persian force had only just arrived in the region and was not yet entrenched, and thus an easy target.
Rush to their defence
Several armies are rushed to Cizre to fend off the Ottoman attack. Persian High Command believes that this will be a rather costly battle.

At the same time, a seperate force moves to take Baghdad, and in the north yet another army is dispatch to try and deal with the Turkish incursion.
Ottoman forces engage on August 9. They are held at bay by massive chlorine gas attacks, which are surprisingly and abnormally effective despite defenses against the gas having been pioneered for almost a decade.
Power overwhelming?
The rapid turn of events in Cizre, with the Ottomans completely unable to mount any major attack, allows for forces intended to reinforce the position to be diverted south to Mosul.
You don't have gas defense? In 1931?
Ottoman infantry on the 13th attempt an attack on our position, seemingly out of desperation, but are utterly defeated.

High Command realizes that for some odd reason, the Ottoman army is not equipped with proper gas masks, and that the chlorine gas is incredibly effective as a result. This forces the Ottoman infantry to repeatedly attempt charging our position, costing them tens of thousands of lives.
Sweet mother of casualties
The Battle of Cizre is the first major engagement on the Mesopotamian front, and the Ottoman army is utterly shattered.

This effectively leaves the rest of the front defenseless. The troops lost in the battle were some of the best in the Empire, forcing the Turks to switch to heavy usage of largely ineffective reserve forces.

At the same time, the Persians have not yet had to use reserves.
Autopersians, roll out
From Cizre, the Persian army splits into five and pushes into Anatolia. Furthermore, the remnants of the force defeated at Cizre is engaged in diyarbakir.

A seperate large Ottoman Army, as well as the Bulgarian Army, arrive ready for battle.
Don't mind me, just withdrawing from the New World
Mexico invades California, which recently reduced our economic influence. We repay this favor by telling them to screw off, and leave them alone to die.
The Power of Chlorine
The Ottoman army attacking Armenia splits in two, with one portion withdrawing back to Ottoman territory. This weakened army is hence engaged in Kars. Despite the terrain posing some logistical difficulties, we resolve these issues by gassing the hell out of the Turks.
Bulgarians head south
The Bulgarian Army crosses into Syria, apparently moving to engage our troops that are edging deeper into the Arabian peninsula.
Speak of a clusterfuck: the Western Front in August
The Swiss violate the principal of neutrality, allowing Czech troops to cross into southern france.

This greatly disrupts the French front line. Whilst German forces are routed and the France still seems to have the upper hand, Germany has begun mobilizing their reserve forces.
The Army of Ukraine in the Eastern Front
The Ukrainians attack an entirely undefended Czechoslovakia. If they can be fully occupied, the Germans will lose a key ally and face attacks from two sides, potentially dividing their forces enough for France to win the war in the west.
We're... technically losing?
Okay, sure game?
The Power of Chlorine
The attack on Kars concludes with the Turks being thoroughly humiliated. The path lies open to Anatolia
Where the hell did you come from?
The Swedish Suicide Brigade storms the beaches of southern Persia with no support whatsoever. Hurrah!
An army attempting to retake Van is defeated by Persian forces.
Join the Army! Defeating the Turkish Sultan!
The Sultan Hates You!
Defend the Persian Way of Life by Engaging in a war in a far off land!
This war is a preemptive strike!
Join the War, your wife's lover already has!

Women love men in the army!
Join the War!

Why do kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?
We don't know, but we do know they love dying in the battlefields of

You're going to die anyway, might as well die in a foreign land!
Join the War, for the Glory of the Shah!

Your life is meaningless, the Shah commands you to fight!
Join the Army!

Do you have no prospective future?
Are you young enough to believe joining the army will bring peace to the world?
Do you love your country?
Do you enjoy all expenses paid trips to exotic cities?
Join the War!

Can't get a wife?
Join the war, there's plenty of Turkish women who won't be able to resist you!*

*Because you have a gun, and you murdered their husband
Into Arabia!
Operation Tuskan Raiders begins, with two armies delegated to the capture of Arabia, beginning with the defeat of the Arabian Defense Force in Qatif, from which Najd can be captured.
Turkmen are coming to town
A massive Turkish army of 109 000 begins to converge on the Persians at Diyarbakir.

Persian High Command is slightly worried that they have finally pioneered proper gas defense techniques.

Or you know, asked their German allies about it, but nevermind.
Attack called off
Thanks to neighboring Persian forces withdrawing to defend Diyarbakir, the Ottomans call off the attack.

Meanwhile, Persian Egypt continues to be devastated by the Germans.
That's more like it
The war is now distinctly in our favor. Massive successes on the Mesopotamian Front and in the Eastern Front mean that, whilst Germany stands tall, her allies are on the verge of collapse.
Sweet mother of German wave!
In September, Operation Fatherland begins. Huge hordes of German reserve forces, mixed in with the remnants of the professional army slam directly into the frontline, threatening to overwhelm the French forces, who do not have nearly as much manpower.

The war threatens to swing back.

When in doubt, throw men at your problem. Or so the Russians say, anyway.
Operation Northland
German forces cross into the United Baltic Provinces, with the aim of securing their easternmost border,
Damnit, Russia
The All-Russian Fascist Party, seeing an opportunity to destroy the Persians and the Russian breakaway states, allows the Swedes to begin an invasion of Eastern Ukraine, promising to help maintain supply lines. They do not directly enter the war, wary of a Persian military reaction.
The Persian Ministry of Economics
Persia's government establishes a Ministry of Economics to oversee all economic activities within the country.
The Battle of Diyarbakir
Ottoman troops pour in to Diyarbakir in an attempt to contest the Persian occupation. Thanks to their overwhelming number of reinforcements on the way to the battle, this attack has a chance of success.

Troops from Dayr al-Zhou are sent north to assist and hopefully destroy the first wave of Ottoman attackers before the second wave can move in.
Advance into Syria
Persian forces begin a pincer attack on the Bulgarians defending Palmyra.
A Massacre
Ottoman troops suffer massive casualties in Diyarbakir, forcing their retreat. This was their last major army in the region. An expedition into northern anatolia reveals no major obstacle to the Ottoman capital in Istanbul - and High Command begins planning an operation along the coast.

Ottoman General Vefik Hamman is sentenced to death for the humiliating defeat.
Battle of Palmyra
The ancient ruins of Palmyra are destroyed during fighting over the region. The world weeps over the loss of such an important historical site - the Shah shrugs it off, assuring everyone that he had merely avenged Shapur I, and that he would compensate whoever built the city.

He is informed that the city was built by Semitic peoples who lived thousands of years ago, which prompts him to fly into a rage about the evils of the Jews and how he isn't giving them a shekel. He then falls back into a fever-induced coma. When he wakes up, he orders the expulsion of Jews from Persia, only remembering that he was angry and it had something to do with Jews.

Such is life as the greatest ruler of the world!
What happened to "resist and bite"? The weaklings over in Eastern Europe surrender to the Germans, having only expended several hundred thousand men in the fight. Do they not know of the Glory of the Shah, and how his Righteous War is more important than their pathetic, slavic (apologies for redundancy) lives?

Wait, they aren't slavic? What the hell, Russia, couldn't even culture convert 'em?
The Battle of Palmyra concludes
Palmyra is successfully seized after a tough struggle. Unlike the Ottomans, the Bulgarians are resistant against Chlorine gas, a combination of them buying proper masks and also natural immunity developed after repeated Ottoman genocide - I mean, "relocation" - attempts.

Meanwhile, Ottoman reserve forces arrive in the Middle-East. They are considerably weaker than their professional army counter parts, which just means more killcount for Persian troops.
Combat maluses? Who cares!
Persian troops rush to defend Malataya from an Ottoman liberation attempt - in the process attacking into troops entrenched into a mountain across a river.

This doesn't matter, as they are Turkish conscripts - everyday civilians. In other words, they have a literacy rate of 0.3% hold their guns the wrong way.
Sup Ukraine!
A Ukrainian division in Aleppo is engaged by a larger Ottoman conscript force. Naturally, we rush troops to the battlefield - not because we worry about them losing the fight, but because we need to claim the glory somehow.

The Shah also announces the start of the Olympic games (which the IOC has suspended following our start of a world war over a feverish man's dreams), although there is only one category, Turk killing. He urges all athletes, hunters and animal-control professionals to use their abilities to kill as many Turks as possible. Kills will be counted by left ears placed into bags.
The Northern Attack
In November, two of the armies on the northern section of the middle-eastern front begin the "Northern Attack", a plan to rapidly advance along the coast of Anatolia to capture Istanbul.
Gustavus would be disappointed
The Swedes continue to fraternize with the Russians, who should be their mortal enemy, and launch an attack into Circassia. The Circassians send an envoy, pleading for the help we promised so long ago.

The Shah, who was fortunate enough to be awake at the time, assures the envoy that he is a man of his word - except that the murder of Turks is more important than the lives of Circassian children.

Hail the Shah!
Center Collapsing
In October of 1931, the Germans begin a strong push into the center of the French front, which begins to give way (although the front still lies firmly in German territory).
This is what you get for not educating your people!
They laughed when we taught our peasants how to read - we laughed as we burned their Empire down.
The Battle of Antioch
With Anatolia largely compromised, the attention of the Ottoman defense turns to the Levant and southern Anatolia. The plan is to defeat the Persian forces that have overextended deep into Ottoman territory and are far away from supply chains - hahaha, I'm kidding, this game doesn't have any military depth.

The AI sees a smaller army and wants to kill it.
The South Anatolia Attack
With the conclusion of battles in central Anatolia, and the Ottoman army moving into the Levant, southern anatolia is undefended. Persian divisions are told to begin pushing along the south.

If the Ottomans lose Anatolia, they lose one of the core regions of the Empire and will largely be defenseless.
Reinforce Antioch
The army attacking into Antioch was actually a professional one - however, it is nonetheless cut down by enormous use of chlorine gas.
Quick, while they're distracted!
As Persian forces rush to defend Antioch, other Ottoman divisions move to retake Syria, oblivious of their imminent death.
We've met our match
Just as Persian High Command got comfortable with the great victories in Mesopotamia, the Behemoth arrives.

Ninety-thousand German troops march to defend Arabia, and those sweet, vital supplies of desert sand.
To Ankara
Ankara, a city that has stood for three millenia, was last seized in 1832, when it was sacked by 1832. As one of the major cities in Anatolia, it's fall will result in a great drop in Turkish morale.

Not like they had any left, that is.
The Battle of Antakya
Persian forces emerge victorious in Antioch, however they suffer their greatest number of losses in a battle yet. Nonetheless, the Ottoman professional army is quite literally decimated, leaving only the German army in Arabia as a threat to Persian occupying forces.
Out of the New World
Taking advantage of Persia being engulfed in war, an irrelevant South American state attacks one of our irrelevant South American allies. We continue our policy of denying the New World exists (just as well, not like the AI can transport troops between the worlds).
Swing south
We move one of our armies south to Palmyra, to relieve it from an Ottoman siege, and then join the other Persian troops there as part a larger operation to take the Levant.
Germany, Germany, why didn't you stay in your corner
Riyadh comes under siege, as German troops arrive in Arabia. Their army splits into two, potentially allowing for the Persians to catch one when it is not in a position to be reinforced. We need more troops in Arabia, however, before High Command will feel safe with such a decision.
That k/d ratio
Ottoman peasants, not accustomed to war, or intelligence, adopt the time honored strategy of "run directly into the enemy's guns". They fall in the tens of thousands.
Nevermind the Levant, try Arabia
We move our troops from the Levant to Arabia so that we can prepare to drive out the Germans.
An early attack
Before the Palmyra army can arrive, our troops already present in the region engage a small German army in Hufuf, believing that our overwhelming numbers will be enough to crush the force quickly.
Did... did the dig in bonus get worse?
Despite us outnumbering the enemy more than 10:1, the Germans manage to place their artillery in particularly defensible locations, costing us huge casualties as we attempt to dislodge them.
The first defeat
As our troops struggle to defeat the Germans, 68 000 reinforcements threaten to arrive any day. The Persian army withdraws, having lost 27 000 thousand men.
Inching closer
We are now on the verge of entering Thrace, and no Ottoman defense remains.
What the actual hell happened here?
The Eastern Front completely collapses. The Danish-Swedish force occupying Eastern Ukraine via Russia cut through Ukrainian supply lines, allowing for a German offensive to liberate Czechoslovakia. Ukraine withdraws to attempt to liberate their territory.
The Western Front Collapses
In the three months since their offensive began in October, The German Army has plowed through the center of the front line, and now spill into the fields of France. The northern and southern portions of the front resist the German attack, but will soon find themselves isolated and destroyed.

The French phone the Persian High Command, urging for them to complete their occupation of the Ottoman Empire soon and then cross into Southern Germany via Yugoslavia, a plan that the Colonel has approved of. By opening a second front that isn't managed by the AI, the Germans might have to divert sufficient men away from
the western front.
Despite their successes in destroying the western front, the Germans have suffered massive casualties, far more than the French. Their success lies in them simply having more men than their enemy.
Someone's cocky
France. France. You aren't winning!
Attack on the Levant
We begin marching along the Levantine coast.
The frontline in Anatolia continues its unimpeded advance towards the Turkish capital, with the situation in Europe more dire than ever. It will still take several months before we can pour into Germany.
Stay still, silly Germans
Apparently, the German commanders in charge of the Army in Arabia are smart enough to recognize and isolated and weakened Persian army. This surprises Persian High Command.

Reinforcements are rushed to the Battle of Qatif.
The Enemy of my Enemy can easily be bribed
With the war now rapidly turning against us in Europe, the Shah sends out invitations to the rest of the world to join us and stamp out the Germans once and for all.
The Colonel is ready!
The Yugoslavians meet with the Persians and take up their invitation to do war against - well, the Ottoman Empire - they aren't particularly concerned about the Germans.

We take what we can get. Unfortunately, we aren't the war leader (which begs the question of why we *even got that event*, and why France didn't get it) so it's mostly just a gesture.
Circassia surrenders
Our buffer state - I mean, friend - to the north is overwhelmed by the Swedes as we refuse their pleas for help.

Whatever, really, they didn't have any troops.
You know you want to
Despite the Yugoslavians having every reason to declare war on the Ottoman Empire right now, and end up at war with Germany, they decide not to.

Damnit France, pull your shit together and get other people to join this war. Especially the UK. This is an ideal time to destroy Germany, Britain, don't you hate the Germans more than us?
Talk about riches
Despite the incredible costs of the war, we are able to keep taxes down on the rich and still run a surplus. All Hail the Shah's wise economic policies.
They're exhausting
The Battle of Qatif has raged on for 24 days, and the Persians and Germans are now barely holding on. German troops to the south make the questionable decision not to reinforce Qatif, despite it being the battle that essentially determines the fate of Arabia.
Total War
With the war dragging on, with over four million soldiers dead to date, Persia is now in a state of total war. Persians put aside their petty problems, like starving in ditches due to resources being allocated away from welfare and towards the war, for the obviously greater and more important glory of the dismantlement of the Ottoman and German Empires.
We're coming, Beirute
Persians begin to move towards Beirut, the capital of Lebanon and the Paris of the Middle-East.
What Maginot Line?
With the French failing to seal the deal within the first few months of the war, the Germans are only going to get stronger. The southern half of the French front is broken through, and French troops on the Dutch/Belgium border are stuck without supplies and facing strong German attacks.

A few German divisions have managed to beat the French in the northern part of the Franco-German border, and now in a position to pose a major threat to Paris. The French calls to Persian High Command are now increasingly urgent.
Talk about holding on
The massive slogfest that is the Battle of Qatif appears to be winding down, but another German division in Arabia still remains. Troops are moved from the Levant and sent to fight in Arabia.
The Battle of Qatif is over
In one of the biggest blows to German self esteem since that time France briefly took Alsace-Lorraine, the Germans lose 60 000 men in a fight in which they had the odds overwhelmingly in their favor.

Just kidding, the Germans don't really care about a bunch of battles in bumfuck Arabia. Onwards, to Paris!
Retreat from Qatif
Whilst the Persians repelled the German attack, they are too weak to survive another one, and hence withdraw from Qatif and Arabia pending the arrival of more men.
Damnit, Chechnya
Never trust a Chechen. Our own sphereling somehow ends up in war with us.
You better not scream, you better not shout, Shia Muslims are coming to town
The Ottoman Navy is placed on high alert as Persians arrive on the other side of the Bosphorus. With what happened to St Petersburg (now being rebuilt as Konstantingrad, because Konstantinople was already taken), who knows what the Persians will do once they cross the strait!

They cannot be let into Europe, and they don't have a navy
Rest in Peace, Ukraine
The Ukrainian army is diminished after multiple battles with Swedish and Danish troops. Whilst the Danish Army is annihilated in the Battle of Nikolaev, and the occupation of central Ukraine and Kiev is lifted, Swedish troops continue to march west and the Ukrainians have run out of strength.
Czech Liberation
All that remains of the Ukrainians in Czechoslovakia are defeated, and the liberation of Czechoslovakia concludes.
Bloody hell, Italy
The Italians have a truce with Germany lasting until 1934. At the moment, Mussolini is the last remaining hope for the war in Europe.
Return to Arabia
In April, the Persians begin another attempt to take Arabia, engaging a suprised German army in Qatif. At the same time, the other German troops choose to attack the Kazakh army in Riyadh rather than reinforcing Qatif.
The German Army destroyed
The Germans are entirely annihilated. Surprisingly, the Persians change their common behavior of taking no prisoners, instead taking several thousand prisoners of war. High Command justifies the decision to the Shah, arguing that a huge number of German POWs would give them better negotiating power if France loses the war in Europe.
Into Damascus
With Beirut falling, the Syrian capital of Damascus is next.
The Bosphoros Plan
The Ottoman fleet continues to prevent any attempted crossing of the Bosphoros strait. The Persians have no navy to speak of - they only have several captured Ottoman transports that could transport part of their army at a time.

However, Ottoman coffers are bleeding are the currency is inflating into the stratosphere as the government attempts to print more money to pay off their bills (Also known as the Zimbabwe Gambit). High Command begins to plot.
The Spanish Colonial Army
As France falls to the German advance, the Spaniards blitz across North Africa, and enter German Egypt.
Central Africa falls
The Germans, despite their failure in North Africa, seize most of the Spanish territories in Central Africa.
A battle in a sandy place
The Germans, retreating from Riyadh, are attacked once again by the Persians.
Arabia falls
The German army surrenders without a fight, and is captured. Arabia is left defenseless.
Persian High Command finds out that much of the Ottoman Navy has not been paid in months. They sneak agents into the Ottoman port in Istanbul, and offer a huge sum of money, as well as a safe haven in fleeing to Persia, to some of the Ottoman Navy's admirals if they betray the Empire.

Seeing the fact that nothing can stop the complete collapse of the Ottoman Empire at this point (except, you know, them not letting the Persians past), the admirals agree, and the Persians enter Europe via ships provided by the Ottoman Navy. The Ottoman Navy begins a blocked of Constantinople as the Persians setup up a siege.

(PS: In reality, I abused a bug where if you click the province next to Istanbul, say Gallipolli or that province starting with K, the game seems to let you cross the strait regardless of the fact that the Navy is still there)
We meet again .!
.! Those vile heathens! We recieved new that several .ians attacked a Spanish caravan. It has been years since we've faced . in battle, but we will not hesitate! We will destroy . once and for all, that tyrannical rogue state. God is with Us, Death to .!
Damn Chechens
The Muslim Russians attacking Tabriz are defeated in the mountains, and scurry back to their pathetic fake state.
Don't mind me
Several more Persian troops, with assistance of the treacherous Ottoman admirals, cross into Europe.

The Ottoman Sultan sneaks out of Constantinople in the dead of night with some loyalists from the Ottoman Navy, and he flees to Bulgaria.

It is clear now, however, that the Empire is lost. The defense at the Bosphoros was their last hope.

The Persians attempt to sue for peace, but the Ottomans maintain a strong base in Greece.
The Balkan Offensive
Persia begins occupying the Ottoman Balkans, planning to enter Yugoslavian territory within several months as supply lines are established.
A Brave Few Men
With the Empire now in anarchy, several patriots still continue to resist in Arabia.
What the fuck happened here?
France falls to the German attack, for the second time in 15 years.

This is rather confusing, as France's military score is still fairly close to Germany's, and it begs the question as to where her brigades are.
Seems reasonable
Alright, France has 72 brigades and a similar military score to Germany, so logically Germany should have a similar number of brig-
Okay then
Sweet Jesus Christ.
The Last of Najd
The remaining provinces in Najd are occupied. So much for a Najdi Jihad.
Constantinople Falls
On the morning of July 26, for the first time in four hundred and fifty years,the City of the World's Desire falls to Persian troops. For several days prior there was heated debate over surrendering the City peacefully - but all along the Sack of Notputingrad is clear in everyone's minds.

Persians march into the streets, and small groups head into residential buildings, where they give a clear message - all Turks - men, women or children, the persians do not care - are to report outside, whilst the Greeks and other ethnicites can stay in peace. To hide a Turk is a crime worthy of death - surrender them and the Persians will grant a bounty.

By the time the sun sets, hundreds of thousands of Turks are arranged outside, their hands bound. After watching the Persian troops torch multiple Ottoman palaces, tear down statues and vandalize priceless artifacts, the Turks are marched out of the city into the fields. The city is utterly silent for the rest of the night - if you were to listen carefully, however, you could hear the distant sound of gunshots.

The Turks never return.
It's Over
Shah Ahmad, as he lies bedridden and largely incapable, will do what Nader Shah and the Safavids had failed to do through three centuries.
Second wave of attacks
A Greek citizen is personally placed in charge of Constantinople, and the Persian armies advance forward.

An emissary is sent to Greece, offering a return of the city, with the assurance that it has been "removed of foreign occupants". Greece withholds on an answer as the contact the British in order to understand what has taken place. The British Foreign Ministry phones the Persians over claims of a relocation, but Persia's diplomats refuse to speak of anything besides a division of the Ottoman Empire.
The Egypt Campaign
The Spanish armies in North Africa, which had largely been winning the war for the Allied forces, face a superior German army, threatening to end their campaign in Egypt. Persian troops continue to advance along the Levant, promising to arrive in time to finish off the Germans in Egypt.
The Stara Zagora
A Ukrainian army that had passed through Romania, taken the Bulgarian Capital and then moved to Stara Zagora is attacked by a German division sent to assist the Ottomans in the Balkans after news of the crossing of the Bosphorus reaches Germany.
Conscripts V Conscripts
Persian troops are sent to assist, however the Persian artillery is unable to contribute as the Ukrainians continually engage in open field combat or infantry charges, and they're afraid of firing on to the Ukrainians.
Tatarstan! We meet again
The Tatars, a German allied state that Persia helped create, knock the Kazakhs out of the war, and now threaten to march on Persian territory.
The Turkish Sultan Surrenders! The War is Over!

The Ottoman Sultan, now hiding in Bulgaria and at threat of being captured by Persian army marching north, decides to meet the French in negotiations. With the Empire now fully occupied and fears of further massacres to be committed by Persians, he surrenders. The French, without consulting the Persians, agree to a partition that sees huge numbers of the Ottoman Middle-East fall under French dominions.

This is particularly bad because it means the Persians have to leave Ottoman territory - preventing them from reaching Germany.

However, back in Persia, this is hailed as a victory, and the end of the war. The war was sold as a war not with Germany, but with the Ottomans. Now that the Empire was dead, and the Persians were victorious, there is no need to fight. This, of course, ignores the fact that all of France is currently on fire.

The Shah is initially happy with the news, but gets angered when he hears that the French have seized control of the Middle-East. He issues a letter of protest, demanding the hand over over the region to Persian control.

(Seriously, since, when could the AI do this? Didn't they like, never separate peace)
Persian Navy, assemble
Despite the Shah's personal dispute with France, the Persian High Command wants to attempt an operation to free much of the country. This should, in theory, be possible. The German army is primarily conscripts, and Persia has a large enough Navy to carry the entire army cross the Suez Canal into Southern France.

From here, the Persians could then mobilize their reserves, which could allow for them to get sufficient meat to plow through the Germans.
Time is running out
Despite this plan, time is running out for France. Furthermore, in North Africa, the Germans appear to be making gains, and Libya is liberated as per the treaty with the Ottoman Empire, hence cutting Spanish supply lines. All of Persia's troops have to be retreated across the Ottoman Empire and then assembled.
We'll come back for you, Spain!
The Spaniards are alarmed by our withdrawal from the Empire, leaving them without any reinforcements. We assure them that liberating France is of absolute importance.
The Persian Dream
The Ottoman Empire is broken up.
Armenia looks a bit... big
Bulgaria is liberated from Ottoman rule, and is granted swathes of territory to the south. Yugoslavia and Albania are liberated, as is Macedonia.

The Middle-East is carved up based on French requests (this will definitely never cause problems in the future!), with Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Crete, Cyprus and Kuwait released. The Al-Rashid Emirate is restored.

Armenia is given huge swathes of Anatolia, for some reason. The French assure us that this wouldn't be a problem, despite the fact that the Armenians still hold claims to our land.
Wait - you weren't supposed to get anything out of this!
Damnit, France, you're on the verge of collapse, what the hell?

The Shah sends numerous angry letters to the French, going so far as to threaten war for the control of the Middle-East. His dream will not be tarnished by blasted western imperialism. The High Command, which is still preparing for a liberation of France, sighs.
Tatars - yet another kind of untrustable Muslim Russian
Before any army can be transported to France, the Tatars attack our northern frontier.
To the Northland
With the urgency of the liberation of France increasing, Persian troops rush north.

Meanwhile, the Shah keeps threatening war with the French, which makes them worry if Persian help will ever arrive.
We... We can still technically win this
As horrible as this looks, we can actually win this if we had troops over there. The AI SUCKS at offensives - we can bait them into attacking us, and most of their troops are conscripts. Furthermore, they don't send their entire army at once, allowing us to chip away at them as we head north.

This still is a winnable war, damnit! Never tell me the odds.
As the French lose confidence in the Persians, we move closer to France surrendering. Whilst the Shah, who isn't long for this world, wouldn't mind, High Command worries about this war effectively granting Germany - a country we shunned - even more control over Europe, putting the future of the Empire at stake.
The First Batch arrives
As troops rush north to deal with the tatars, we send our first group of troops to perhaps assist in Africa first before we then gather the entire army to France.
Alright, sure
We thought negotiations were over, but sure, whatever.
We get all of Libya, save Tripoli, which goes to Italy for some reason.

This still, however, does not make up for the French stealing the Middle-East, which the Shah hasn't lived down, but it opens up supply routes to the Spaniards currently being massacred in Egypt.
This war is on the verge of backfiring really, really badly.
Tatars blast through our first wave of infantry
The battle unexpectedly turns away from our favor thanks to a few ingenious (*ahem* dice rolls) plays by the Tatar generals.
Social Science
Persian scientists begin to investigate the effects of a Shah-worshipping personality cult on the common populace.
Well this isn't going too well
The biggest clash ever faced in this war for Persia is not with our mortal enemies, but rather with some fake state we set up for the lols several years ago.

Ah, irony.
Sweet mother of pain
After several days of an extremely expensive death struggle, we withdraw. This isn't a defeat though, it is merely a set-up to victory.
And you've walked into a trap
The Tatars, excited over their defeat of the Persian Army, chase us into several mountains.

Now we see why the Russians genocide'd the fuck out of you, you clearly aren't intelligent.
Oh god damnit
A Swedish army arrives in Tabriz. This won't help with us arriving in France on time.

Meanwhile, the Shah sends a letter to the French Supreme Leader about a feverish dream he had involving a huge superbomb capable of widespread damage - one of which can wipe out all of Paris in a singular, horrific explosion. A bomb of power that no man, only god himself ought to wield. The Shah then goes on that if the French don't surrender their fucking Middle-Eastern territories, he will personally order the creation of such a bomb and drop it all over France.
The Bait and Switch
The Persian army in Tabriz, without much support, cannot risk an attack into bad terrain, and hence attempt to bait the enemy into attacking them.
The Persians defeat the Tatars in Bojnurd and chase them down.

With this down and the Swedes trapped, there is now time to simply move south and finally land on the shores of occupied France. Quickly, to the boa-
The cheese-eating surrender monkeys in charge of the French state surrender to the Germans. It seems that even fascists don't know of such a thing as "resist and bite".

Not willing to be alone in a war with Germany, the Shah accepts the rather simple German demands - a small amount of war reparations as well as the dismantlement of the Persian Navy.

The Persian High Command reports back to the Shah, expecting praise for their good showing in his final war.

The Shah, however, looks them in the eye, and tells them to prepare the artillery once again - they are taking the Middle-East before death can take the Shah. God wills it.
To the north, afraid of the Armenians getting uppity, we create the state of Transcaucasia, in effect annexing Armenia and Georgia into an autonomous region. Transcaucasia crowns their first Shah - Shah Ahmad of Persia and Transcaucasia.
Take that, Ottoman scum
With this, Turkish core territory is under Persian rule. Not that this is much of a top priority for the Turks, the Sultan is reportedly battling fierce opposition from his population, led by the former Ottoman soldier, Mustafa Kemal, who argues that the Sultan should stand aside for a rule by the Turkish people.
Oh well, retreat again
Persian troops are told that, despite what they may have heard on the radio - the war is not over. They are rushed to the border with Iraq.
Oh sweet god here we go again
Oh fuck you, Britain, you didn't help when you actually had a chance.
... What just happened here?
Surprisingly, in the dismantlement of the French Empire, the Middle-Eastern French dominions are released from French control. In other words, the Germans have directly given the Shah a path to his final glory.
O Supreme Leader,

French devil and damned devil's kith and kin, secretary to Lucifer himself. What the devil kind of knight are you, that can't slay a hedgehog with your naked arse? The devil excretes, and your army eats. You will not, you son of a bitch, make subjects of Persian sons; we've no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee, fuck your mother.

You fool of all the world and underworld, an idiot before God, grandson of the Serpent, and the crick in our dick. Pig's snout, mare's arse, slaughterhouse cur, unchristened brow, screw your own mother!

So the Persians declare, you lowlife. You won't even be herding sheep for the Muslims. Kiss our arse!
We do not deal with traitors
The Shah, much to Persia's dismay, cuts ties with our only remaining major European ally, leaving us diplomatically isolated. But the Shah's will be done!
The War is never over
Do not be a pacifist, O weeping mother. For your son has died in order to increase the Glory of Persia, in order to defeat our ancient enemies. The war will never stop, for Persia will continue to rise above the rest, for Persia will continue to subjugate her enemies. War is not be despised - war is the bread and butter of governments. War is how Empires rise and rivals are slain. War is good.

All Hail the Shah, His Will be Done!
Hey France
Fuck Your Mother!

Unfortunately, I cannot, for Islam prohibits dealing with pork.
The Tatarstan Crisis ends
The Tatars seize control of Russian Perm, and Supreme Leader Konstantin cannot do anything about it.

Napoleon would weep at today's events, for once and for all the Germans are Emperors of Europe.
Well. Everyone may hate us, but whatever!
The Shah doesn't care for your opinion of him!

Onwards to the Mediterranean!
Baghdad is a fine city this day of the year
Let's take it
We can't hold all these colonies
Due to Libya's distance from Persia, the Shah decides to have it administered as an autonomous dominion - a firm ally in the middle of Africa.
Libya has entered the world!
The Libyans are free from the imperialists! All Hail the Shah!
Goddamnit, Germany
I'm never going to use that CB, but sure.
The Supreme Leader Falls!
With the defeat of French in the war, it is clear that even the fascists, for all their rhetoric, cannot stop the Germans. This continued nationalistic frenzy, the liberals argue, will only continue to destroy the French state. The Supreme Leader is overthrown in palace coup, and replaced with a liberal state that promotes pacifism and pursues a friendly relationship with Germany.
That's kinda hilarious
Even as fascism dies in France, it appears that strongmen dictators have already been established in the Middle-East. More reason to destroy them - the only real dictator is the Shah.
The Great Powers
With the collapse of France, the world is largely ruled by the Big Three - the US, UK and Germany, and Japan in the East. Persia is a distant fifth, and the states below us are even more irrelevant.
The Ottoman Empire falls!
Retired soldier Mustafa Kemal leads a revolutionary army and marches on Constantinople, defeating the loyalist armies and taking the Ottoman Sultan and his family prisoner. The Sultan relinquishes power - and to ensure the Empire can never return, he and his family are publicly executed.

And hence, the Republic of Turkey is born.
America Restored
Outside of two native american states that are nominally still American but independent in reality, the USA has recovered from Ronald Trump's rule and retook the states that seceded following their defeat in the First World War.

This, is of course, under their Lord and Saviour, three term President Bernie Sanders, whose election immediately solved all of America's problems, because Congress and the "balance of powers" aren't a thing.
Damn you, Germany
As luck has it, the German Empire (those fiendous bunch) has allied many of the Ottoman successor states. Doesn't matter, the Shah will not stop.
We're ready, Iraq
The Germans vehemently protest our public plans to annex Iraq and bring it under a more stable state - the rest of the world whistles and walks away as it becomes clear this is a cheap way to diminish German influence.
Calm down, Socialists
With the Shah readying for a final blitz conquest, he can't have any socialists annoying him while he's at it and distracting him with irrelevant details such as the "welfare of the people", so he grants them whatever they want.
Good job
All of Iraq's allies suddenly abandon them.
Iraq appears to have pulled a Saddam Hussein, and invades Kuwait, leaving them open to a Persian attack
This is for Kuwait
Trust me, we're doing this for Kuwait's sake. No personal interests here. Nope, none at all.
Storming Iraq
The Iraqis, who have barely got their stuff together and still consolidating under their military dictator, stand no chance.
Don't even bother
The Iraqi army attempts to take a defensive posture in Mosul.
The Iraqis are killed
Most of the Iraqi army is either killed, or deserts and hands us their weapons. Who could've predicted that.
Super secret plans of our invasion of Jordan are leaked to the public when the Shah blurts it out on public television.
Don't mind if I do
The Iraqi military dictatorship decides to surrender unconditionally.
New Administration
Iraq is incorporated into the Persian Empire. The Persian armies keep marching west.
Thanks, Mussolini
Italian dictator Mussolini enters an alliance with Persia, with the Shah hopes to use as part of their invasion of Syria, a German-allied state.
All Belongs to Persia
Ahmad's condition deteriorates significantly. He has around a year left to live, his doctors estimate.
You aren't a real country
Persia enters Jordan on the premise that it would "look nice on a map".
A careful entrance
The deserts of Jordan and Syria prove difficult to maintain supply lines through. Hence, Persia has to very carefully edge into Jordanian territory.
That was easy
Within three months, all of Jordan falls to Persian control, and is annexed into the Empire.
Who cares about Germany?
The Shah now amasses troops on the border with Syria. Ruled by Syrian military dictator Vladimir Putin, the state is loyal to Germany, and the Germans are none too happy.
Do you really care?
Even as the Persians get painted as warmongers, the Shah knows that his life is being sapped away. He begins to stop talking, except when absolutely essential. Infamy can go screw itself.
This is all we have left...
Persian troops cross in Syria under the casus belli of "fuck you, Germany".
Germany Declares War!
In response to the Persian incursion, Germany declares war on Persia. Italy, in response, declares war on Germany.
Man, it must suck to live in Persian Egypt
Sometimes the Shah wishes he just granted Egypt independence.
Ah, crap
German troops cross into Transcaucasia via Russia, intending to lift the occupation of Syria.

The Shah begins coughing up blood.
Do the Shah Proud!
The Shah loses sight, as the Germans now threaten to liberate Syria.

Persia's troops, viewing their Shah as a god, now zealously march on the German Army. His Will be Done!
Syria surrenders
The Syrians, despite a German protest, surrender their land to Persia.

As such, and with massive Persian forces threatening to converge upon their location, the German Army in Syria agrees to a white peace, and withdraws from Persia.
It's over
The period of 1919 - 1935 saw over 14 million soldiers perish, and well over 90 million civilians follow the same path. It saw five different empires dismantled, and Germany rise to the throne of the Europeans.

And finally, after a century long struggle, Persia stands mighty in the middle-east, is enemies and rivals brought down. The wars have come to an end. The state that was once on the verge of being carved between the Brits and the Russians, has beaten both in combat.

The Shah, despite his condition, requests to be transported to Cyrus the Great's tomb, near Shiraz. Here, he is given the title Shahanshah - King of Kings.
A Map of Europe
North America
South America
East Asia
Rest of Africa
Spheres of Influence
The night of the Shahanshah's crowning, he is seen muttering to himself. The physician taking care of him leans into listen.

Ahmad seems to list the names of various Persian dynasties - yet another example of him being delirious. His body begins to shake uncontrollably - the costs of travelling have exhausted him, and he has little time left.

Finally, he finishes, takes his final breath, and with a smile mutters

"Welcome to Persia - the greatest empire in the world"

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