Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Nine: Wail, You Ships of Tarshish

Published: 2018-03-24, edited: 2018-03-24

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Eight: It\'s a Most Wonderful Time

Images: 84, author: Canadian_Christian, published: 2018-03-12

Intro: Welcome to the 9th part of the 7th mark of Civ Hybrid Games~! My name is /u/ColonelClary, and, yet again, I shall be narrating this part.
1: The Byzantines get Byzzy doing Byzantine things, such as founding another small island city named Ioannina. Another settler departs from the island of Philippi, suggesting even more to come.

2: Byzantium has successfully taken two Georgian cities! Georgian troops are incredibly scarce in the area. Also, Berytos is now Omani.
3: A new Persian city named Behistun is founded up in Georgia’s corner, filled with catapults. What could this suggest~?
4: Babylon and Persia show off their massive armies. Meanwhile, Oman appears from the south, and an Omani spearman wanders near Babylon. Could he be lost~?
5: Baalbek, Berytos, Sidon, and Sarepta are now property of Oman. The Phoenician Capital of Tyre appears to have no damage done to it, however, troops in the area are scarce. Also, Persian and Georgian settlers overflow into Arabia.
6: As part of a trade deal, the city of Abydos is finally returned to Egypt. To the east we see a lone Phoenician spearman about to join another Phoenician spearman in the city of Byblos.
7: The Egyptian city of Hu is founded, and Dor is given to them by Oman as part of our deal not to settle in Africa. Ta-ynt-netert continues to recover from a feisty city state getting out of hand.

8: Persian scouts make their way to the Omani coast.
9: Oman has lots of ships, but a pretty pitiful land army. What’s a Babylonian scout doing over here~?
10: More Omani cities, and more Omani ships.
11: The Phoenicians are taking back Neo-Byblos! There are few Omani soldiers in sight and they have it completely surrounded, so it looks like they’re going to be successful.
12: The massive Persian army enters the borders of Poti. War has begun between a knight and a trebuchet~! Also, Oman, Persia, and Byzantium appear to be involved in some kind of skirmish right outside of the formerly Georgian cities.
13: The city of Sidon falls to Byzantium~! Byzantine help also approaches Tyre.
14: *Jerusalem* enters Sarepta. This could be bad.
15: Things look bleak for the Omani in Sidon as the Byzantines crowd them out, but more Omani are coming from Berytos. Also, actual damage is done to Tyre~!
16: Persia, with its many catapults, takes aim at the city of Marneuli~! Georgia struggles to defend itself.
17: Um, is this real? The city state of JERUSALEM has taken over Sarepta~!
18: The Georgian city of Poti manages to defend itself by hiding behind a conveniently placed mountain, for now…
19: A Persian catapult manages to take the Georgian city of Tsqaltubo down to yellow without even entering it~! Meanwhile, to the southwest, Persians enter Ozurgeti.
20: The Persians have taken over Marneuli, but Georgian ships are on the way. The city of Ozurgeti gets thoroughly pummeled.
21: Byzantine reinforcements were pitiful, it seems, as both Sidon and Tyre have fallen to red~!
22: It looks like Georgia’s massive navy managed to take back Marneuli, but at a great cost. Persian catapults will most likely take the city back, which will be incredibly costly to Marneuli’s current population of 1. The city of Ozurgeti, meanwhile, is nearly destroyed.
23: Poti continues to be safe behind a mountain as Byzantines enter Berytos to the west.
24: I still can not believe that Sarepta was recaptured by a city state. Now they’re even razing it. What world are we even living in now~? Two Egyptian ships approach the area.
25: Marneauli and Ozurgeti barely hold on as they get crowded by Persian troops. Tsqaltubo, on the other hand, appears to have recovered from the catapult attack.
26: Sarepta… has burnt down! The dastardly city state of Jerusalem razed it to the ground. Look out, world. It looks like city states can get things done after all.
27: Tyre manages to hold on by a thread, and the Omani soldiers take back Sidon, however with Byzantine soldiers lurking in nearby citadels. Tyre’s fate is unclear.
28: Persia takes back Marneuli (again) and the city of Ozurgeti barely holds on.
29: Phoenicia has retaken Byblos~! However, it remains defended only by a singular spearmen, who will surely be eliminated in due time. Neo-Byblos, unfortunately, has been razed to the ground by Oman. R.I.P Neo-Byblos.
30: Oman takes back Byblos… and starts burning that to the ground, too. Oops.
32: Persian soldiers start funneling themselves in between the mountains to get a good shot at Poti, but Georgian soldiers won’t let them through.
33: Marneuli and Ozurgeti continue to remain in perpetually low health. Meanwhile, look to the west— some sneaky Georgian knights have entered the Persian city of Gordium.
34: Tsqaltubo has almost recovered completely from its catapult attack; meanwhile, Behistun is undefended
35: Sidon is also burnt to the ground… Get your act together, Omani AI. They now aim for Serdica.
36: Marneuli can’t go long without a change in leadership. Not like there’s much to lead with a pitiful population of 1, anyway.
37: Perhaps we celebrated over Tyre too soon— here come the Byzantine enforcements~!! A little late, given that Phoenicia has already died.
38: Berytos is attack by more Byzantines in several directions. A Persian catapult and missionary lingers just outside the border…
39: Byzantium continues taking over the sea, now covering every island tile in the area except the one with the horses on it.
40: Surprise, Marneuli is Persian again and Ozurgeti is STILL almost dead.
41: Tyre is taken by the massive Byzantium navy~!
42: Marneuli and Ozergeti are a few buildings short of being burnt to the ground by all of the fighting. R.I.P Georgians
43: Or, maybe not.. Georgia takes it again, and it returns to yellow this time.
44: Another Persian city named Altin Tepe is founded up in Georgia’s corner. Those who escaped from Byzantium have Persia to be killed by…
45: The battles for Tyre and Berytos rage on, and a Byzantium settler heads for the spot where Sidon once stood.
46: Oman retakes the city of Tyre~!
47: Omanis appear to be winning the battle of Berytos; however, more Byzantines are flooding out of Serdica.
48: The indecisive cities finally decide that they are now Persian, and nearly every Georgian unit has been wiped from the area.
49: The battles over Berytos and Tyre rage on. Byzantium’s numbers are clearly superior.
50: The Georgians will just not give up Marneuli, will they~?
51: Surprising nobody, Byzantine takes Tyre, and a Byzantine settler starts heading for the place Sarepta once stood.
52: The settler doesn’t quite go to the location of Sarepta, but settles near the war and with some nice cotton plantations.
53: Tsqaltubo is attacked once more.
54: Georgia is successful in defending Poti~!
55: …but not in defending Tsqaltubo, apparently. Tsqaltubo falls to red.
56: Surprisingly, the Omani actually managed to defend Berytos, but at a great cost. Meanwhile, Persia builds a holy site right next to a Berytos fort. Because every Orthodox Christian wants to see Byzantines and Omani get blasted to smithereens next door while they pray.
57: Persia takes Tsqaltubo.
58: Oh god, here they come. A massive wave of Byzantines~!
59: Despite the wave of Byzantines, Oman, by some miracle, manages to take Tyre again. Is this going to be a Marneuli repeat~?
60: The Georgian reinforcements in Marneuli dwindle down to a single ship. Finally, maybe it will stay Persian.
61: The Byzantines come to take back Tyre from a single knight and a single worker. Cleary the knight and worker will win…
62: Persia surrounds Chiatura as it defends Tsqaltubo.
63: Tyre returns to Byzantine control. Oman’s troops in the area are scarce.
64: Byzantium has wiped most of Oman’s troops from Berytos, but at a great cost of their own. They have plenty more troops, though, and here they come~!
65: Persians enter Chiatura and leave the city of Tsqaltubo undefended.
66: Georgians aim to take back Tsqaltubo, but can barely defend Chiatura.
67: Tyre barely holds on, but a giant wave of Byzantines is backing it up. On closer inspection, however, most of those are actually missionaries or workers. Egypt and Jerusalem approach the war zone.
68: An Egyptian trade ship appears in Byzantium, and Seleucia finally has the horses.
69: To the south, Byzantium starts razing Berytos, which it has recently taken over. Meanwhile, Omani troops run to Gore, but will not be safe there.
70: Marneuli is finally Persian, and a spearman from Turkmenbashi decides to check out the elephants or something.
71: Persia has lots of workers, especially in Shiraz. Also, there’s some city states, but they don’t do very much.
72: The *heated* battle for Berytos rages on as Byzantium burns it to the ground. Also, Persia’s army is still huge over here.
73: Egypt finally chills out for awhile as Abydos rebuilds. Some Omani ships come around as well.
74: Egypt is still relaxing, just down stream this time.
75: Oman builds ships along the coast and settles a city named Malinda in the desert.
76: Again, lots of ships, pitiful land army.
77: More lots of ships and more pitiful land armies
78: Oman you need a better land army smh
79: Stat slides are self explanatory. Enjoy~

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