The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 13

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 12

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December, 1904, Germany. A new dawn for the german people, as this is the first day they are truly united. For centuries, the Germans where nothing but squabling princes and dukes, fighting for their lords. But now, they can fight for themselves. A Nation is born. Greater Germany is a fact. And the world will just have to live with it.
But, there is one man who will not let such petty things as "nationalism" stop him. That man is Olav. Haakon may have underestimated the German strenght, but Olav will make no such thing.

For Olav knows he has all he needs;
The People. Too long have they called for reform, change, anything. Haakon did not listen. Olav, though, will not be content just by listening. Yes, Olav shall act. For he knows the path to justice.

Long live the Norwegian people! Long live Folkekongen Olav! Forward, workers of the world! A new life awaits!
Italy, also outraged by the German annexation of Austria, immediately declares a punitive war against the Germans. The world will not go lightly upon the German menace.
Olav, now free to spread his ideas across the nation, declares the monarchy inherently faulted, and declares the workers the real masters of the world. Although widely regarded as a turning point in national politics, there are still a long way to go.
A March for Better working conditions, Organized by the Pan-scandinavian Workers Front. All mren where to be equal under the Communist banner. Olav, longing for a way to share the goods with the populace, was more than biased towards the movement.
Poland, Wanting to have their last cores returned from Soviet hands, ask the Norwegian goverment for help. The russians, lacking allies and soldiers, should be a easy target for the Norwegian Union.
Like a thousand times before, the Norwegians prepare for slaughter.
The election is over! A Communist and Sosialist coalition take the wheel of the most powerfull nation in the world.
The war takes a suprising turn, however, when England decides to intervene on behalf of the Soviet Union. Troops stationed in France are sent on a ambitious campaign to mainland England.
The force arrives without inccident, backed by the Royal Navy. the March for Londing begins.
Olav and the parlament takes the opportunity to take back some ancient Norwegian claims. This is the time for National glory.
The Russian front, now officially the largest front in history, continues towards moscow. The Russians mount whatever defence they can, but they know the fight is lost.
A crushing defeat, a great victory, a turbulent election, with a controvercial outcome. If Olav was to make something out of himself, this was the time.
And so. The Final decision. The time for Olav to show his true intention. After a clear victory to the communist faction, time has come to finally go head on against the Royalist traditions of the country. A great state, deserves a great goverment. And Olav will deliver.

On October 2nd, the Monarchy is no more. Norway is now a true democracy. Olav is elected president of the communist party, as sign of gratitude, and trust, by the people.
The King without a crown, was no longer a King at all. A Age old tradition was thrown away in a instant. A time for a new leader, and a new nation, is upon us. The world first Democratic, Communist country, was a fact.
Olav begins by finishing what he started. Russia, the false communist dictatorship, is to be crushed.
And what Olav commands, will be done. Russia, sensing where this war is going, accepts the Norwegian demands.
The Eastern borders of Poland and Romania are now secured. Eastern conquest is declared fullfiled. Hurrah for the Polish restoration!
Hurrah for the Vinlandian territories! May they never be lost again!
Hurrah for the Union Liberation Front! May the Union stretch from coast to coast!
But the world never rests. Yet again, our French brethren are subjected to Germanic conquest. This will not stand. Such pointless violence will be struck down with merciless anger.
Germans, celebrating the declaration of war. with newfound resources from Austria, victory was as good as guaranteed for most Germans.
Norway, although restriced by a truce with Germany, breaks it in order to effectively halt the French invasion. The Balkan Union, exept for Yugoslavia, votes to uphold the truce. Norway cannot expect help before winter 1910.
The Union does however allow the free passing of Norwegian troops. Olav takes this opportunity to quickly siege the old Prussian holdings of Germany.
Yugoslavia, few in numbers and poorly trained, serve as little more than a distraction for the Gemran military.
The Norwegian people, realising that this is war will determine the future of the world, rally togheter and decide to weather the storm. Now, with a Party and leader that cares about the people, maybe the war will not be so bad.
Yugoslavia, having spent all their available strenght to halt the German offencive, must admit defeat, and negotiate a white peace with Kaiser Wilhelm. Fresh German men will now arrive at bothe Northern and Western front.
Progress is slow at the Danish border, where the Germans halt the offensive with a massive army at Kiel.
they are routed however, and a somewhat stabilized foothold is established.
Venezuela, a unlikely ally in desperate times, joins the Norwegian Union, without any Norwegian sentiment. The rumors and tales about President Olav has already reached far and wide, and international support for the new People's State in is growing.
No real progress is made in the North exept witholding potential German reinforcments from the French invation.
Norwegian domination in Africa is unquestioned, with little to no resistanse from either portugal or England.
By Now, there can be no question about it. The greatest war in human history is upon us. The very survival of our allies, our new state, and our people, is at stake. All men are callec to the front, all women are sent to the factories. There can be no weakness when facing total war.
Trench warfare is now the reality of the Northern front, as the Norwegians must muster all their strenght in just holding the few positions they still controll.
Olav, near the German lines. It was not seldom the Peoples President Olav visited the front, often in a unformal manner. Contact with the soldiers of the front was, in his mind, vital to the morale.
The French front, in stark constrast, is a war all about movement. The Germans, having gone as far as the Italian Border, is streching the French army too thin.
Germans, taking offensive maneuvers. The French simply lacked the disipline to fend of the German assaults. vountermeasures where never really implemented effectivly, and as a result, the Germans had no real opposition.
And then, the unthinkable happens, when the Italians go to war against france. The war now seems truly hopeless for the French.
In a more positive light, the Afrikan front is as good as won. This can hopefully be used as leverage against the English.
African colonials, in top morale. Never had a African campaign had such a resounding success. Many colonials looked forward to beeing shipped of to Europe, where they could meet real opposition.
The Northern front also make progress, even going so far as to occupy Berlin, the very capital of the German Reich. After every night, there is dawn.
Canada, having freed themselves from British oppresion, and having risen in status amongs the nations of the world, offer their friendship and assistance to their new neighbour. Although they cannot intervene in the war, their support is always welcome.
A new great offensive by the Germans almost breaks all of our progress, but stout Norwegian counter-attacks mostly halt the advance.
France, on the other hand, is doomed. When they fall, there is no telling how the war will end.
With the war inf Africa as good as won, President Olav decides to send two armies from the Horn of Africa to the Danish shore. Hopefully they will bring the force required to break the German spine.
In China, the Chineese puppet state is crushed, along with the Norwegian army stationed there. They will never truly recover from, nor forget, the slaugther carried out by the brits.
France is now holding on, only by shere willpower, if not real power. Guerilla warfare is now the norm in the forrests of Normandie, accompanied by the only remaining Army with some strenght left.
French soldiers of war, paraded through a French town. Mostr of the French Army was either captured, or destroyed completely.
In the midst of all the suffering, in a world far far away, a Norwegian flag is planted on a icy plain, where no man has gone before. The Norwegian will to explore and push boundaries is exemplified both on the South Pole, and the battlefield of Europe. Norway shall never fall. Mark my words, German dogs! We where destined to Rule this world!
Things does take a turn for the worse, when the English are allowed to march their troops through Russia, leaving them free to rmapage the Finnish countryside unopposed.
The ruins of Riga, destoryed after heavy British and Greek bombardment. Not a single Norwegian soldier was stationed in Riga, the bombardment was solely a show of force.
A massive German push towards our lines break the outer defenses, pushing us ever towards the Danish border.
France are on their Last legs, only days to go before total annihilation.
The Baltic is overrun, Finland and Sweden is next. Russia declares war, to scrape up the remains of our former glory. All is lost.
But then, on christmas eve, the Poles launch a offensive against the German border, with the rest of the Balkan Union following in their footsteps.
A Massive assault, on both East and West, decimate all resistance in a ragefueled rush towards the enemy. Years upon Years as slaves under German and Russian rule finally come down to a final clash of justice.
With the Germans now dealt with, the Norwegian forces can now be used to defend the homeland. A certain defeat has now been turned into a resounding victory!
Germany, now severely outnumbered, give up their demands, and unconditional surrender is made.
The guns went silent 10:00 AM, March 16th, 1911. The Norwegian Workers Nation, the French State, and the Balkan Union, had emerged victorious. None could ever again call Haakons Liberation of The Balkans a mistake. None could ever doubt the resovle and strenght of a liberated, united Europe. A coalition of free people and states had crushed the mightiest of tyrants and masters. A truly united Europe was to emerge. Now Europe was also becoming a world for the Masses.
The Workers paradise had shown its worth. Now the time has come to carve out a new world.

Hail the Peoples President Olav! Hail the Social-democratic goverment of Norway! Hail the victorius Soldiers, and the Balkan saviours! May the shining light of Democratic Communism spread all around the globe!

Forward Norway, forward for justice!

(thank you for reading, see you again soon!)

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