The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 4

Published: 2017-02-07, edited: 2017-02-08

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 3

Images: 31, author: asernesesealsasesos, published: 2017-02-07, edited: 2017-02-08

A new dawn rises this cold january morning, 1853. A holy union, restored and renewed, has united the three Scandinavian kingdoms in search for a common goal: Greatness and meaning in life, the strength to protect our values, and strong leadership, that is true and just.

not many can with certainty predict the fate of this Nordic trinity, but one thing is clear: Norway has never seen better days. May God and Olav lead us to further glory! Three times hurrah for the Kalmar Federation!
some month later, and friction is felt in the union. Denmark, the weakest of the bunch, sees few other options than following the stronges of the powers, Norway. Sweden on the other hand, had expected far more bargaining power in the restored union. Norway, proud and prosperous, refuses any such ideas. Olav Has no equal.
a show of force is made, when Norway sends a ultimatum to the Russian embassy, declaring its ambitions in the balkans illegal and foolish. Russia, many times greater in number and strenght, scoffs and lumbers on. The norwegian government does not yet have the weight to back its foreign policy.
As war breaks out in Crimea, another crisis is set in motion, by the NGF. King Olav, eager to break the tension between the Kalmar Federation and the NGF, sides with the latter. Nothing much is expected to come out of the crisis.
But the unthinkable happens. No party wishes to back down, and conflict ensues.
Norway is Yet again in a European war.
The german war machine, well trained and supplied, begins a great push through the Austrian border. Although seemingly weak, the Austrians boasts the third largest army in the world. This war could go both ways.
Norway, unlike the populous german states, lack the raw manpower to supply its army.Large chuncks of the force is indeed Colonials. Blåmanians, former tribesmen trained in the art of war. A welcome supplement to the Professional Norwegian army and concripts, although few Norwegians like to admit it.
The Norwegian army,eager to test their strenght, decides to clash with the Bavarian main force. Many men are lost, but the fight is won. More caution is deemed necessary.
Illustration depicting the aftermatch of the battle of Regensburg. Norwegian forces meet with the NGF forces do discuss battle plans.
It is decided that the Norwegian army will sweep up undermanned formations, and support the German army in the larger battles.
Soon, the Norwegian Army yet again earns its reputation as a force to be reckoned with.
On the home front, the Swedish goverment has decided to let Norway handle some of its internal affair, as a way to strengthen cooperation between the two countries. Many Swedes deeply disagree with this decision.
Norwegian and German officers meet in the hearthland of Austria, greeting eachother farewell, as the Norwegian contribution is no longer needed. Seeds of friendship are planted, and promises to return the favor are made.
A long march home awaits. Many good Norwegians are left behind. They will not be forgotten.
Soon the war is over, and Austria is forced to release the two nations of Transylvania and Banat. Italy also sees the oppertunity to reclaim its rightful territory.
A rumor of a great rebellion in China is spreading through the populace. As great as it may be, many refuse to belive that it is greater than the Danish rebellion of 1848.
Lessons learned from the war are studied and put to good use. Learn by doing, the saying goes!
Denmark, far more weaker and willing than sweden, fall under Norwegian rule without problems. This is viewed as a act of aggression in Sweden, saying the Union is moving to fast without their concent.
Norway, ever lusting for Glory, conjures a convoluted reason to attack the state of Oman. Preparations are made to attack. Soon Even More African goods will flood the world marked.
But goods are no use without a buyer. Eager to sell Norwegian wares tax free in the entirety of the Union, a proposition is made. Here we see the many water powered industries crowding the Aker river in Oslo.
The proposition is a Tariff free zone within the Union, ensuring the goods of Norway finds a marked. A copy of the suggestion is sendt to the embassies of Denmark and Sweden.
Denmark accepts willingly, But Sweden is enraged, stating this as a step nothing short of annexation. In fact they demand the union being cancelled with immediate effect. Norway, having too much to lose, sees no other option:
Sweden, the rebellius Neighbour, must be crushed, like they once tried to crush us. Mobilisation is ordered, and King Olav declares a state of war.
The Giants of Scandinavia shall fight, one last time.
The Norwegian forces, trained in battle and veterans of countless wars, begins the slaughter methodically.
Lightning offensives, targeted bombardments and merciless flanking. Much has been learned in the years abroad.
Step by step, the conquest begins.
Suddenly, in broad daylight, the Norwegian First Minister is killed by a former Swedish diplomat. The citizens of Oslo beat down any Swede they can find. Some are even hanged. A dead swede is a good swede!
Police refrain from interfering.
A rare chance for the navy to shine, is outshadowed by the clear lack of training and equipment given to the navy. Research of Better naval tactics is given priority. The battle is won with Danish help.
Union ships and Swedish ships battling in the øresund Sound.
A new First Minister, a well known Royalist and supporter of the king, further cements the position King Olav enjoys as a sole leader of the people. Political opposition to King Olav is now close to non-existent.
Confederate troops, ever advancing, stands on the steps of Stockholm.
And in a last battle, the Swedish main force is crushed. The last organized resistance on Swedish soil is removed.
Even in these dark times, there are glimmers of light. A son has been born to King Olav, ensuring his bloodline will endure. He is christened Haakon Fredrickson, a true son of Norway. May he live for a 100 years!
Months later, the Swedes give up. A pointless war has ended. Full annexation is demanded, as a safeguard to prevent a organized revolt from happening again.
Throughout the land, celebrations are carried out, parades are arranged, and troops are praised. None now stands who can challenge Norwegian rule in Scandinavia. The age of Norwegian overlordship has begun!
Norwegian soldiers brandishing captured swedish sabres infront of a Farm in Malmø. Norwegian troops where to be a common sight in Sweden from now on.
Battlehardened colonials resting. These highly trained soldier recieved little reward for their endeavours.
the NGF, paying close attention to the Northern conflict, saw a Strong, stabilized Norway arise. A alliance was suggested, and gladly agreed upon.
the German state had taken it upon itself to liberate the Rhineland from the French, in a unification progress quite similar to Norway. A bond was forming through similar experiences and struggles, and was bound to be a long lasting relation.

Never before had any Scandinavian Nation held such a large amount of influence and power. The Norwegian people had rejected the fate given to it, and forged their own. Sweden had been exposed as the weak and fearful nation it always had been, and soundly beaten. Denmark was taken under the strong protection of Norway and King Olav.

If any Nation still questioned the Norwegian might, then such thoughts were put to rest. The Kingdom in the Nort had truly awakened.

Hurrah for Norway! Hurrah for the Union! Hurrah for God and King! May it last a thousand years!

(thank you yet again for reading, stay tuned for more!)

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