Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Three: Border Gore

Published: 2018-02-03, edited: 2018-02-03
Civ Hybrid Games are Civ 5 AI Games with a unique twist: YOU can alter the course of the game! You can join a civ, and once every part (20 turns), you can change things like implementing diplomacy, adding in units, spending gold, changing technology courses and social policy decisions, interfere with other civs, and so much more! Check out for more details.

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Two: Zealous Growth

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1. Welcome, one and all, to CHG! Here's where CC makes a much better opening message than I ever could.

Welcome to the third part of the Seventh Hybrid Games, narrated by /u/Andy! Coalition choices for Part 3 will be due on FRIDAY @ 0200 GMT and should be sent to /u/Aimerais, who will be Plotrunner for this Mark! There will be a global event released for everyone to consider in their submissions for Part 4.

If you're looking for rules or regulations to guide your choices and actions, or just some general info, please refere to the sidebar on, where you can find the wiki and the very important format template for coalition submissions.
2. We see here in the Omani desert, workers toil away in the sand, attempting to create a better life for those living in Barka, Rustaq, and Bahla. We also see two more settlers around Ibra, no longer named Bra, off to settle more of the Persian Gulf!
3. Off to Aegyptus, we see new settlers at Abydos and Inbu-Hedj. Where will these settlers end up? Also we see lots of wheat on the other side of the Sinai! Quick, settle it before Phoenicia does, Aegyptus!
4. Off to the Levant, we see Byzantine colonies founded on Cyprus, with its administrative capital at Dorylaeum. Meanwhile, we also see Babylonian settlers strive to survive in the desert sands, that threaten to engulf Opis and Sippar. Oh, and Phoenicia got one of their unique Great Merchants! Also RIP Astro.
5. Off to Persia, we see that Babylon has flipped what was arguably, other than Susa, the best city in Persia. Despite taking notable amounts of damage to population, the flood plains of the city will doubtless improve its growth. Meanwhile, settlers are purchased in Pasagardae.
6. Off to the bums of Georgia, we see that they did nothing! BUMS! SAD!
7. Meanwhile, off to Byzantium, Roma Invicta and whatnot, we see the newly founded city of Amorium upon the eastern bank of the Mamara. We also see a lot of troops gathered around Cilicia. A sign of things to come?
8. Oh Man, says the Omani scouts, this place sucks! Opis has nothing but the salt of its citizens' tears at living in a wasteland to feed itself.
9. Meanwhile, as the Byzantine AI attempts to seize Gori only for peace to be made by the hand of our eternal gamerunner CC, Phoenicia brings up the biggest army on the block, along with a settler.
10. We see here Sohar, settled right up against the lands of the Bum of Bahrain. We also see pillaged Bahrainian horses, and an Omani boat attacking the Great Bum, Cossack.
11. Off to Cyprus, we see Dorylaeum. CYPRUS IS ROMAN CLAY, ROMA INVICTA! We also see an ancient ruin on the island. Oh, and Phoenician Biremes.
12. Off to Constantine's city, we see that the Byzantines have founded Catholicism! IN HOC SIGNO VINCES! DEUS VULT!
13. Meanwhile, in the deserts of Eastern Persia, we see Persian settlers. Perhaps they wish to flee from the Babylonian menace?
14. We see Khumun, a city that promises to be incredibly fertile, founded closer to the south of the map. With this, Aegyptus moves closer and closer towards seizing Nubia.
15. Meanwhile, as the Persians mill around for war, the Babylonians settle Mari to connect Ecbatana to Akkad, and to remind the Persians how weak and helpless they are.
16. In addition to Sohar, Sahan is also founded further up the Persian Gulf, with wheat and sea nearby. By now, the Omani expansions are getting far from their capital, not that it matters. After all, Oman has no real competition for the Persian Gulf's Arabian side so far.
17. We see in the far east of the map, the founding of Sardis. The Persians clearly wish to get closer to the true Celestial Emperor.
18. Ergili too is founded, by Persians who are really scared of Babylon, and want off this world. They've had enough of these motherfuckin' Babyonians on this motherfuckin' plane of existence.
19. Meanwhile, the Aegyptians found Perwadiyt, a city that promises to maybe grow when fishing boats are sent out. In the meantime, its land real estate is utterly worthless, as it lacks any production or food tiles on land.
20. Here, tensions increase between the Byzantines and Georgians, as Khashun is settled deeper into Anatolia. Will there be war, peace, or something else entirely?
21. Oh boi, the AI is sick of Georgia's shenanegans! AI Persia and AI Babylon have teamed up for a declaration of war, and both Poti and the Anatolian cities are under threat! Or rather, they would be, if humans didn't control diplomacy.
22. Meanwhile, Narmer of all people has completed the Terracotta Army. This wonder provides a copy of every unit type you have, and gives a significant boost to their miltary situation.
23. Over here, we see New Byblos founded to the southeast of Jerusalem. We also see that Jerusalem has a larger army than Phoenicia. War when?
24. We see here in Persia the founding of Dariush-Kabir, south of Tehran. As far as I'm aware, nobody has tried to tribute or vassalize this city state yet. Why?
25. Aegyptus expands further south, founding Waset amongst massive amounts of wheat. For all you Aegyptians complaining about nerfs, look at how much growth these cities will have. This is almost Babylon-level.
26. Meanwhile, Phoenicia has completed the Statue of Zeus! Be afraid, world. Be afraid! Or well, they would be, if the Phoenicians weren't Thy and plotfodder.
27. ROMA INVICTA! We have a wonderful shot of Byzantium, as the Byzantine Byzantine Bureaucracy does things like barely passing multiple plots, and failing all redactions in a part.
28. Georgia fields a large army now, one that doubtless has the potential to turn the tide in Asia Minor. What will become of these two great powers, Rome and Georgia?
29. Off to Georgia, we see the CS of Turkmenbashi, which I didn't know was on the map. Quick, someone go get tribute from them!
30. We see in the middle of the Persian deserts, a Babylonian settler. I wonder what they're doing there...
31. Off to Babylon, we see that their core is empty. They've funnelled most of their strength into warding off Byzantium and Phoenicia to their west.
32. Meanwhile, Phoenicia retains what army they have, and uses it to hold lines around Sidon. Phoenicia will not fall, until the last of her troops are six feet under.
33. Aegyptus remains prosperous as ever, with a missionary being born in the capital. How will things go for them?
34. We also see the CS of Khartoum, and a lot of empty and useless desert. Oh, and the Klo-killing Mecca!
35. Meanwhile, in Oman, we see determined settlement of both the Persian and Arabian coastlines. Oman has certainly taken advantage of their isolated position.
36. I'll let the slides speak for themselves, at any rate.

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