CHG MKX - The Final Part (Sorry)

Author: Leris
Published: 2019-06-22, edited: 1970-01-01

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CHG Mk. X Part 8 | The most boring part I\'ve ever ran

Images: 123, author: Leris, published: 2019-06-09

Hello, this is your host and gamerunner Leris to bring you the final few slides of the mk since my game won't stop crashing. I'm sorry to have had the mk end with a crash, but I can't seem to find a solution, so again, my apologies. Anyways, here we see brave Aussie bois being deployed in Iran to fight in the name of daddy Trump- I mean Bob Hawke.
Chennai has flipped (upside down perhaps?) and some rogue units have spawned around it
PAU Carpet is scary
Good PAU boat gang floats off the coast of East Africa
Nisa already being taken down to half health by that Emu nutbuster as well as its escort team.
Arnheim almost knocked down but the PAU carpet is splitting and Snoreway is quite low.
Big Brasil
Nisa flips upside down as well.
Arnheim becomes free at last.
Overview of the PAU-Dutch war
oh shit oh fuck oh shit
The Aussies hold out in Nisa pretty well
Parthian troops push into Chennai
Arnheim is low and Snoreway is pretty safe in PAU hands.
Nisa's Emu forces continue to hold out.
Arnheim is even lower and Breda is under siege. Sadly, this is the last game slide I'm able to provide. I tried to get slides for the rest of the world but couldn't even move the camera enough to show everything without the game crashing. Once again, very sorry to disappoint, but this is as far as the game will let me go. Anyways, here's infoaddict slides, PAU is first in basically everything relevant.

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Images: 56, author: Gragg9, published: 2019-11-04