The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 5

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 4

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It is a lovely day, 19th of may 1859. Eva Ingeborgsdatter and Martin Skoglund is travelling by boat to the local church, where they shall be wed. Friends and family have gathered to celebrate the union of these fine young individuals, who are both loved by the small village community they live in.

This particular wedding is more lavish than most, for it is not a secret that many Norwegians are far better off than they where just 10 years ago. They know this well, and will begin the cermenony by thanking God, and King, for their happines and wealth.

Godly intervention or not, Norway has come a long way. Sweden and Denmark has come under Norwegian rule, a holy union, maybe a bit like this wedding? Sweden may be a troubling bride, but a unruly spouse can be tamed. Denmark though, has been a dear friend to Norway for many years, they will find love immediately.

But there is a third spouse not present. A long lost sister, forgotten by most. But not by Olav. Although weakened by age, he is preparing to bring the last Scandinavian bride under his belt.
For Finland does deserve better than the drunken husband that she now resides with. The day wil come.

Three Times Hurrah for the Kingdoms of Scandinavia! Hurrah for God and King! Hurrah for the future, for our destiny is yet to be fullfilled!
The Franco Prussian war is still raging on, with a swift victory expected by the Germans. The Norwegian Forces are tired by large wars and rebellion, and hope this is the case.
A delegate is sendt to The Russian Monarch, with intent to find a peacefull solution to the Finnish Question. Perhaps in the form of a Vote of confidense for the people of Finland, or a Settlement in a global court? Russia though, not having any of it, kicks the delegates out of the country promptly. A great insult, that is not soon to be forgotten.
The Germans have miscalculated, and is now threatened by a Large French force. They ask for Norwegian help in the war. Norway can only spare a small expeditional force, made mostly of swedes and colonials.
Ten years ago, Norway pulled a great show at the World Fair. This time should be no exeption.
And of course, Norway is chosen as host for this great event! Preparations are made immediately, with huge resources delegated to the project.
The small expeditionary force arrives, with newly invented, modern rifles.
They are used in reserve, as to preserve lives and equiment.
Seemingly, the Norwegian presence tipped the scale in our favour, as the very sight of our fierce warriors made the French reconsider their war effort. A peace deal is soon signed, granting the NGF Rhineland.
Norwegian soldiers, superviced by officers from the King's Guard, celebrate the end of the campaign. No soldiers where harmed in the short war, except some smaller injuries sustained during the rather unorthodox celebration.
King Olav, feeling this is the time for Norway to shine, takes command of the planning process, making prominent redesigns on several key aspects of the Fair.
This does necessitate som restructuring. A New bugdet is made, to commodate the wast changes made by the King. This slows down progress somewhat.
Having ruled out a diplomatic solution to the illegal occupation of Finland, a military solution is instead prepared. It should not be hard to convince the International community that Norway is in the right. All nations deserve freedom, And Norway will deliver.
In fact, not a single protest is heard, exept from the Russians themselves. Olav proves himself yet again as a masterful politician.
A final warning is sendt to the Russian goverment, asking for the release of Finland within the month. Russia refuse.
And so the Norwegian-Russian war began.
The King's Guard, marching toward the front, is cheered onward by extatic onlookers. Having not felt a single loss in a single war in this young nations history, it is no wonder that the spirit is high.
The Finns launch a lightning attack across the baltic sea, occupying the lands around the former Swedish capital. A Danish force tries to repell them, but the inferior Danish are repelled by the hardened Finnish warrior.
Norwegian forces are redirected from the Russian front, to repell the Invaders.
A small Norwegian brigade is taken by suprise in the Swedish forrests. They manage to retreat, although with some casualties. The Finns proove to be a clever foe. A fine adition indeed to the Norwegian coat of arms.
A Navy skirmish is also carried out, preventing further reinforsments from across the baltic sea.
The KIng's Guard advancing through the late February snow.Swift pace is neccecary to flank the Finns, who are just as confident in the cold forrests as the Norwegians.
The armies clash in the Forrests of Uppsala, where the Finns are pushed back too the baltic sea. a proper offencive can now begin across the finnish front.
While seemingly a unimportant event in the grand scheeme of things, a attack on peacefull missionaries are no less a grave matter. The aggressors will be dealt with.
Norwegian forces have now managed to gain a foothold in the southern provinces of finland. The Russians, bogged down by the advance of the Germans in the west, can only afford to send a smal portion of their forces up north.
Promintent Officers of the Norwegian army corps, with local Finnish girl. Many locals saw the advancing Norwegian army as liberators, rather than conquerors. This girl may be one of the first finns to grow up in a truly free country.
The World Fair, postponed, delayed, redesigned, is ultimately a failure. King Olav takes no responsibility.
In such hard times,a man can find himself wondering his place in it all. What am i fighting for? Is it the glory of the motherland? The hopes and dreams of the entrapped finns? Is it for the King, whom i love so dearly?

All we know, is that we fight. and with every fight, our collective power, and glory, grows to new heights. And maybe, just maybe, when we have crushed all of those who wronged us, we will fight no more.

but until then, we fight.
The Finnish army and Russian expedition is soundly crushed. The Germans route the enemy, ever advancing. Victory is declared shortly after, as Finland is released from Russia and placed under Norwegian protection.
Victory celebrations in Oslo, with a large crowd encircling the Royal Palace. King Olav has done well for this great union. we can only speculate what his next grand plan is.
And with the last Scandinavian country firmly under our protection, the next step towards unification can be carried out. A common goverment, with underlying services handled by the provinces, is sure to strenghten the ideological ties between our great people.
And so yet another step towards the unification off scandinavia is made. Finland has been liberated from the Barbaric slavs, and the might of the crown is consolidated throughout the Union. The Streets of Oslo are filled with hope and expectations. The people know now that they are part of a pice of history. A history stil in the making.

Long live the free people of Finland! Long live the glorius army! Three Times Hurrah for the Norwegian empire!

(thank you yet again for reading! see you next time!)

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