The War of Australia-Hungary Part 0

Published: 2019-12-11, edited: 1970-01-01

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Welcome to the great Medaustralian sea, where we have a royale of civs with something to prove: Who truly deserves the title of Australia-Hungary? These civs are willing to fight to the death for that most regal honor. Forget 3rd Rome. This is a greater empire they're fighting for.

I'm your host, Casimir IV (as in Casimir 4 CBRXS2), watching from a deep sea submarine. Let's get on with introducing the civs, shall we?
In the southwest corner, we have Billy Hughes' Australia. His uniques focus on amphibious assaults, which could be a great benefit for conquering across the sea in this royale.
In South Australibya, we have our first Hungary, led by Stephen I. Hungary has a number of good religion bonuses and one of my favorite UUs, the Hussar. We'll see how those work out for him.

Hopefully he'll settle some canals too.
In the south we have Parkes' Australia in Sydney, and John Curtin's Australia in Canberra.
Everyone is hopefully well acquainted with both these civs, having both been featured in numerous games.
In the east we have the Anangu, our first native Australians to the game. Their uniques are just dreamy.
To their northwest we have Hawke's Australia, a civ featured in CBRX!
In the northeast, we have Austria-Hungary, a civ that probably thinks this game is about them. What a bunch of narcissists.

To their southwest, we have our other native Australian civ, the Murri, a civ that excels at exploration, religion, and border expansion. Let's hope they do better than they did in CBRX and kill Austria-Hungary. bunch of pricks
Moving further west, we have a new civ, Horthy's Hungary in the north, and an old obscure civ in the south, the Magyars.

I suspect Horthy is going to be a fan favorite in this game. I can't do his uniques justice in any description I could give of them, so I highly suggest you read up for yourself. Senshi, as always, has outdone himself.

The Magyars on the other hand, will likely not be a fan favorite. In fact, 3/5ths of all people who have ever seen the Magyars mod hated the mod the second they saw it. The other 4/5ths died instantly. And only another 1/5th didn't hate the mod.
Moving further west, we have our last hungary, under Matthias Corvinus. His uniques focus on great people generation and city states; not a huge confidence booster in a game like this. His name however, provides large intangible benefits.
Lastly, we have LS Poland under Stephen Bathory, the Hungarian. He was duke of Transylvania in addition to being ruler of the Commonwealth, so his inclusion is definitely appropriate to this game.
His uniques make him quite similar to vanilla Poland, just without the winged hussars. Fear him.

And that ends Part 0 of Australia-Hungary! Stay tuned for more.

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