The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 15

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 14

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"Dr. Per-Strømstad, i presume?" The now timeless words of a great explorer, and his search for a lost colleague in the deep jungles of Kongoland. A exlorer, and pioneer for our nation, and one of the many individuals who have explored, and exploited, this great land. Many Norwegians have made their mark on the rich continent, to the point of being no more places to mark or explore.
Africa, the source of nearly all Norwegian wealth and resources, have proven to be a great supplement to the Norwegian Empire. But, the people have asked themselves: Can we really, in good consciousness, call ourselves a workers paradise, when we force the African people to do our bidding? Does not the African worker count? Great debate is held, from the country bar to the Storting, and it is decided that Norwegian rule over the Africas is all in all beneficial. Norwegian rulership will continue, for now.
And as the debate over our African holdings cool off, we are reminded that not all our wealth comes from the jungles of Africa. In Our chinese holdings, Norweguan misionaries and merchants have been killed and hunted down by vile Chinese, bent on sending their colonial masters back from where they came. As to not seem weak and to protect our Asian investments, Olav declares war on China.
A small force, made up from unskilled Chinese soldiers, is all that can be spared for the campaign.
Norwegian volunteers, made up of lokal Norwegians in the region, ready to defend their new homeland from danger. although not to as high a standard as the Imperial Army, they still prooved themselves more than adequate against the rebels.
But China is even worse of than previously thought, and cannot spare a single regiment to stop the Norwegian forces.
Meanwhile, in South Amercia, More and More nations have seen the light of the Norwegian union. Promises of trade deals and lasting alliances have swayed large parts to join the Empire, without Olav having to even negotiate with the nations. Prestige and power speak for themselves.
Finally, after many pointless battles and sieges, the Chinese realise their mistakes, and promises to better govern their own provinces, along with a small monetary sum, as compensation for the crimes they have commited.
Celebrations are head across the Empire, when our agelong rivalry with the Austrians finally come to a end. Soon they will be productive members of the Norwegian Union, a union so large, it almost covers the entirety of Europa.
Bohemia follow suit, shortly after.
USA, seeing the growing Norwegian influence in the region decides that we are not to be underestimated. Rather than gaining yet another pointless rival, Norway decides that a live let live attitude is to prefered.
Argentina, one of our new Union members, face threats from the international community, when Bolivia demand lands that are righfully Argentinian.
Norwegian precense in the matter quickly resolves the issue, as no Nation with a sound leadership would ever dare face the Norwegian lion head on.
The recent years of Communist leadership over the union has convinced many a worker that a elected communist party is the only way to go. There is however a public debate over the strict party-line, and many voters want a society that works for all, not just the workers.
Workers not affilliated with the massive national manufactorums, fell out of graze from the goverment early after the communist election. Steps where taken to better the conditions of the lover classes, and those not lucky enough to work for the state.
Olav is re-elected however, after promising a re-shuffle in thec upper house, and better conditions for all Norwegian citizens. The brotherhood of Norway, united and strong! May all the peoples of the world find their home in the Norwegian utopia.
But, the new term came with a cost. Lobbyists from The Norwegian Union demand the return of rightfull cores, and the dismanteling of the Italian Empire. Italy, now nothing more but a embarrasing third wheel on the European continent. And, worse of all, yet another false workers paradise, existing merely to exploit their own people.
Power does not belong to the powerless. All false communist nations must fall.
The power of the many shall prevail.
Norway, now at war with Italy, sees a chance to return rightfull lands to their allies in the balkans, and start a smearing campaign against the Turks. Italy cannot save them now.
The Yugoslavian territories are soon reclaimed, but the Italians decide to make a stand in near the Alps. The war is by no means won yet.
Italian position, high in the Alps. the imense heights and inaccessible terrain made the Italian defense more potent than expected.
Although slowed down in the Italian mountains, Olav decides this is the time to punish the Ottomans for their century long occupation of the Balkan people.
While the Italians manage to pose some form of defence, The Ottomans prove to still be backwards in all form of warfare, governing and technology. A shame on all the peoples of Europa, that is happily wiped away from the Balkans.
The Italian, who managed to hold the mountains for quite some time, are now facing a forced route from the safety of the hills.
Norwegian Jegertropp, climbing the Alps, with their field artillery dragging behind. Although usefull on the open battlefield, the artillery pooved less versitile on the mountains of Italy.
With the Italians out of the Alps, all hope is now crushed for the Italians communists.
It is realised that merely returning the rightfull cores of the Yugoslavian people is not enough. The Italian state must be crippled, void of any threat towards the peace and stability of Europe. total dismanteling is demanded.
The Ottomans finally surrender, returning the rightfull lands of Bulgaria.
Italy is also ready to talk peace, as our forces reach the doorstep of Rome.
Peace is signed, armes are laid down. Yet another false prophet is taken to the cross.
With the welfare of the Italian people in mind, it is decided to release Venice as a sovereign state, as to save them from pseudo communism.
The Italian colonies are also put under Norwegian protection, for the same reasons.
Now Nobody can deny the Norwegian hegemony over Africa. From coast to coast, From the Blåmanian colonies in the West, to Somalierstaten in the East. Norwegian influence is felt wherever Norwegian explorers have stepped.
Norwegain Somaliamenn, guarding the newly taken lands in Ethiopia, surely take great pride in the greatness of their colonial masters.
But, Norwegian hegemony cannot be upheld forever. Norway is now responsible in making a great power, in the form of Poland. Now no longer content in being a junior partner in the Union, demanding the right to decide their own foreign policies. Norway is no longer the sole leader of the Norwegian union. The European Union, is now a fact.
The Poles have spoken. Historically the closest ally to Norway, as far as to owing their existense to them, now see themselves as a equal to Olav, and his socialist Imperium.
The State, now driven by faceless bureaucrats and party members, have lost most of the grandeur and weight the Royal family used to carry.
Olav faces a difficult choice. Relinquish his position as the spiritual leader of the people, or make one last stand against the vultures of the party? In his heart, Olav knows what to do.
For the glory is his, forever and ever. It only remains to be realized.

Three times hurrah for the successful socialist experiment! three times hurrah for the European Union! Three times hurrah for the future, forever smiling, forever bright, forever shaped by, and for, Norwegians!

(thank you for reading, see you in the next part!)

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 16

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