War for Australia-Hungary Part 1: Murderous Murri

Published: 2019-12-11, edited: 1970-01-01

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The War of Australia-Hungary Part 0

Images: 9, author: PoblanoLimozeen, published: 2019-12-11, edited: 1970-01-01

Hello, and welcome to the war for Australia-Hungary Part 1, with your host Casimir IV!

In our opening screenshot we see the first second city on the map, founded by Billy Hughes. It's a very conservative settle, with no coast. Boo.
The Magyars settle on the other side of Italy's coast.
In what's likely to be a recurring theme in this series, the city is utterly impossible to pronounce.
The Murri and Bob Hawke both get their second cities out, settling close to their capital.
Austria-Hungary settles Prague one tile off the coast. Lame.
John Curtin settles Port Moresby in what is decidedly not a port, while the Anangu settle the outer coastline in parallel to their inner sea capital.
Hungary szettles Szeged one tile off from being a canal city. What a blunder!
Poland settles their second city in resourceless desert. That's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for them.
Matthias Corvinus settles the other half of his capital.
The Anangu get the first pantheon, a solid food boost in their cities.
Horthy is the last civ to a second city, settling Miskolc just a few tiles from his capital. Bold.

He's also got a great general though, and it's the leader of the Celts (and Iceni, if you're a fan of the Celtic Split mod)
Curtin attempts to curtail any possible southern Anangu expansion with the settling of Darwin.
Hungary gets the AI pantheon, complimenting their defense and religion uniques.
LWow, Poland forward settles Corvinus!
Corvinus, in response, settles two cities on the same turn, on parallel coasts.

A golden age begins in the Casimir-sub.
The pricks in the north found a pantheon of Oral Tradition, which I must begrudgingly admit is a solid pick for them.
The first wonder goes to Stephen Bathory, and with it, a shot of his empire. Wilno is two tiles off being a canal city. Aghhh.
Parkes settles a line of cities from coast to coast, while Hungary moves to forward settle Parkes.
The Magyars begin to worship the God of War. Perhaps this will develop into Tengriism, which they followed in real life.
John Curtain guarantees himself a religion with the building of Stonehenge.
Corvinus builds himself the temple of Artemis, a strong wonder. Poland looks to forward settle Corvinus again.
Curtin goes with a strong pantheon which will serve him defensively throughout the game.

Also in this picture: Stephen I's forward settle of Parkes.
Tech differences haven't grown much.
Not pictured: Stephen I, The Magyars, and the Anangu, who each only have 8 technologies.
The Anangu found the first religion, with pagodas and world church as their beliefs.
Parkes moves a menacing army towards Stephen I, while the Anangu already have a reformation belief. (I checked, it's not good)
That menacing army is now being put to use! Pecs is almost certain to fall, barring a miracle or incompetence.
Austria-Hungary forward settles the Murri. That does not look like a wise decision at all, considering it's already entirely surrounded by a Murri army.

It's also one tile off the coast. Again.
Pecs takes some initial damage.
A turn passes, and not much has changed except that Billy Hughes has built the Pyramids of Australia.
The instant a war breaks out between the Murri and Austria-Hungary, Graz is down to yellow. What did I tell you, Franz.

Hawkes, ignoring this stark reality, decides to also forward settle the Murri.
The Magyars build the Statue of Zeus, giving themselves a bonus vs cities, and settle Croatia, giving them a city outside Italy.
Burn, baby, burn! The Murri raze the non-coastal Graz.
Pecs has nearly fallen to the Parkes onslaught, and Hungary has given up on reinforcing the city.
And fall it does; Pecs is now the first city capture of the game not to be razed to the ground.
Stephen loses Pecs but founds Catholicism with mosques and Pilgrimage. Pilgrimage's faith generation should be especially good for them, since faith contributes to their golden ages.
Mattthias Corvinus declares war on Horthy in a bout of Hungary on Hungary violence.
The Murri get the first good faith pantheon of the game while still technically at war with Austria-Hungary. I'd be surprised to see any more gains made in this war.
A coalition starts vs Curtin! The Anangu declare war and clearly hope to gain Buna.
Parkes, still at war with Stephen mind you, joins in the coalition against Curtin. It's not clear how much he'll actually commit to this war.

Curtin's belief choices are absolutely worthless, including the city state founder belief. His pantheon is still solid though.
What a bunch of idiots. Franz gives away Prague despite the city clearly not being in danger.

Also in this shot: Parkes founds a pantheon.
The Corvinus offensive sputters against the might of the great Horthy.
Speaking of giving away cities that weren't in danger, Hungary gives away Gyor. Not a good start for civs with Hungary in their name so far.
The Murri found a new religion. It seems absolutely no one has learned from Franz's mistake. Hawke forward settles the Murri again. Notably, he's the first civ to optics.
The Magyars also forward settle the Murri.
The Mighty Horthy feeds his people well.
Buna takes serious damage, as Curtin's defenders are absent.
Gambu refuses to tolerate forward settles and declares war on the Magyars. These cities are certain to fall.

No, I don't know why those icons are after Arpad's name.
I am not going to attempt to spell or pronounce this cities name. Just know it exists and it's an aggressive settle.

Also in this picture: Parkes failing against Curtin.
Finally, a civ settles a canal city. Too bad it's still unpronounceable.
Eger burns, and Vezsprem will be next.
As I said, Vezspem was next, and it burns to the ground, just like all the other forward settles against the Murri.
Buna is on zero health, but the Anangu simply refuse to send a melee unit to take the city.
Bob Hawke is peaceful no more. He declares war on the Anangu, hoping to take at least Amata. The city has some defenders though, and it has a higher defense than the Australian capital.
The Anagu, seeing that they need to focus on one thing at a time, make peace with John Curtin. No cities were exchanged. Hawke moves in to take Amata, but the Anagu are making a solid defense. Embarking his units isn't helping, either.

And with this cliffhanger, we end part 1 of our Australian-Hungarian death match. I've been your host, Casimir IV, and I hope to see you next time in Part 2!

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