The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 7

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 6

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It is a lovely October morning, 1870, and the grand reopening of the Storting is a sight to behold. For centuries, it has been nothing but a empty shell, a memory of times past. But now, after the "Haakon Reform", the Storting is yet again to be used by a elected goverment.

King Haakon, being a man of the future, knows well that Tyrants, loved or not, fall to the ground eventually. And in this volatile age of revolution and rebellion, one cannot be too careful. The power and glory belongs to Haakon, for he is far seeing, and just. Norway will follow his guidance, elected goverment or no.

All rise for the King, the flag, and the Storting! Three Times Hurrah for Norway! Forward, forward to the future, for we shall be the ones who benefit from it!
One of the first acts of the king, is to embark on a extensive journey across the whole mainland empire by train. A new king needs public relations, and Haakon is a man of the people after all!
One of the first stations on the list, Skjeberg station, awaits the Kings arrival. The Kings cross country journey became the talk of the people for many months, eagerly awaiting their turn to meet him in the flesh.
A Norwegian expedition to the African jungles, led by the West African colonial goverment, Finally find the source of the Nile, after many months of search. The celebrations are short lived, however, as two members of the expedition are shot and killed by the Somali tribe of Geledi.
They are swiftly avenged.
Talks break down between the United Kingdom and its northern most Holding, Canada. Canada must at present time confirm to let the UK manage most of its wast northern territory.
The Geledi tribe are put under the boot, and a colonial office is tasked to bring civilization to the Somalis.
Norway, quite proud of their newfound democracy, are quite eager to share it with the world. Haakon is praised internationally as a great reformer.
In a Storting-meeting between KIng Haakon and the elected parlament, it is decided that to further the interests of Norway on the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia must be put under our protection.
Spain, destroyed by France in a recent war, is now faced with revolution and counter-revolution by the two popular movements, the Liberals and Carlists. Though times are surely ahead.
England, fading from power in the face of the growing Germans, are eager to extend their circle of friends to other great powers. Norway is chosen as a promising candidate, and a marriage proposal is made. Haakons Son, Prince Harald, is to marry a English noblewoman. Although seemingly a arcane ritual to the common folk, a royal marriage is still a important factor in choosing allies this day and age.
Haakon, with his wife Mathilda, and prince Harald. Haakon was known as both a loving father, and caring husband.
The Germans view the royal marriage with great interest, and discontent.
After failing to convince the International community that Norway is in the right regarding the annexation of Ethiopia, Haakon instead decides to take a stretch of the western regions.
One month later, in april 12th, words reach Norway that a small province in China, the Guangdong clique, has been feeling mistreated by the ruling emperor, and suceeded in tearing loose from greater China.
The province served as a important trade hub for English and Portugese merchants, and Haakon sees a great opportunity arise.
The Road is now open for colonization of China.
The German Kaiser, unamused by the marriage between England and Norway, decided to break the long lasting aliance between Norway and Germany.
This puts pressure on Haakon and the storting, as enemies of Norway may find the time to attack, in this temproary moment of weakness. The time to strike is now!
Austria-Hungary, formerly one of the greatest nations on the continent, is now struggling in petty wars against even the smallest of neighbours.
In the Netherlands, free-thinkers and radicals found the first Sosialist party in the world. The Norwegian people, having historically a free and liberal spirit, quickly joins the bandwagon.
The Liberal Socialist party "Arbeiderpartiet" is the first real contender in the Norwegian Empire.
A Arbeiderpartiet supporter, encuraging others to vote for them the next election. Many felt the Arbeiderparti was the first real solution to the growing poverty in the non-Norwegian speaking regions.
on march 15th, 1877, the Ottoman Empire succumbs to European demands, releasing several Balkan nations. The Great Powers immediately start to bicker about influence in the region.
Disaster strike on november 19th however, when the Train Haakon has been traveling cross country with, is bombed in the town of Oulu, Norwegian-Finland. The Royal family is unscaved, but the journey is immediately put on hold. It is one of the many signs of provincial unrest, in light of the recent political movements across the country.
Having occupied the Guangdong clique with next to no resistance, the Norwegian goverment is thirsting for more rich Chinese land.
A formal letter is sent, condemning the Chinese Empire for not protecting its citizens, forcing them to rebel and secede. Haakon, the benevolent protector of all people, decide to take controll over a large chunk of mainland china. This action ensures the continued ease of the Colonial offices task of securing the privileges of all Norwegian citizens.
The Chineese, having been sheltered from outside interference for decades, has also missed out on several key inventions. The Norwegian Army will mostly be fighting hopelessly outdated militiamen.
Chinese and Norwegian forces meet on the fields of Chaozhou, where the Chinese militia is slaughtered.
Contemporary illustration, depitcting the battle. All branches of the Norwegian military are sent to the front, for what the chinese lack in technology, they make up for in numbers.
On the 12th of march, 1879, the news that shock the very foundations of the empire was made. Allegedly, the Colonial masters of Africa go about ruthlessly, killing and maiming every colonial that opposes them. The International Community demand answers, but King Haakon has none to give. A most sincere apology on behalf of the Norwegian people are made, and the matter is investigated.
A execution, overseered by members of the Colonial Goverment, is carried out in public. Investigations carried out by the StatsbyrÄ suggested that similar atrocities where carried out every day by the local masters. A dark spot on the Norwegian self-esteem.
Months of war with the Chinese Empire suggest that they lack any means of self preservation and strenght. The Norwegian rule must be extented further than planed. A peace deal with the broken down Empire is carried out.
Now the Norwegian Empire is the most prominent Power in the region.
King Haakon, eager to shake off the bad imperial image, and further his own standing back home, arrange a meeting with the new South Chineese leader. A bold move, that Cements the Norwegian claims on South China, and show the World the new hands-on aproach to the colonial question.
Austria, truly reaching rock bottom, is now losing a war against the weak Balkan state Transylvania. Truly, the real "sick man of Europe" is not the Ottomans, but the South Germans.
The Norwegian Empire has truly grown strong. The combined force of the Scandinavian Empire was always a fearsome dream, but none could foresee the size it has become. Highly trained, modern equipment and drilled to perfection, the Norwegian army is a sight to behold.

Altough the African problem put a damper on colonial expantion, it has not, however, put a hold on the ambitious mind of King Haakon. On the contrary, he has one of the largest powers in the world in sight:
It is time to poke the mighty bear.

Three Times Hurrah for the Norwegian Army, for they are forever glorious! Forward, forward to glory, for you shall make our future bright!

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 8

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