Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Two: Zealous Growth

Published: 2018-01-27, edited: 2018-01-29
Civ Hybrid Games are Civ 5 AI Games with a unique twist: YOU can alter the course of the game! You can join a civ, and once every part (20 turns), you can change things like implementing diplomacy, adding in units, spending gold, changing technology courses and social policy decisions, interfere with other civs, and so much more! Check out for more details.

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part One: O Man, Look at that Settle!

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Welcome to the second part of the Seventh Hybrid Games, narrated by /u/Andy! Coalition choices for Part 3 will be due on FRIDAY @ 0200 GMT and should be sent to /u/Aimerais, who will be Plotrunner for this Mark! There will be a global event released for everyone to consider in their submissions for Part 3.

If you're looking for rules or regulations to guide your choices and actions, or just some general info, please refere to the sidebar on, where you can find the wiki and the very important format template for coalition submissions.
2. Here, we see the glorious Eastern Roman Empire, who seem to have gained no less than four cities, with a settler on the way! We see Ancyra, Nicomedia, Trapezus, and naturally, Byblos. Roma Invicta! Also note the hoplites in the upper left.
3. Next, we pan over to Georgia, who in their own turn have settled Poti. However, despite only settling one city, it looks as though over half their cities are new settlements, due to the sheer amount of population loss they took from last part's event.
4. Over here, we see the wealth of Mesopotamia, as a significant plurality of Babylon's tiles are wheat, sugar, or flood plains. Nerf plox. Also we see the bums of Phoenicia! SAD!
5. Off to Persia, we see two settlers in their capital, another wandering the desert, and a meagre four cities. Also Persepolis looks like a garbage city location, unlike the much larger city of Ecbatana.
6. I'd make Oman jokes, but they hurt my soul. So instead, I'll point out four settlers, five cities, a dead trireme belonging to Bum Cossack, and a country with an actually extant population base, unlike Georgia and Persia.
7. Off to the Nile, we see the Roman province of Aegyptus doing very nicely. With the new settlements of Nubt, and Inbu-Hedj, Aegyptus will surely grow larger. Also we see some cool UU, and I've got no clue what it does.
8. Meanwhile, as Georgia and Egypt accumulate faith, Byzantium joins the kool kids klub and gets a pantheon! Naturally, they worship the salty, salty, seas. Roma Invicta!
9. Meanwhile, in their capital of Iunu, as the Romans get their pantheon, Egypt decides that getting a religion is how to be cool. As such, they found the religion of Pesedjet. Don't ask me how to pronounce that.
10. Off to Georgia, where the Great Library of Tbilisi is founded! Scholars from around the world look at texts detailing how to kill off most of your population in religious purges.
11. Off to Northern Persia, we see Tehran, Gordium, a still 1-pop Tarsus, and yet another settler colonizing the inhospitable deserts.
12. Meanwhile, over in the Roman Provinces of Palestine, Syria, and Cilicia, we also see the unsettled Roman Provinces of Cyprus, and Iconium. Oh, and another Roman settler, Roman around.
13. Off to Oman and their tildes, Oman puns, and whatnot, we see Bahla, founded near salt mines. Ahh, salt. Truely the greatest export of CHG.
14. Aside from the perpetual shithole of Tarsus, we also see the new Persian city of Bactra, practically next door to Georgian Poti. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!
15. Meanwhile, the Roman Roman settler has founded Iconium almost where it should have been! Points for trying, AI.
16. Off to Oman, we see the city of Rustaq, which promises to maybe grow in a hundred turns, since it was settled in the middle of the desert, lacks food, lacks water, and lacks reasons for people to live there. Oh, and more Omani settlers!
17. Everybody seems to want worthless bits of desert these days, as Baby-lon decides to settle Sippar in their nearest desert, again lacking any sort of food, water, or useful things.
18. Over in Georgia, we see unsettled land that Georgia will probably want to settle before someone steals it from them. Oh, and another settler! We also see a mountain that somehow has iron in it, because good job map generation.
19. The Baby-lonians, salty about constantly being called babies, decide to settle another desert garbage city, with its only redeeming factor the presence of salt from their tears at having to live there. We also see actually hospitable land to the northeast and northwest.
20. Calm the fuck down, Byzantium! Laodicea is settled in the Province of Iconium, and we see the Byzantine hoplites march around, looking for war. Also, none of the new Byzantine cities have grown. Who doesn't love unhappiness!
21. Off to Georgia once more, we see that Georgia has settled the place I mentioned they should probably settle earlier, and it seems they've settled indeed. With Samtredia laid down, and another settler to its north, Georgia seems to be growing fast.
22. Off to the Levant, we see that Phoenicia has a big and scary army! Indeed, with an army this big, they could absolutely smash both the Byzantines and Baby-lonians. Those who notice the damage done to a Baby-lonian bowman may realize that the Phoenician AI has already tried, only to be restrained by the hands of the One who Touches Worlds, CC.
23. After settling Rustaq, the Omani AI proceeds further into the desert. The tears of the settlers of Barka make up one of two workable tiles the new city has.
24. Finally, Oman actually settles a city that can grow! Muttrah, on the coast, has strong potential, and may very well grow to be a new Omani hub in the area.
25. We see that already, Egypt has enhanced Psedjet. Looks like Desert Folklore is paying off.
26. Georgia joins the enhancement train, having enhanced Eastern Orthodoxy. See, CC, may we see?
27. Phoenicia isn't the only one building up an army, as the Byzantine core starts to actually grow, as well as churn out a large force outside of Byblos. We also see a significant fleet buildup, the beginnings of the Imperial Navy. Roma Invicta!
28. Over to Georgia, we see lots of Orthodoxy, lots of Easternness, lots of cities, and some Persians/Baby-lonians.
29. Back to the Levant and Mespotamia, we see a wheat-filled Baby-lonian core, two garbage Baby-lonian cities, the new Phoenician settlement of Sarepta, and some large armies.
30. Off to Persia, we see a lot of desert, three cities that aren't in the middle of the desert, and another cool UU near Tarsus that I don't know about.
31. As we go down south to Oman, we see desert cities, coastal cities, still-burning horse tiles, and the Cossack, the Bum of Bahrain,'s city.
32. In the Roman Province of Aegyptus, we see that their new religion will likely spread rapidly and gain great amounts of faith, due to Desert Folklore, which they can extract from the desert around them.
33. Off to the religion slides! Thank you, CC! :pray: Also hey, Egypt is peace-loving. Smh you bums this is CHG, not Peace Hybrid Games.
34. We also see Georgia get some peace gardens. Bums!
35. Off to the stats, I'll let these speak for themselves.
46. O.O Wtf CC, how does the sub have 9000 gold? Also Baby-lon OP, too much cash monies.
48. CC plox gib tech, policy, etc overviews!

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Three: Border Gore

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