The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 6

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR

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The Norwegian Saga, Victoria 2 AAR, PART 5

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January 8th, 1865, the King's Castle, Oslo. The residence of the King and the rest of the Royal family. A true centre of power, with several envoys, delegates, politicians and generals coming and going everyday. A power house that has been uncontested for decades. All thanks to arguably one of the most powerfull people on the planet: King Olav Fredrickson the third.

But, the years have gone fast, and the king is very old. Olav will not live forever, this is certain. But who will take command when his time has come? And, maybe more importantly to King Olav; Has he made a legacy to be proud of?

Attention! All rise for the Enlightened KIng Olav, the leader of the Kalmar Federation, Restorer of the Holy Union, and Protector of Finland! Lenge Leve Kongen!

Long Live The King!
The year starts with a census, the largest of its kind in Scandinavia. To better serve the people (and for the people to serve better) it is imperative that the population be counted, and controlled.
Finland, now free from the oppressive Russsians, decide to take a leanient aproach to the Scandinavian Federation, Suggesting the possibility that the adventure should stop at a military and economic level of cooperation.
But Olav cannot stand for such nonsence. The time for action is now! For Broderfolkets Beste, for the good of our sister nations, the Nations of Scandinavia must unite, or perish! The reform is carried out swiftly, too swiftly for the skeptical Finns, who do not want to fall under foreign influence so soon after liberation.
King Olav in his carriage, recieving the praies of his people outside the now empty Storting. King Olav is the sole leader of the Kalmar Union, and has no need for a elected parlament.
For the first time since 1533, the three North-Germanic are united under a common flag, and ruler. Finland recoils in shock from the Union, as they now have come to see them as yet another oppressor.
The old Norwegian holdings of Greenland and Iceland are also reclaimed, directly under the Kings command.
The Missionary killers in Sokoto has finaly been silenced, and as a punishment for leting it happen, the entire tribal nation has been put under our supervision.
Investigations in Sokoto suggests that the neighbouring tribe Oyo also are preparing for raids against our missionaries. Although the International community does not agree with our findings, preparations for war are made.
Colonial BlÄmanians being trained in the use of the lates rifle design. Many more colonials are signing up to join the army, hoping for redeployment on the scandinavian peninsula, where they can serve comfortably.
War is declared, and expected to be over soon.
Italy, encouraged by their victories in Austria, attack france for their cores. Although with a clear upper hand, a white peace is signed some months later.
Ukrainians are also rising up agaisnt the Russians, following Finlands expample. They are soon crushed, however.
Norway has done good in Africa. Where there before was nothing but loinclothed savages, there are now Colonial offices, schools and housing. Although a few has died in the process, one cannot argue against the fact the firm hand of Olav has bettered the conditons for many a tribe.
Scandinavia protects all its citicens, even the most savage. It is, as we all know, the White mans burden.
Oyo falls in the middle of December, the same year. A new province for our african holdings.
Mainland Europe is once again embroiled in war. Austria is after their rightful holdings, while Spain and France are bickering over African lands.
The Previously liberated Bosnians also fall under Ottoman rule once again.
Fearing for the Future of Finland and Scandinavian interests in this voilent age, Olav, with his Son Haakon, makes a statement from the Grand Hotel in Oslo; Finland shall Tolerate Norwegian overlordship, as a safeguard from other world powers, or face the consequences.
Finland refuses, and begins to mobilize. Scandinavia sees no other option but to restore the rightfull rule of Olav by force.
The War start of with a naval skirmish, ensuring the safe crossing of several Scandinavian regiments.
A foothold is established, and the countryside is occupied.
Scandinanian soldiers, this particular regiment consisting of Norwegian and Swedish soldiers, take a short break on the march towards the front. Many Finns, Believing in the cause of Pan-Nationalism, felt no anger towards the occupants.
The Finnish army is finaly caught in Oulu, deep in the forrest.
The Scandinavian forces learned much from the past skirmishes with the Finns, and crushed them utterly. The war is over.
Few days after the Second Liberation of Finland, a statement from the Royal family is made; King Olav Fredrickson, is found dead in his bed. He died from natural causes.The entire nation is in shock, having truly had no other leader as competent and inspiring as the late king.

He was truly loved, and wil be truly missed.
King Olav left behind a great legacy. But his most beloved legacy, Prince Haakon was what he held most dearly.
Haakon Fredrickson, a quick young man, learned in the classical arts, is now about to inherit one of the greatest kingdoms in the entire world.

In his heart, he know exactly what to do.
His first act in power, is to assemble representatives from every district in the Empire, Promising Free elections and a rewrite of the constitution, that was tossed aside when Olav come to power.

In return, King Haakon wants the final say in all decitions, and the formal acknowledgement that the Norwegian Monarchy is the foremost leader, and final legislative power in Scandinavia. Further more, the entire Kalmar Federation is to be ruled under Norwegian law, and all other nations shall seize to exist. They will from now on be considered Norwegian provinces.
The Norwegian people, soon forgetting the death of the beloved Olav, take to the street in a frenzy of happines and exitement. The new King-emperor Haakon is surely no less of a man than Olav.
May he rule wisely, under the guidance of the recreated Storting and constitution.

The King is dead! Long Live King Haakon Fredrickson!
Long live The Norwegian Empire!
Long live the future, for it is ours!

(thank you for reading part 6 of the Norwegian Saga, see you again in the next part!)

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