Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VIII Part Eight: It's a Most Wonderful Time

Published: 2018-03-12, edited: 2018-03-12
Welcome to the Civ Hybrid Games: a Civ V AI game with a unique feature: YOU can alter the game's events!

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Civ Hybrid Game Mk.VII Part Seven: A Lesson on Persistence

Images: 78, author: Canadian_Christian, published: 2018-03-03, edited: 2018-03-04

Welcome all to the Eighth part of the Seventh Hybrid Games! I’m /u/ColonelClary and this is my first time narrating, so please bear with me if I miss anything. Coalition choices for Part 9 will be due on FRIDAY @ 0200 GMT and should be sent to /u/Aimerais, who is the Plotrunner for this Mark! There will be events released for everyone to consider in their submissions for Part 9.

If you're looking for rules or regulations to guide your choices and actions, or just some general info, please refer to the sidebar on, where you can find the wiki and the very important format template for coalition submissions.
Slide 1: Persia has built the glorious Petra, which I suppose is good for them since Tarsus is in the desert.
Slide 2: Surprise, it’s Byzantium~! Not much has changed since last part up here, though.
Slide 3: Meanwhile, Georgia builds up a massive army on Byzantium’s eastern front. But will it be massive enough~?
Slide 4: Here we have a nice look at the Georgian cities settled around the Caspian, as well as the new city of Tsqaltubo and an embarked cloud of missionaries.
Slide 5: The BUMS of Babylon have increased their assets a bit, while Persia seems to have built up a massive military made up, at least partially, of what I assume to be former Egyptians. The Grand Coalition strikes again~!
Slide 6: Oman is looking quite grassy. Praise Āmeris~! Additionally, some Persian settlers seem to have wandered far from home. They will soon learn the ways of living in useless sand.
Slide 7: As part of the treaty of Iunu, Egypt has regained its old cities once more.
Slide 8: Phoenicia is incredibly less populous than before, Sarepta has been taken down to yellow, and the formerly Caesarian city of Sippar has been renamed to Hillah. Also, here come the Persians. Look out.
Slide 9: Sarepta may be seeing its final days, for it has now dropped down to red~! Can it survive through the part~?
Slide 10: Nope. O man~! Sarepta belongs to Oman~! Phoenician troops in the area appear to be incredibly scarce. What a bloody war this has been, indeed.
Slide 11: The Georgian army spills into Byzantium, and the fighting begins~! Colonia appears to be the first target.
Slide 12: Byzantium completes Alhambra~! Perhaps it would be more helpful if there were actually troops in the city…
Slide 13: The Georgians settle into the corner of the map, with a young city called Kaspi
Slide 14: Oman has taken Sidon, and has now surrounded the city of Baalbek and Phoenicia’s very own capital of Tyre. Phoenicia’s future looks bleak.
Slide 15: Additionally, Berytos is also on the menu of soon-to-be-taken. Phoenician troops are scarce across the map. Persian troops, on the other hand…
Slide 16: The Georgian troops spread out.
Slide 17: Byzantium completes Borobudur, giving them a boost in faith and three new missionaries~! How religious~
Slide 18: Oman has taken Baalbek, to nobody’s surprise, but Berytos seems to have held out… for now.
Slide 19: In a sudden upset, Phoenicia has retaken Sarepta~! Unfortunately, its population has been dwindled down to a measly 2.
Slide 20: Good god, Byzantium, this is the third wonder in this part alone~! Hagia Sophia, another religious wonder, is finished.
Slide 21: The tiny Phoenician city of For is attacked by Omani ships. Being incredibly understaffed and underpopulated, one fails to see how they could possibly defend themselves.
Slide 22: More Georgian-Byzantium skirmishes, but no real damage on cities yet.
Slide 23: Those darned kids and their newfangled religious wonders, it’s like they all suddenly have them~! Egypt completes the Great Mosque of Djenne, increasing their faith and strengthening their missionaries.

Slide 24: Tyre is looking weaker, meanwhile, Sarepta is looking stronger. Also, Berytos finally falls to Oman.
Slide 25: The Georgian army is significantly thinned out, and yet again, cities have yet to be damaged. R.I.P, Georgian army.

Slide 26: Another Persian settler makes his way into Omani territory, learning the ways of the sand. Also, an Egyptian missionary wanders the desert to spread his faith in the sandy land of Arabia.
Slide 27: Yet another wonder to the city of Tyre, which appears to have significantly fought back the Omani attack~! Hanging Gardens are complete, giving Tyre lots of food.
Slide 28: And ANOTHER one for Byzantium~! Angkor Wat is complete, making expansion for Byzantium all the easier.
Slide 29: Dor falls to Oman. No surprise there. Also, Sneaky Tehranian spearmen sneak around behind a nearby mountain, and Egyptian settlers sail upstream.
Slide 30: Nice try, Georgia, but your numbers continue to dwindle, and again, no city damage is done.
Slide 31: Georgia continues its settling into the corner of the map. Perhaps they are hiding from the Byzantium war they are losing~?
Slide 32: Do my eyes deceive me, or is this an Egyptian city getting mildly pummeled by a nearby City State~? How peculiar.

CC's Note: That city-state entered war on behalf of an alliance from one of many AI-initiated wars that I had to put an end to.
Slide 33: YET ANOTHER Byzantium wonder in the city of Antioch~! Notre Dame is completed, yielding much needed happiness and even more faith.
Slide 34: Georgian soldiers continue to get eaten as they realize that they may have bitten off more than they could chew. Also, down in the corner we can see that Tyre has recovered from the Omani attack and appears to be fighting back at full force once again.
Slide 35: The fight of the century breaks out in Tyre and a random Georgian worker decides to sail right in?? Also, a Georgian settler has appeared. What on earth are they planning this time~? A Georgian Great prophet has also made its way into Oman. Look out, everyone, here comes Eastern Orthodoxy.
Slide 36: The battle rages on and Tyre recovers completely, as Byzantium begins to finally send some help over to Phoenicia. This could be a turning point in the Omani-Phoenician war.
Slide 37: Boom, Phoenicians in Egypt!
Slide 38: R.I.P. Georgia, also it looks like even Trebizond is getting into this little skirmish war.
Slide 39: Byzantium founds another island city as ships from Athens approach the heavily militarized Byzantium. What do those greeks think they’re doing, exactly~?
Slide 40: Georgia has been pushed all the way back. The eastern front of Byzantium remains strong.
Slide 41: Just another day in Georgia
Slide 42: A new Persian city named Behistun is founded, and Tehran sends its military in seemingly every direction.
Slide 43: Babylon and Persia continue to build their massive armies. Good for them~! Is that Babylonian catapult headed for Persia~?
Slide 44: Another view of Persia’s GIGANTIC army. Also, in the midst of all of this, the city of Merv is founded somewhere in the middle of other Persian cities.
Slide 45: The Omani and Phoenician forces appear to be approaching a stalemate. Meanwhile, the Georgian worker continues to wander around with no meaning in life. How did he get here, anyway?
Slide 46: Abydos is founded right to the left of the rest of Egypt.
Slide 47: Egypt fights off the feisty city state and appears to be recovering nicely.
Slide 48: Here we see some Omani cities that AREN’T made on sand. Also, they’re on the coast, so even better~!
Slide 49: More coastal cities, except these ones are sandier. Also, in the bottom left corner, the city of Bidiyah is founded.
Slide 50: Omani ships fill the river between Oman and Persia.
Slide 51: Persian and Omani cities are satisfactory as usual.
Slide 52: I have been /u/ColonelClary and this has been Civ Hybrid Games~! May Āmeris bless you all in this game as I leave you with the stat slides:

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