CHG Mark Eleven Part 5: Home Invaders

Author: MrKlonam
Published: 2019-11-03, edited: 2019-11-03

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CHG Mark Eleven

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CHG Mark Eleven Part 4: Drudgery of Life

Images: 86, author: MrKlonam, published: 2019-10-27

Hello fucks it’s your fellow commie bro Moonie here. On the first slide we see yangon’s boutta get anally buttpounded by Khmer armies, as you can see it’s not looking good for these poor chaps. Godspeed
Here’s the irrelevant khmeri core. Why’s there a cross on the minimap god knows. But Khmer is scary fuck Khmer
A bunch of irrelevant city states, nice army tho. Could be levied by someone maybe?
In episode 2 of “city settles that are too close to each other”, Taiwan throw a middle finger to Dutch ambitions once again and settle sumatra. We didn’t see this shit on the other slide. I hope it’s all good tho
The VOC core in all its shameful glory. This image is filled with inactivity and brink of civil war. Legend says AI will carry
I gotta say they got a whole lot of cities
On this slide: city states that have a bigger army than the sulu. West Berlin might fall tho, compared to sulu the Dutch have absolutely nothing there. Also peep those crossbow men
A bunch of irrelevant islands. Lots of city states, some less dignified than other, also sulu UUs. What’s up with that damaged philly trireme?
Pay attention to the next slide cuz there’s more info there, but a bunch of Phillipines cities. They’re doing the right move by settling the cities
The sexy Phillipines core. This place produces a lot of science, and is also at war with Taiwan. Good luck
Taiwan core. Also good, but life has more land units than Taiwan in this slide lol
Looks actually pretty poor from Taiwan. Khmer could win this war easily lol, fuck Khmer again
Hm ok, good job khmer. 200 IQ moves by the AI
As expected, Dutch are losing this battle. Ew barbs tho
Aaaand they’ve taken it. Shit looks ugly doe, 2 cities next to each other
Taiwan is making “advances” on Phillipines. Clearly this is panning out well. Davao is in danger!
What I’m presuming happened is they wiped the units on naval, since killing embarked is one hit ko at this point. That plot was all for nothing lmao, good job khmer.
Epic Phillipines cities. Oh yeah they enhanced their religion, nice
lmao they can’t even hold this city
Oh shit. They actually got a decent wonder! That’s gonna make their capital grow decently tall. Their core is looking good and scary
A fierce naval engagement is happening between Taiwanese and Phillipines navies. So far Taiwan have snuck up to the city. Will they flip it or not? Find out the next time on pokemon!
CS city capture

CS city capture

The CS captured the city. They’re not razing it too, wow.

Good gravy this is good
The Phillipines have pushed back the Taiwanese navy, however they’ve got reinforcements coming.
Khmer seem to be making another push. This army is really scary though, packing a lot of punch. Can they actually do any damage and not fail, like the rest of their pointless attempts?
I realized the cross at the bottom of the corner is when I’m writing the narration for this shit, as I’m doing this on klo’s account on aarli lmao

As for the slide itself, it’s just the weird 2 cities lol.
Ok nope it died lmao, there’s barely any army. They can’t seem to make any advance against the Burmese lol
Taiwan have a reasonable defense of the city, the Khmer have a lot of crossbows. Also a Taiwan horseman stuck, lmao

If they weren’t to war rn, it’d be an equal match
Ok they still seem to have the army but god knows what are they trying to do. Are they holding or trying to attack?

Their capital and another city are essentially under siege, sulu have brought a sizeable navy. No damage to the city, I think theyll die a natural death
Ok? Sulu triremes and A missionary , gl
The magnificent Taiwanese navy are attacking the fierce Phillipines navy. Casualties are high, battles are brutal. Both sides’ cities are on the verge of burning
Oh this one actually took damage lol, seems like the fierce Phillipineans bravely fought off the Taiwan navy. The sailors will get medals for this one
Yeah as expected the sulu navy kinda died, but they’re still dealing damage to the other city, so alls not lost yet.
I’m not sure what’ll happen, will the city flip or the navy die? I presume both.
The Phillipines core. Actually full of units, might be enough to do a change.
Ok this is actually kinda big. The Khmer have built the Great Wall, making any war in the territory a pain in the ass. They essentially can’t be invaded now, until dynamite at least. The Khmer have been wonder whoring all game, shit sucks man
I still doubt they’ll take the city. Even if they do, it’ll flip next part back to the Dutch
They did it lmao. Good luck on keeping it in your hands
It’s not looking very good. That swordsman will be fucked up by that ship doe
Berlin is in sulu control now. The embarked unit seems to be heading for voc, yay
Oh some advances are being made, not much though.
New settle, looks like it’s near Taiwan, or the unit has just got lost. Either way, decent position, scary stuff. (Great for a naval invasion tho)
Aaand the city is back in Dutch hands. The sulu are retreating, still a blow to the Dutch, City is 1 pop now.
The Dutch are putting big efforts into rebuilding their lackluster military, they seem to have enough units to defend their capital at least. Is it enough for the rest of the empire though? Ehhh
This puts the new Khmer offensive into better perspective. It looks like they’re packing a punch this time around, with lots of advanced units. If they don’t falter and die,then it’ll be trouble for the Burmese.
Another fierce and intense battle between the Taiwanese and Phillipines navies. They both have brought huge fleets this time - thousands upon thousands of ships fighting it out in a bloody battle royale, burning and sinking.
Burma has the most well fed people, sulu second. Phillipines is piss poor in this regard
OOH the Phillipines have car racks! Might be a game changer.
The Taiwanese core, lots of embarked units and precious production wasted
This part is looking more barren, though
Part of Khmer and a Taiwanese city, even the AI is scared of Khmer. Smart AI.
The attack is at the same place it was the last time we saw it - not very far, however we might see some change in the next part. Will the Khmer finally flip a city?
Lots of armies - to the CSes and Khmer. Khmer are pumping out tons of units, so Burma is fucked one way or the other
The peninsula, dominated by a bunch of CSes and the tandem of VOC-Taiwan city.
The sulu navy seem to be making another advance, I think it won’t succeed. Who knows though, this area is barely defended
The VOC core, their city still lingering from the destructive Sulu attack, otherwise empty from any units
A bunch of CSes, literally. Good spots to settle for civs tho
The sulu core. Looking pretty productive, good choice on settling Borneo. Looks full of units, part contribution by the CSes.
The sulu cities plus CSes and half of Phillipines. Phillipines aren’t doing so well tbh
Half of the Phillipines. This does look better, you definitely vy to get some fishes though.
Oof, Taiwan has amassed a reasonable navy for themselves. The Phillipines are safe though, I think they’ll peace out next part. And that’s it for this part, bye

Was painful doing it on my phone where it’s laggy to even type

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Game: Civilization V, Sid Meier's

CHG Mark Eleven Part 6: On time as usual

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