The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 12

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 11

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August 10, 1896, Near the Kiel canal. King Haakon, with his son Olav, named after his grandfather, inspect the troops engaging the Germans. Father and son, forever bound to eachother, guiding the populace. United, and strong. Or are they?
The folk at the Kampbaatverf in Oslo know very well the cost of war and king. They slave away, building up the important fleet, who they are told keep the brits away. They used to be more, but many was called to the front, to serve the war effort. Many more died in yesterdays wars.
For what? For what i say! the despicable Slavs? they do nothing for us, yet we die by the thousands to secure them land!
To protect ourselves? We are the aggressors! Can they not see that we are the greater evil? Is the king really so blind?
The Slaughter! The inhumanity! How can we so easily kill another man for mere tracts of land in a faraway country?

We demand change! We need change! Haakon, the tyrant of humanity, the shame of Norway!
The Workers will have their way! The day will come!

Long Live the People!
The war is over. Norway yet again crushed the Germans. Haakon, old and tired, returns to his country, burdened by thought. For he knows he has lost the faith of the people. And he also knows that he is old. Death is certain.
Will his son be up for the task, when the day comes? Radical in thought, his mind red, red like the rising sun. Haakon may have loved the people, but Olav seem to think he is one of them. Maybe this is the way of the future?

Long Live the Victorius Norway! The Balkan liberators! The bringer of civilization! Righteous is the way of the King, for he sees all, knows all, is all! LONG LIVE THE KING!
The soviets, weak and disorganised, are a easy target for expantion. Without a friend in the world, there is nothing that can stop the Norwegian Sphere from crushing the Red menace.
The entirety of Europe joins our cause, as punishment for the radicalized dictatorship they try to spread around the globe.
The Russians, occupied in a pointless war against the Chinese, have no troops to spare for the western front.
Norway is in a position to do whatever they want to the Russians.
Norwegian supply waggon, on a Russian hill. The entire campaign felt almost like a fieldtrip for the Norwegian soldier. Little resistanse was ever felt
And they do.
Poland, suddenly twice their size, should soon be a strong ally to the Norwegians. They have been a costly investment, so this could not come sooner.
China, a cesspit of chaos and war, is about to explode. Needing to improve the Norwegian image, and find a Solution to the security in the region, Haakon decides to act.
The Guangdong clique, long under Norwegian influence, is released as a pupped under Norwegian rule. A move that should prove to ease the defencive burden of Asia, as well as contributing to the Norwegian image as a benevolent ruler of the less civilized people in thw world.
Suddenly, things take a interesting turn, when Serbia declares its rightfull rule over all the Balkans.
A new, bold state is formed, with ambitions that, some say, far exceeds their capability.
The Italians, clearly threatened by the recent turn of events, mass at the Yugoslavian border. Norway prepares for intervention...
... But the world has other plans. British and Austrian agression towards France triggers a global war, a war Norway happily joins. France is our trusted ally, and failing to help them would be a sign of utter failure.
Due to the massive scale of the conflict, it is to be called the Great War by pessimists. Less somber people however, call it the Great Oppertunity. It is reckoned the war will last mere months.
Italy also sees their opportunity to press their claims yet again, attacking France when they are vulnerable.
The Colonial Army. Strengthened,expanded and bolstered by Norwegian colonials after the last African failure, chrush every opponent.
good equipment and training was essential on the African front. Gas was often used by the Norwegian army, to gain a upper hand.
The Royal Navy, now undoubtedly the most efficient Navy in the entire world, make firewood out of the aged English vessels. English dominance over the high seas are over.
And, as quickly as the war started, it ends. Austrias army is reduced to 10,000 troops, merely sufficent to uphold order. Hungary, who are in a sepparate war with Austria, sees a great opportunity to turn the war in their favour.
Austria proves yet again to be nothing but air, a fabricated power with nothing to show for itself. It is only a matter of time before someone will have to put them out of their missery
France figuring that one war is not enough, start a seocn war to retake the Rhineland. They fail to realize that Norway is obligated by International law to uphold their truce with Germany. Things look bleak for the French.
No matter, Norway has other interests to worry about. The Balkans, now Largely under Norwegian influence, still have some ways to go. Bulgarie is still trapped under Ottoman influence, and must be retaken.
The Sick Man of Europe must be put out of their missery.
The Ottomans, with their aged military, low morale, and few friends, should prove to be a easy target for expantion and liberation.
The Situation in France is another matter entirely. They are pushed back on all fronts, and surrender is probably imminent. Hopefully they have learned to consult the Norwegian Empire before taking such rash decitions.
German troops, holding their positions in France. No German army had ever bin so far into French lands before.
The Germans force them to secede even more lands, lands that are not German by any right. The International community is furious.
France now turn their attention towards the Italians. Victory is still no guarantee.
The Ottomans, weak and divided, prove to be a easy match even to the technologically backwards Balkan states. Further concessions are demanded.
A final, devestating battle is enough to turn over the Ottomans.
The Balkan states will forever be in debt to the Glorious Norwegian state, and her Great Alliance.
Meanwhile, the Race for Africa is coming to a end. The Technology meeded for traversing the hottest desert or deepest jungle is now available for exploitment.
The last patches of uncivilized land are divide3d between the Great powers.
France tries to wrestle the Saharan desert from our hands, but are shut down immediately.
The English, Hungry for new lands, outrageously try to annex the Colonial state of Transvaal. To conquer vile savages is one thing, but to conquer equal European decentands is another matter entirely!
The Moroccan desert it a extremely hot topic, with several great power wrestling for control.
But soon, the Norwegian Colonial Bureau prooves their worth...
... And The last streches of land are integrated with the Greater Norwegian Union. A glorious day for all involved.
A typical scene from the Colonial Bureau's expeditions in Africa. Heavy armaments where required to shake the locals into surrender.
But, All gains cannot be as easy as the African campaign. Some Gains can only be earned with blood and tears. The masses be damned, Norway is destined to be great! They will see, one day or another. they will see...

Tansylvania deserves this. Come with us, to the Balkan Union!
Austria does, quite unexpectedly, allow Norwegian troops to cross the border. Perhaps they hope to be spared the diplomatic inccidents, and consequenced involved, if they should refuse.
And yet again, with a lightning strike on their border provinces and armies, we have forced their early surrender. The Germans does in no way resemble the German warriors we allied back in Olav's time.
And finally, with the last Balkan state under our controll, destiny can be carried out, in all its glory. Hail Romania, and the promise of a strong, United Balkans!
Disaster! Yugoslavia, recenting the Norwegian involment in the region, decides to resign from the Union, and foolishly declare war on their Neighbours for more land. Will they not see that they cannot possibly survive without the strong hand of Haakon?
Thankfully, they get nothing more but a slap on the wrist, for even thinking about further expantion. The foolish Yugoslavians shall await Norwegian punishment.
Yugoslavia, continuing their incredible streak of stupididty, have the guts to demand land from Hungary. Naturally, Norway will aid their allies.
Things does take a turn for the worse, when Germany joins the Yugoslavian side. Haakon, on the other hand, sees a great opportunity.
By asking ourc friend and ally France for help, we can pressure the Germans into returning the lands lost in the war of French Failure.
Germany, feeling pressured by two great powers, backs down, and returns the lands stolen from Franc he. Norwegian hegemony is yet again prooven supreme.
Bulgaria,insulted and threatened by a hostile Yugoslavia, decide it is time to act. Help is requested in controlling the unruly Slavs, and is wholeheartedly accepted by the Norwegian embassady.
The Balkan Union mercilessly brings down the jugdement of their Norwegian overlord. The Balkan states has finally proven their worth.
Yugoslavian soldiers, holding their positions as well as they can agains the Balkan Union. Many Yugoslavian soldiers felt the war was lost before it even began.
Yugoslavia, outnumbered and beaten, beg for forgiveness from their former overlord. Haakon and the Norwegian parlament agree to bring Yugoslavia back into the Balkan Union, with only minor border concessions.
Order is once again restored. May it last forever.
But, peace and calm is never longlived this day and age. Austria, in a last ditch attempt to restore former glory, goes head on against the Balkan Union, and the Norwegian Empire.
Austria will soon realise the true strenght of the Balkan states. United against foreign tempereing, guided by our beloved monarch and constitution.
Behold! The Balkan Union, in all its glory! Hail the brotherhood of free men, under the enlightened guidance of Norway! may they forever be free, and strong!

Tremble before us Austrians, for we are coming!
The Austrians prove yet again to be a insult on the battlefield, as well as on the diplomatic field. Their armies are crushed by both Balkan and Norwegian units.
It is decided that this is the time to crush the puny state once and for all. They shall be reduced to rubble, when we are done with them. Return our rightfull cores!
defencive positions dug up by Norwegian servicemen in Austria. Great care was taken in the defence of conquered territory, as the Balkans states would surely want them passed on after the war.
And so, as the Norwegian Infrantry move against Vienna, the Austrians realise that the war is lost.
Unconditional surrender is demanded, and given. Austria is forever weakened, controlled, ans subjugated. No more petty hassle shall come from this sorry state.
Hail The Union! Hail Norway and Haakon, for freeing the enslaved Balkans! Hail Haakon, the liberator of Man!
And then, as celebrations where carried out across the great Empire, the news came that shock the world. A act so despicable, that cries for revenge where heard across the globe.
The despicable German brutes has forced themselves upon the beaten Austrians, annexing the entire country in one fell swoop! Germany has shown themselves as what they truly are; conquerors, rapists and whores! How dare they disturb the balance of power so greatly? Who do they think they are?!

And why did Haakon nothing?
King Haakon. Old. Tired. Scared. He sees a new Germany, a new world. He sees a world where everything he has ever built will crumble under the weight of the new German state.

Too much, too much to handle. What will i do? Who will stop the German beast if not us? How? Who?
I was to manifest destiny. I was to save the world, make something better. What have i done?

Haakon, tired from stress and old age, was from henceforth, retired to the safety of the castle.

King Haakon, now only a king in name. A new leader has stepped forth.
Crown Prince Olav, a strong, young man, with a mind to boot. Ambitious and bold, with a strong ideological heritage.

Olav, always having resented the Royalty and their customs. Bah! Oppression of the masses. Unfair, undeeded wealth. It is not how a Norwegian Leader is supposed to be. To rule a man, you must know how it is to be a man.

A man, for the people. Truly, for the people. As my father did before me, i too shall see the future.
And what i see, is glorious.

Hill Olav, defender of the common folk! The King whithout a crown! The one who shall lead us to new heights, and crush those who crush others!

Hail Olav, and Norway, the true workers paradise!
Thank you for reading, and happy 17th of may! Long live the real Norway! Not a empire, not a colonial nation, but a great homeland! A country we will forever love!

See you in the next instalment!

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