The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 14

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 13

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The Norwegian Saga: The Rise And Fall of the German Empire.
March 16th, 1911. President Olav, Leader of the Norwegian Workers Party. High chief of the Norwegian Army and Navy. Spokesman of the Norwegian Workers Union, and the Balkan Union. And recently, the Would be King of Norway.

But no such titles would do him justice, this holy crusader for Equal rights and opportunities, in a world hostile to the helpless worker. For Olav is simply a man, just like everyboy else. A great man, but a man nontheless.
Having just fought off the Greatest powers in the world, joined togheter in a unholy union to destroy all we hold dear, Olav certainly lacks no confidence. Seeing his part in this world grow clearer every day, he knows he must gather his strenght. For the world is changing, perhaps even to fast for Olavs liking. All he knows, is that whatever the world comes to, his people shall see it through. For, Ours is the glory, and freedom, forever and ever. Hail the Norwegian Workers Paradise, for we are the ones who bring the light! Hail the Norwegian man and woman, free and prosperus!

Hail the future, for it is certainly bright!

With the German dog of our back, we can finally finish off the False Communist dicatorship, hopefully for good. First priority is relieve the Finnish provinces from the Russian assault.
As the Union forces march towards the Russian front, one cannot help but feel sorry for the French, ravaged by selfish Italians, and angry German soldiers. As the Norwegian Empire and the French fought in sepparate wars, nothing can really be done about the unfortunate situation.
However, Norway is still at war with Italy, and can still engage them when possible. A Italian Army marchibg troughv the russian stepes is a tempting target.
A great push all across the Russian front is initiated, anniliating any Russian opposition. The strenght of the fully commited Union is not to be underestimated.
Olav decides there will be no better chance to finally put down the false state of Russia, once and for all. This is a war of liberation, truly. Let us show the bolshevik dogs who the true meaning of communism!
A suprise assault on the Danish countryside, backed by the Germans, manage to overrun the local defenses completely. All availabel forces are imediately sent to Copenhagen to liberate the populace.
In France, things take a suprising turn, when the German goverment decide to release the Rhineland, retuning it to the French. The Norwegian Intelligence Bureau suggest this is due to increased hostility in the German population, resulting the need for a quick end to the war. This leaves the French able to finally defend their country.
French soldier, entering Paris for the first time in months. Hardened by constant fighting against the German horde, The Italians should prove to be no problem.
With the recent turn of events in mind, the Italians have little faith in a two front war. a White peace is quickly signed, leaving the Norwegians with only the Russians to fight.
A situation that should be more than tolerable. The end is near for the False prophet Lenin.
At last, the Russians can fight no more. Unconditional surrender is demanded, and given.
Finally, peace settles over Europe. A unsettling calm before the storm, as the German Empire is about to begin a open rebellion, and the Russians sorry fate, about to be decided. But for now, peace reigns supreme. We will see hoe long it lasts.
Part 1 of the peacedeal demands the release of several Russian Puppetstates, continuing the Norwegian trend of bringing freedom to the world. Several border provinces are also asked to vote for Norwegian annexation, seeing that the Russian communists have failed their mission in creating the perfect state. The Norwegian state has proven to be the only perfect communist state, and it is only right to let those who want, join our perfect nation.
The Norwegian National Cabinet, taken directly from the common folk to represent the voice of the people. Here seen discussing the Russian defeat and peace terms. Olav himself visited the council several times to hear the Cabinets valuable thoughs about the situation.
Large tracts of Northern Russia elect to ceceede from Russia, Joining the Norwegian Union. Ukraine, Belarus, Crimea, Kazakhstan, and Transcaucasia are released as sovereign states, loyal and forever thankfull to the Norwegians.
A grand meeting is held in the capital, infront of the Workers Paper, celebrating the removal of the false communist state. A display so grand, we may never see anything like it again.
Fueled by recent gains in the Norwegian Workers Paradise, the German Communists see their chance to rise up against their brutal oppressors. The Facists, also gaining ground in the country, decide to rise up, or become victim to the "red Horde". The German Civil war is now a fact.
And as the Norwegians rejoice over their newlygained lands and allies, the German state finally breaks. Reds and facists fight over controll of the Nation, while the Army stands helpless, sometimes even joining the rebels.
German soldiers, fighting against the Reds in Berlin. Many officers where sympathic to the Facist cause, even going so far as to join the Facist side in early 1913.
Austrian Nationalists also take the opportunity to fight for their freedom, With several major Austrian Cities getting overrun within a matter of days.
What ever may be the outcome, all can agree that Germany will never be the same again.
With the Army behind their back, the Facists start the process of slaughtering anyone standing in their way. The rebellion is soon crushed.
Adolf Hitler, The Charismatic leader of the NSDAP, with his beloved Brownshirts beside him. The time of the Kaiser is long gone. It is now the time of The Fuhrer. A new Germany, fueled by rage and agony, has emerged.
Italy, as is its usual doctrine, starts a preemptive attack against the Germans, hoping to crush them before they can reorganize their army and defence.
In Poland, Russian minorities try, and fail, in gaining International support for their reintegration with Russia. Fear for the Strong Norwegian state is sure to hold off any would-be liberators.
In 1914, the Norwegian Constitution celebrates its 100th anniversary. A grand display across the Nation is held, letting people reflect on how far their great nation has come in just a houndred years. Truly a great time to be alive!
The Italians, unlike their recent efforts in France, manage to make quite a dent in the German defenses. It seems the Germans are on their last legs.
A fact Poland has not let go unnoticed. Seeing their chance to regain their cores, they ask President Olav for support. Olav recieves the blessing from both the party and the people, and war is declared.
The Union, sworn, to asnwer any call to arms, quickly fall under the Norwegian and Polish banner.
The traditional Union tactic of a full frontal push across all fronts are commenced, with great success. A once greatv enemy is seemingly reduced to nothing more than squabbling generals, fighting for controll over a doomed state.
Olav, and his aged father Haakon 7, arriving at Kiel by train to see the state of the front. Although aged and stripped of all real power, Haakon still followed Olav as a trusted advisor, friend, and father.
Haakon urges the total destruction of the German state. A state, that can no longer be allowed to exist in its current, unatural state. Total war is declared.
The Norwegian people, seeing that this is the chance to crush their ideological enemies, rally to the flag, and wholeheartedly support the efforts of Olav and the Party cabinet
The full frontal attack resulted in the quick capture of major bordertowns, such as Frankfurt,Lübeck and Danzig. The German high-command is now spread across the enitre country, making a effective defensive action almost impossible.
The German army, fighing a desperate offensive battle in Poland, realise the war is lost. The Facist state was not able to rally its people behind ther cause, and payed a heavy price for their failure.
It is time for yet another empire to bow under for Norwegian might. Armistice is signed, and all German soldiers lay down their arms.
German Prisoners of war, Many of these soldiers where dragget to war against ther will, for a goverment they never belived in. True unity within Germany may never be achieved again.
The treaty of Berlin decides that Germany has no right ruling over their Austrian and Czech neighbours. Germany for Germans, nothing else. A point that should suit their hateful ideology.
Olav, the Greatest man in ever to rule a country, proves yet again the resolve of a united people. in just a couple of years, he has crushed two of the greatest empires in the world. Now only Norway stands as a true Empire, Great in every way. What now, one may wonder? what else is there that Olav can do for this great nation? In what way can Olav influence the world, and change its course to his own will?

Wait and see, Olav would say. For i shall be the man the world deserves.

(thank you for reading! see you next time!)

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