The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 3

Published: 2017-02-07, edited: 2017-02-08

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 2

Images: 24, author: asernesesealsasesos, published: 2017-02-07

In the hot summer of 1848, the sound of beating drums can be heard in the jungles of Warra. Before the war of independence, the thought of even traveling beyond the small village you lived in, seemed like the stuff of dreams. No man would dream of this, though. For here, in the hummid jungle of Africa, surrounded by strange beats and fearsome brutes, the struggle continues.

Fight! Fight for the Holy king Olav! He who brought us safety and security, he who brings food to the table! Gud bevare Kongen! God save the King! For only Norway can bring stability to this mad world.
And truly is Norway a beacon of reason in a mad world. Denmark is all but lost, beaten by its own people. Mainland Europe is engulfed in Bitter war.

But glimmers of hope still exist. the repressed Hungarians are rising against their masters. Italia is wartorn, yet united in the ideas of community and progress. Our benevolent King Olav regnognize the Hungarian bravery. Do they not only want freedom, like we did?
Freedom is not a gift, however, to be thrown away on savages and wild men. Civilization will find its way, even in the heart of darkness.

Our newly created industry deliver, although with some difficulty, food and paper to the world. there are not many men to work our new factories, but, progress is only made through action!

(Impressive, is is'nt it? This is a trick-question. My industry is never impressive.)
The powers of the world may not like our divine right in Africa, but who can stop us, when themselves are fighting for unjustified land in mainland Europe? Stop us if you dare, i say! God is, and always has been, on our side.
And so the old war is replaced with a new. Peace does not come easy in these foreign lands.
Hardened veterans of the Afrikakompani, posing for the camera. Although praised as heroes back home, the africans got to know their recless brutality both in, and behind, the frontlines.
In 1849, the wind of change dies down. Many countries felt great change in the years that passed, but no country weathered the storm quite like Norway. Whereas Countries like Denmark and france crumbled under the weight of the people, Norway was only further elevated above the rest! If nothing else, these recent years have proven the sound ways of our King.
resistence in "Afrika" is brave but futile. many savages die, rather than turn to the cross.
back home, Denmark is but a shadow. Overrun by liberals, and coping with the loss of Holstein. The outcome of this sorry state is uncertain.
What IS certain though, is that the our great army needs our support more than ever. Love our troops, for they fight for Olav, and Norway!

(Truth be told, they have seen little fighting that has not involved untrained savages these last years, and military tech is not a priority at the moment. But the image must be upheld...)
The Hungarian state is short lived, however. Not all dreams are meant to be.
Progress is made in Blåmannland, as yet another tribe succumbs to our might.
Further expansion is dully noted by the international community. Other tasks, as dealing with a growing germany, is prioritized.

(this is too good to be true. the infamy bomb must surely explode soon?)
In Oslo, rebellion almost broke out, after hearing the news that the popular unionist Marcus Thrane was imprisoned. Luckily, the news of a great victory in Benin softened the blow.
Rebellion should not be a issue either, in such a forward thinking and progressive country as ours! Why ruin it all with dissent and voilence.?

(This game seems to agree with my if-not-a-bit radical views on Norwegian greatness. )
in 1850, Italy is united with force by the reckless redshirts, ushering a new era of greatness for the Italian people. King Olav is surely taking notes.
On a lighter note, the first railwayline is constructed, connecting Fredriksstad with Oslo. The locomotive is slow to implement in this rugged land, as mountains and fjords make the expenses to great, and the danger to high. Ships and roads will have to remain the main mode of transport.

(I look with envy on my neighbour sweden, and their extensive railorad network. goddam beautiful, life-saving, easy to defend mountains!)
A picture of "Oslo sildepakkningsanlægg", delivering fish to thousands of people, both at home and in the rest of Europe.
In February the 17th, the first commonly recognized mistake was made by King Olav. Clearly forged documents and eye witnesses document the Pirate activity of the kingdom of Loango as a vital concern of the crown. Norway once again act as a aggressor agains the people of Africa.
A Major backlash is felt, when the entirety of Europe sign a "Petition against Norwegian cruelty", condeming the attack and Lashing at King Olav personaly. Some people even wonder, if Olav can make such blunt mistakes, is he then really the best for our great nation?

(Well, it had to happen sooner or later. This puts my expantionist plans on hold for now.)
Steps are quickly made to better our relations, with the establishment of a "Norwegian Award for Peace and Progress", kickstarted by the wealthy capitalist Alfred Nobel. The world scoffs at the news however, as the thought of Norway as a maker of peace is utterly absurd.
International community be damned, the conquest of Africa and Blåmannland continues with great progress. The effect of luxury goods imported from the Norwegian colonies are felt throughout the Country. goods are cheaper, and the factories make more money.
Cheap goods and crafts come with a prize, however. The Norwegian man is destined to rule these wild lands, and these wild people. They will soon know the meaning of the Norwegian method. Norway shall rule over others, like the swedes did, for it is only right, and just.
Suddenly, while in the middle of a Council meeting discussing the partition of Africa, a Currier rushes inn.
The North german confederation is formed, solidifying the germans position as the true rulers of europe. A desperate and weakened Denmark is calling on Norway for help. Sweden, also worried by the sudden shift in balance, seek to strenghten the ties between its former ally.
Norway, the beacon of scandinavia, the mighty warrior, the model colonist, and the strong kingom. King Olav, right or wrong, has elevated the position of this great country tenfold. The world has seen a country turn from a poor state of farmers to a empire in the making.

Truly, Norway is Great
As ties from years past are once again remade, some people wonder if it cannot be taken a step further? We do, in thruth, share more similarities with the swedes and danes than we like to admit.
The agreement was made, on a pure coincidense, the same date as the Norwegian thoughs of liberation was formed. Now though, the seeds of cooperation and a common future is planted.
The Great Kingdom no longer stands alone. Long live the Great King Olav, and The Restored union! Three times hurrah for Norway and her dependencies!
And so the story goes on. History will be the final jugde, but many Norwegians, and some Scandinavians, will remember this time fondly as the highpoint of this great nation. United, until the mountains fall! Destiny awaits!

(thank you for reading! stay tuned for the next episode!)

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